Save Chico !

IMG_3705.jpgHelp us save Chico and give him the life he deserves!

We recently fostered Chico from a charity who rescue dogs from the UK and abroad. 

This little lad is 4 years old and the sweetest most adorable boy you could ever wish for! We have 3 fur babies already and they have all bonded and little Chico is settled and made himself very much at home.

We have asked if we can adopt him and been refused. The charity have said that the rules are that foster homes cannot adopt until after the first three foster dogs and then the dogs are put out to adoption on their website. Once you've fostered three dogs you can then apply to adopt along with everyone else.

We love this little lad - he is settled, loved, adored and has formed close relationships with our other dogs. We believe the best thing for him is to stay with us. He needs to be neutured and the charity do this at their vets near to Manchester. We offered to do get it done at our vets and our cost and also pay the adoption fee to them. We also said we would continue to support them with fostering after Chico became ours...

This poor lad is going have the trauma of leaving us and going to another foster home, having his op and then put up for adoption... Hasn't he been through enough?

To be fair the charity did inform us of this before we fostered but surely the need of the dog should be paramount? Isn't that the purpose of a rescue service? We're not cherry picking the best dog, we're not using this as a way to "try before you buy", we just want to do what's best for this little lad.

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