Save Bray Summerfest

Councillor Steven Mathews proposed the amendments to the Seafront Usage Policy and this proposal was seconded by Councillor Joe Behan
òn Monday 23rd March ( Votes by councillors shown below). Bray summerfest Committee had to make the decion of cancelling the Bray Summerfest going forward. Please sign our petition to show the council members, whom we voted in, that they made the wrong decision on behalf of the Majority of Bray residents. 


Councillor John Brady Yes
Councillor Joe Behan -Yes
Councillor Christopher Fox absent
Councillor Steven Mathews-Yes
Councillor Oliver O’Brien - yes
Councillor John Ryan -No
Councillor Brendan Thornhill -Yes
Councillor Pat Vance- No
Total 5 2
This proposal was passed by five votes to two.

We, the people of Bray petition the Bray Councillors to reverse the decision to amend the Seafront usage policy passsed on Monday the 23rd March 2015.

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