Stop LGBT Propaganda Displays in our Public Libraries

A number of our public libraries have been pushing LGBT propaganda during the month of June in celebration of “Gay Pride Month,” with rainbow flag displays featuring books and slogans promoting homosexuality and gender dysphoria. Some of our elected officials have failed to act on this issue and need to hear from more of us that this will not be tolerated in our community. At a time when so many books are documenting the irreversible damage and lifelong regret caused by homosexual and transgender indoctrination, puberty blockers and sexual mutilation surgeries on children and adults, we the undersigned demand that there be no promotional displays in our Public Libraries of materials, symbols, flags and slogans that encourage patrons, especially underage children, to question their sexual orientation or gender identity, or that promote deviant sex, castration or bodily mutilation; nor shall our Public Libraries host Drag Queen Story Hours or any other performances or displays promoting homosexuality and gender dysphoria.

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