Pedestrian crossing for Gun Hill

Gun Hill is a popular road used by children to get to school and a local park. Since  the road has been made one way, it has been safer for the children to travel to school. However the traffic system that has been put in place restricts the ability for families to cross without walking in the road. This is especially so during school drop off and pick up times. Our children's safety being our number one priority, we are asking for a pedestrian crossing to be put in place so that our children have an opportunity to cross safely.

 To summarise the purpose of this petition:

- At school pick up and drop off, there are a lot of vehicles using this area.
- Children all leave school at the same time, creating a flash point for an incident.
- The current arrangements have restricted access to the pavement making it difficult to cross the road outside the  school.
- The road has been designated one-way, but it cannot be legally enforced 
- This means it is prone to people driving the wrong way, using it as a shortcut.

We are petitioning the relevant stakeholders for a pedestrian crossing to be created to help keep our children and other pedestrians safe!

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Thank you!



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