The Grumpy Cook - Bale House, Fairlight



Please save this cafe. It’s such a wonderful place to go. The staff are so lovely and very welcoming. Personally I have never known a cafe to go above and beyond for its customers.

Suzanne FitzGerald (Hastings, 2024-03-31)


I am not only supporting friends who this is important to but I feel it is an important project for the community at a time like this for those in need. It offers a variety of services for a wide variety of people of all ages.

Katie Hastings (Hastings , 2024-03-31)


This is such an important social hub.

Caroline FitzGerald (Sutton, 2024-04-01)


This cafe has been favourite place for me and my young family to visit. The Grumpy Cook £1&£2 menu has greatly helped us to eat out as a family and enjoy the stunning location, the fossil digging and surrounding areas. It's a fab place for local mum's to meet and get together too. I also know that my Father has enjoyed many cream teas in the Grumpy Cook Bake House followed by a lovely walk afterwards. It is perfect for all ages and a community hub.

Victoria Fat (Hastings, 2024-04-01)


This is a wonderful community resource. It would be tragic if it was lost.

Sally Bell (Hastings, 2024-04-01)


As Anne has said this cafe has become a real community meeting place and we can’t afford to lose it.
The Grumpy Cook is a brilliant organisation doing so much good to help vulnerable people and while this facility is closed he is losing the precious income to carry on.

Sally Watson (Fairlight, 2024-04-01)


Iconic cafe that offers so much

John Mciver (Hastings, 2024-04-01)


This restaurant is so very important to the community and is a go to for many local people. They offer meals at very affordable prices and are lovely people! The way close over Easter (hopefully temporary) has been poorly handled and very unfair.

John Mannering (Hastings, 2024-04-02)


This is a valuable part of the community and the owner is totally committed to providing care for everyone however vulnerable.

Pauline Gibbs (Hastings, 2024-04-02)


I’m signing because this is a great resource for families and elderly, it also helps those on low income. It brings tourists in and I walk my dog daily there and it is clearly a very popular place for community gathering it is ridiculous to consider closing this and then what will happen to it. grumpy cook staff are so lovely and helpful to the public.

Sandra Buttrey (Hastings, 2024-04-02)


We love this cafe! Dog and child friendly and we visit weekly

Gemma Cook (St. Leonards-on-sea, 2024-04-02)


This is a valuable resource for all ages and all backgrounds where support and kindness is shared. This would have a negative impact on so many lives if this was to close. The community needs more places like this and the Bale House is very much needed.

Tracy Knight (St Leonards on Sea, 2024-04-02)


This is an amazing initiative which needs to be supported not thwarted!

Angela Holdcroft (Milton Keynes, 2024-04-03)


This is a much needed facility in the town, meeting the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves, helping to alleviate poverty, supporting homeless and mental health issues. Holding meeting groups bringing different ages and abilities together to support each other and being non doscrimative in its entirety. Give us back the bale house.

Lyn Meadows (Hastings, East Sussex, 2024-04-03)


It's an important meeting place for walkers and the local community

Jenny Lloyd-Lyons (Eastbourne, 2024-04-03)


This is a vital part of our town and benefits a huge number of people. Keep it open!

Emma Mannering (St. Leonards-on-sea, 2024-04-03)


It is an integral part for the community of Fairlight and beyond!

Hannah Greenwood (Hastings, 2024-04-03)


This is a valuable and appreciated venue for our community for many reasons and will be a loss to hastings!

Vidler Emily (HASTINGS, 2024-04-03)


We feel this is a great service supporting the community

Sue Atkins (St. Leonards-on-sea, 2024-04-03)


I'm signing because this valuable asset to the community , a meeting place , a passing through quick coffee place , a social hub that unites different generations and supports the less fortunate in the community , how can they deprive Hastings of a much needed resource .

Emma Jones (Hastings, 2024-04-03)


We love what Grumpy Cook stands for & all they do for our community and desperately want to see them stay at the Bale House!

Tess Gale (Hastings , 2024-04-03)


It would be a crying shame to lose such a wonderful part of the Hastings and Fairlight Community and this would also impact on The Grumpy Cook facility in the Town Centre which does so much good xx

Rosana Gurka (Hastings, 2024-04-04)


Since opening this establishment has become a very popular destination throughout the year.
This is an asset to the local area and should not be closed.

Gillian Collins (Gillingham, 2024-04-04)


It's important this cafe doesn't close

Stephen Foreman (Hastings, 2024-04-05)


I care

Sheila Nunn (Belvedere, 2024-04-05)


I’m signing because I think this important cafe provides more than just a cafe, it’s a community space. This is a short sighted decision.

Claire Cordell (Hastings, 2024-04-05)


I live in Fairlight and feel the Bale House is a great asset and the sister cafe in Hastings the Grumpy Cook does excellent work to help with poverty. Should be supported.

Deborah Martin (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


We need this.

Lottie Morphew-Hedges (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


I know people who will miss this cafe,

Keith Cowper (High Wycombe, 2024-04-06)


In difficult times, being able to go out and talk to others can help you escape your troubles for a while. You may meet someone who has troubles of their own and this can make you feel you are not alone. Grumpy Cook welcomes everybody with open arms, recognises that money is short for some so you give what you can for your food/drink. Such a heartwarming attitude must be applauded and encouraged. PLEASE don't let this light go out, we need more people/ businesses to show this sort of support for their fellow man/woman. Life isn't all about Profit, so don't let this place be lost to someone with deeper pockets.

Lesley Dennis (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


It is an important social hub but also deprive many residents from their chance to meet up with friends.

Alannah Jones (Bexhill-on-sea, 2024-04-06)


I understand that there was a legal hiccup, but only a small technical problem, easily rectified. Why does Hastings council just remove things instead of trying to find a solution to help?
The Bale House helped with not only food for those who can’t afford much, especially the children and made it worthwhile and an added pleasure to be able to drink and eat good food in lovely surroundings. It made the ridiculous car parking charges (which used to be free there) less painful.
Please take a pride in our town and the facilities and help to keep this special place which is loved by locals and visitors alike.

Beau Dendy (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


The agreement should not have been terminated - disgusting!

Debbie Rogers (Rye, 2024-04-06)


It's the morally correct thing to do

Craig Stoner (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


Grumpy Cook are an amazi ng organisation and do so much for the community. It is totally unfair to take the Bale House away from them.

Jane Cockburn (Eastbourne, 2024-04-06)


I’m signing because this is a valuable resource for us locals. To be able to support a small business that wants to give back to the community is fantastic & should be encouraged not have there hopes crushed.

Bev Orford (St. Leonards-on-sea, 2024-04-06)


The way that Barry and the Grumpy Cook has been treated in this instance is terrible
The GC team provide a safe space and a sense of community for many people in the Hastings area and the Bale House Cafe had become a social hub for many.

The way in which this site has been closed is going to have a lasting effect on a community of vulnerable people who need it the most. The management should feel shame at this decision.

Travis Mains-Marten (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


The Grumpy Cooks run a brilliant service at the Bale House. I can’t see anyone else running such a brilliant community based service. The reason for them being ousted is totally baffling….

Andy Overall (Hastings, 2024-04-06)


I believe the should be a community space that considers the socio-demographic of the is area.

Heather Overall (Hastings , 2024-04-06)


Not allowing the continuation of the contract was nonsensical.

Steve Colwell (Hastings , 2024-04-06)

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