Llanwinio Hall – Llanwinio Community Association to Purchase

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2016-06-16 13:20

I feel very strongly about this, and want to support.


2016-06-22 00:09

I grew up here and it's part of history. Places like this are disappearing too often. It is part of our heritage and future generations should be able to and be part of these building that brought communities together. 



2016-06-22 07:15

Because the Hall was used by family and friends and is important for the community specially the young people e.g for YFC etc



2016-06-22 08:16

This hall needs to be available to its whole community at a reasonable price.



2016-06-22 18:52

Llanwanio hall is very important for so many ventures in a close communitiy. Hope you are successful in purchasing it.



2016-06-22 20:12

I'm supporting the young and not so young of this commumity.


2016-06-24 11:40

This hall was built for the community and should not be allowed to be taken from us 



2016-06-25 23:02

I think it gives the community the opportunity to get together.



2016-06-26 12:04

Help save the community hall for the childrens future ie: young farmers clubs etc



2016-06-26 20:52

Because I have friends and family involved with this Llanwinio hall and I realize the value of public spaces like this one and how important it is to a community, resources like this need to be protected.



2016-06-26 21:15

The whole community use this hall weekly. It would be terrible for the community of the young and old to lose such a fantastic resource within a rural area.


2016-06-27 20:49

Ble mae'r Gymraeg? Pob lwc gyda'r ymgyrch. 



2016-06-27 20:57

Rwy'n teimlo'n gryf y dylai'r neuadd fod yn eiddo i'r gymuned.



2016-06-28 18:44

Spent many a happy hour in this hall with Llanwinio YFC which alas is no longer running
This is important for the community



2016-06-28 20:41

We need our village hall
Llanwinio YFC

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2016-06-28 22:08

#14: -  

 Llanwinio YFC is still going, just goes quiet over the summer. Loosing the hall is big concern for us, not only is it a central place we can meet, but it gives us a means for fundraising, engaging the younger with the elder generations, and generally others within the community.



2016-06-29 07:49

This facility is a huge part of a rural community and is vital for community cohesion.