Make Ruislip Lido Parking more affordable for short time period visitors

The famous Ruislip Lido nature and recreation area in the London Borough of Hillingdon is a much loved asset in NW London. Its history can be found here:

Hillingdon Council has undertaken recent works to significantly improve the amenity of the Lido as a place for casual visitors to attend for walking and exploring the natural flora and fauna. Their stewardship is appreciated by Hillingdon residents and by many others.

However, one thing that is acting significantly as a disincentive to regularly visit the Lido for non-Hillingdon residents (who are able to park all day for free) is the minimum charge of £3.50 per car in the 'low season' months and £5.00 per car in 'high season' (May-August) - no matter whether visiting for just a few minutes or a whole day.

The petitioners, who are from within the Borough and from neighbouring Boroughs like Harrow, Watford and Hounslow, Buckinghamshire and even further afield, believe that this single charge rate is harming the ability of the Lido and operators of facilities such as the on-site Cafe to attract a greater number of visitors, especially in the low season when it would benefit from visitors who just want to walk for, say, 30-60 minutes or stop for a coffee break. 

Increasing the popularity would make the area potentially safer for everyone including Hillingdon residents - more people about for longer spans of the day and make the Lido more vibrant. It would provide greater business traffic for the cafe and potentially other small businesses that could be attracted to the Lido out of high season.  

Making parking more affordable for shorter periods would, we believe, also relieve much of the short-term on-street unlawful parking, benefitting local residents. 

We do not argue for 'free parking for all' in the out of season period - but for more reasonable charges that people from outside Hillingdon would not find off-putting. Surely it is better to get more people spending, say, 40p for 30 minutes, or £1.00 for 90minutes - than it is to get nothing from the many people (including signatories to the petition) who feel that £3.50 is just too expensive to pay for a pleasant walk and who just don't visit, especially when there are similar alternatives like the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth (free parking 4 miles away) or canal towpaths of which there are many locally, as well as woodland very nearby with free parking for all. 

Please Hillingdon Council - consider at least a trial period of reduced charges and see how that benefits the utilisation of the much loved asset to Hillingdon Borough. Thank you! 

Greg Tanner - Hillingdon Resident    Contact the author of the petition

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