Maxton Design A6 C7 Diffuser

Hi everyone, as some of you may know I have an A6 Black edition wil a full maxton design body kit. 

It has came to my attention recently that they do not create a proper diffuser for the A6 C7 for example the one they make for the Audi S3 which I have attached an image of below which is the same design I'm trying to get created for our A6's but specified to our exhaust set ups.

I have talked to Maxton Design to make this happen and create a diffuser similar to the one of the S3 and they advised me if I can get 100+ signatures we can make this happen and get A6 C7 diffusers made like this S3 one. 

So if you guys wouldn't mind and want an A6 C7 diffuser like this S3 one please sign the petition. We need at least 100 signatures so let's make this happen guys!


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