For safety of our Children and Schools

This petition is in aid of the safety for Families with young Children within theses areas; Woodland View, Beech road and Willow Cresent. Also the safety of two Primary Schools; English Martyrs and Oakham Church of England school, in Oakham, Rutland. 

Woodland View, Beech road and Willow Cresent, is a large housing estate, located just off the Burley road. There are so many families with young children, living in this housing large estate, that play freely in their doorstep or at the local parks within the housing estate. There are also 2 Primary schools within these areas, one on Willow Cresent and one just off Burley Road so therefore there are hundreds of kids within these areas 7 days a week.

Due to the nature of recently announced, criminal offences commited by a local man living on Willow Cresent, parents have have become hugely worried about their children, living within the said areas. Parents do not feel comfortable letting their children go to school or play at the park or even play on their own door step because of this man as  man as lives directly opposite a school and playing park. As well as another school being located just around the corner from him! 

Kent Guardians recently announced (copied post):

Children’s Innocence Matters


Trevor Smith - 30 - Oakham

At 21:38 on Tuesday 15th of January 2019, the team arrived to speak with Smith about his online activity with what he believed to be a 12 year old female child (decoy).

Smith had planned to meet the child this coming Friday for a meal and a drink, then take her back to a hotel room, where he planned to spend the night in a shared room with her.

The team only brought their visit with Smith forward when he told the child (decoy),he worked as a chef in a school. So the team were extremely worried he was amongst real children in his working environment.

Smith denied all of the teams allegations, claiming he thought the child (decoy) was 20 years old.

Smith had spoke sexually with the child and asked “if she wore a bra yet?”. He had constantly called the 12 year old (decoy) ‘sexy’. He also asked if she would sleep naked with him.

Police arrived on scene at 00:02 and shortly after Smith was arrested.

Stung by Children’s Innocence Matters on 15/01/2019

Written by Kent Guardians Uk

Trevor Smith now has been released and walks freely about in the Oakham town, but also still lives on the same Road with young children and next to 2 local schools.

Please sign this petition to REMOVE Trevor Smith away from living amongst young children!!!!!


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