Petition Against Draft 1 of the 2024-25 Student Enrollment Proposal

Magnolia Park & Oak Park Neighborhood Petition to Remain Assigned to Bryan Road Elementary instead of the newly proposed move to Aversboro Elementary for 2024-2025 year.

I am putting this petition on behalf of the concerned residents and stakeholders of the Magnolia Park and Oak Park community, with respect to Draft 1 of the proposed school reassignment from Bryan Road Elementary School to Aversboro Elementary School within Wake County.

Our community is gravely troubled by the aforementioned proposal due to its potential adverse impact on the educational well-being and stability of our children. Currently, our residences are situated approximately 1 mile from Bryan Road Elementary School, the present designated institution. However, Draft 1 of the reassignment places Aversboro Elementary School at a considerable distance of approximately 3.5 miles from our homes.


It is imperative to underscore that many of us chose to establish our homes in the Magnolia Park and Oak Park community precisely because Bryan Road Elementary School was the designated educational institution for our children. The proposed reassignment threatens to disrupt this critical aspect of our residential decision-making process, thereby adversely affecting our overall community.

Furthermore, we wish to draw your attention to the marked disparity in academic ratings between Bryan Road Elementary School and Aversboro Elementary School. Presently, Bryan Road Elementary School maintains a commendable rating of 8 out of 10, reflecting its status as a distinguished educational institution. Conversely, Aversboro Elementary School is rated at a significantly lower 2 out of 10, indicating a notable discrepancy in academic performance.

Given the substantial differences in academic standings, our objection to Draft 1 of the school reassignment is further compounded. We firmly believe that any alteration in the current school assignment should prioritize the preservation of academic excellence and stability for our children.


school_comparison.jpgIn light of the foregoing, we respectfully submit our vehement opposition to Draft 1 of the proposed school reassignment. We trust that our concerns will be given due consideration during the deliberation process, ensuring the best interests of our children and our community are safeguarded.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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