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2012-04-21 12:48

It is ridiculous that the Israelis are, with impunity, able to militarily occupy land that was seized in 1967 and treat the population exactly as it wishes - entirely outside the rule of law. The Israeli plea that it seeks peace is entirely at odds with its practices and its treatment of Palestinians is not just illegal but is inhumane.

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2012-04-21 13:14



2012-04-21 13:30

Not inflicting any detention without charge, trial or time limit is surely the base-line sign of a democratic state.



2012-04-21 21:21

This is a worthy cause because the Palestinian people have lost their homeland and have been resisting the occupation for decades. The world turned its attention to Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and now to Syria and Bahrain as people died on the streets to achieve democracy, but which networks cover the Palestinian issue which has dragged on for years with deadly violence and oppression? Israel got away with the Cast Lead massacre, one of very many such massacres, some deadlier and more destructive than others, as the ICC has refused to do its duty and be impartial in the matter and hold Israel accountable to international law. America's imperial power protects Israel with weapons and money, yet refuses to protect the ordinary Palestinian mother, father or child who has been beaten, tortured, shot at, stolen from, harassed, etc. Palestine has called for a boycott of Israel which I support and encourage anybody else with a conscience to do the same until Israel complies with international law and gives full rights to Palestinians living in Israel or the occupied territories.


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2012-04-21 21:23

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Seizing land started in 1947 and has continued to this day, making a two-state solution impossible.



2012-04-22 13:00

Too many prisoners



2012-04-22 13:32

Join our Facebook group, Supporting Palestinian Prisoners, lots of updated info & more little Action Alerts, thanks in advance

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2012-04-22 16:05

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2012-04-22 16:36

For all those who believe in human rights ..speak up your minds and let the entire world know what is the open hunger strike

#10 Palhunger

2012-04-22 16:38

let the whole world hear the voice of freedom and Palestinians prisoners



2012-04-22 21:10

The situation of Palestinian prisoners (held in Israel) is not widely known. I hope this will draw attention to their appalling conditions.

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2012-04-23 03:52

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Thank you - Please share and forward it as much as possible!



2012-04-24 13:39

Please pay attention that the number of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike is 3000, not 1600 as media trying to say

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2012-04-24 15:35



2012-04-25 14:09

Israel claims to want to achieve a mutually acceptable 'peace' deal with the Palestinians yet its every action flies in the face of that contention. But, quite apart from the illogicality of the Israeli activity, what Israel is doing is unjust and inhumane and breaches every clause of humanitarian and human rights law. It makes no sense whichever way you cut it.

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2012-04-25 16:03

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2012-04-26 16:21



2012-04-28 00:19

Please support the Palestinians and sign this petition!



2012-04-28 02:52

Justice demands that Israel abide by the UN Charter, the Nuremburg Principles, the UDHR, and the Geneva Conventions. If not, Israel's government must be condemned. Palestinian prisoners have human rights and as human beings deserve better treatment.

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2012-04-29 19:36

Viva Palestina Viva!
The Holy Land (for Christians ,Muslims and Jews is being desecrated and Palestinian lives ruined (since 1948) by rascist zionists and just like any in justice must ultimately fail -the sooner the better so the innocents can suffer no more and tears of blood may not be spilled in vain



2012-04-30 00:38

please take a minute to sign this petition.



2012-05-09 18:18

Pllease meet the demands of both groups of hunger strikers



2012-05-09 18:39

It is sorely needed. Keep up the good work.