Reimbursement for HSV students



This is outrageous. I can't shower or eat.

(London, 2017-03-31)


The standards at HSV are unacceptable.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I have enough of waking up with no water

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Not being able to provide basic provisions regularly

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


This is unacceptable

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Live on village in these awful conditions

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Couldn't have tea this morning, shower or a shit because no water.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Using the toilet is a basic necessity.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Accommodation isn't very accomodating

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I did not agree to live in a construction site where facilities are either not available or inadequate. I'm doing my masters and this upheaval is unacceptable. I stayed in the "budget" accommodation in another university for my undergrad, where the heating went out for a day and we were giving a reimbursement. The lack of care here is a joke.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I am a resident of HSV and have had enough as well. I would like to help those who are in the same situation.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Because I feel we are paying for things to not be working

(Plymouth, 2017-03-31)


I am affected

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


As well as the problems the village have had to put up with, our shower has been broken since we got to uni, it's flooded out the flat several times and left us with damo rooms for days.

(Bristol, 2017-03-31)


The service of basic utilities at HSV is poor and we are charged full price regardless of the service we receive

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


The water and electricity are frequently out and the Laundromat has become dilapidated

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


The living conditions in HSV are so poor. It's unacceptable.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I'm signing this petition because I'm sick of all the problems in HSV, regarding water supply, electricity, wi-fi, laundrette etc. This is just unacceptable giving the fact that we pay £87 a week. The Student Village is not what we expected but the opposite - a construction site, living as we are in a postwar situation ...

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


The state which st.modwen homes have put us in throughout the years has made everyone on this village's lives harder and less enjoyable as a whole. The standards haven't been acceptable to uphold simple things as wireless internet or clean running water. This is truly unacceptable and they should be punished for these actions of poor planning and lack of empathy to all the students across the village. The water purchased cannot surfice one per person, it barely manages 1 bottle per's ridiculous

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I'm a resident on hsv and agree that it's completely unacceptable that we have to live under these conditions whilst still paying the full rent.

(Oxford , 2017-03-31)


Not having water is unsanitary, and providing single bottles of water (which I didn't even receive because they ran out) is unfair.

(Swanse , 2017-03-31)


Because it's not fair!

(Gloucester, 2017-03-31)


I don't pay £90 a week to have no water and live on a building site- this is an embarrassing excuse for university accommodation.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I live at the village and it's terrible the conditions we are living in! The water outages, no wifi all the time and the road works are horrendous!!

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I have been living in the equivalent to a soviet army base fro 6 months

(Swansea , 2017-03-31)


The developers at St. Modwen have lacked transparency. To me, the phrases "water outage, "power outage", and "moldy bathrooms" are synonymous with St. Modwen. They could very well be lizard people for all we know, the only times we actually hear from them is to "apologize" for cutting our water off. Their apathy towards the wellbeing and living conditions of CURRENT residents is absolutely despicable, and residential services have only streamlined this process with shady clauses and wording in the contract, and by not responding appropriately to when we have outages and things that shouldn't be occurring. Clearly no one cares about the student village, or the residents.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I'm signing because I think that a reimbursement is the least the university could do for us. How we are meant to be completing work for degrees/masters is beyond me with all the problems here

(Swansea , 2017-03-31)


We have no running water and I'm very thirsty

(Reading, 2017-03-31)


87 pounds a week is being paid for facilities that aren't even available. Along side flat problems where maintenance take long periods of time to solve the issue such as no hobs or oven working for 5 days

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


My pits ******* stink

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


I need water

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)


Lack of water is unsanitary and an accumulation of problems

(Swansea , 2017-03-31)


Its ridiculous to lose basic human needs, not once but multiple times

(London, 2017-03-31)


I have had to have a new tyre because the road conditions are terrible!
We have gone 3 days without internet when we had a 4000 essay due in.
We have been out of water many of times. This is not the first time we have had a water outage.
I am not paying to live on a building site, and damage to my car everyday.

(Swansea, 2017-03-31)