Repeal the ban on headphones for coursework lessons

As many of you will have understood, students wearing headphones and listening to music in all lessons including silent coursework lessons has been banned. While we can assume this was with good intent and in most lessons is a good thing, as it will increase productivity from students in normal lessons, our quarrel with the ban comes from coursework lessons. These mundane, repetitive lessons are sometimes only bearable because students can listen to music. Many other students find that it can reduce distractions from other students, help keep concentration, and reduce the likelihood of them being disruptive themselves.
When looking around a room during one of these lessons, the vast majority of the time it is the students listening to music that are quietly getting on with their work and concentrating, and (often) the students that are not are the ones being more disruptive. This should be seen as substantial proof that headphones are a positive impact in coursework lessons. Even if this were not the case and no students were disruptive, they make lessons more bearable and thus increase productivity.

A solution would be simply to leave discipline up to the teachers that are actually in the lessons, and trust them to do their job properly, as so far, their judgement has allowed many students to listen to music and still be the highest achievers in the year.

Fallibroome Academy Year 11 Student    Contact the author of the petition