Rescue MFM church victims from Dr.DK Olukoya



I Am signing so that the people of God will be saved from all those Evil general overseer

Dayo Richard (Lagos, 2024-04-24)


To serve justice

Winners Odalo (Vleuten , 2024-04-24)


I'm signing because of the evil tendencies nowr prevalent among leading pentecostal church leaders, most especially in the Mountain of Fire and Miracles as depicted by its General Overseer Dr. D. K. Olukoya who habeen cited in numerous immoral affairs with young/adult female members and indecent assaults on selected few opposed to his moral ineptitude.

Dotun Adebowale Falujo (Brampton, 2024-04-25)


Life Is All About Live And Let's Live ✨️

ADENIKE Tye (Montreal , 2024-04-25)


The reign of terror all on the name of religion must come to an end in our society

Aliu Ademola (Abuja, 2024-04-25)


am signed this because of what has been happening in Nigeria church most especially MFM CHURCH....this is too mush in the church of God.......we want government to come to help. This bulling is too much..for the safety of life.

PRINCE ADESUNLOYE Isreal (AKURE, 2024-04-26)


I am signing this petition because that Church has destroyed the lives and families of many Nigerians.

Andrew Adeyemi (New York , 2024-04-26)


I'm signing this petition for proper investigation of the allegations by both local and international agencies to forestall human cruelty to fellow humans.

Janet Hicks (Bridgeport, 2024-04-27)


I want the body of christ to live according the word of God, and those that are proving they are representing Him to live as a good example not as a criminal.



I'm signing this petition because I want the approved government agencies responsible to take appropriate action to make our society safe from oppressors

Emmanuel Pam (Kaduna, 2024-04-29)


I want to know the truth

Ukpedesivwe Shirley (Warri, 2024-04-30)


I will like people to be free and have freedom of speech.

Olaleye Abiona (Manchester , 2024-05-01)


To ensure justice

Taiwo Bamidele (Ibadan , 2024-05-01)


I'm signing this petition because the truth needs to be known. Known truth sets free. Jn8:32. Christian faith is not a cult done in secrecy. Christian faith is verity, openness and godliness. Please thorough investigation is requested and demanded. Thanks

Marcus Aiyenero (LAGOS , 2024-05-01)


T. Olamuyiwa

T Olamuyiwa (BROCTON, 2024-05-03)


I'm sick of hearing about all these perverts on the pulpit and I want the vulnerable members of our Nigerian community protected. I'd like these perverts brought to book and those who pervert the course of justice dealt with severely.

Irene Jay (Dunstable, 2024-05-03)


I'm signing this petition because I want of the victims of Dr Olukoya of MFM to be liberated

Olatunbosun Joseph (Pretoria , 2024-05-05)


Pastors need to be put in their place and their secular powers checked.

Sola Arowolo (Indianapolis , 2024-05-10)


The claims made here are completely true

Samuel Eghan (Accra, 2024-05-21)

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