Evesham town council to stop bullying autistic people

‘In march 2023, Councillor Emma Nishigaki add her social media hacked by a man from Devon. For several months, he extracted private videos between her and her therapist. Some of these were posted on various Facebook sites. This stalker then sent one video to all Evesham town councillors. At least one councillor engaged with a criminal and put him in touch with a nasty bullying gang. Emma is diagnosed high functioning, autistic and her rants are therapeutic and were never intended for any form of public consumption. Evesham town council received complaints about her using the R word and also referring to some Ukrainians poor behaviour. She has sponsored six strangers and speaks her truth. Instead of passing these complaints directly to the monitoring officer, as per their own constitution, the town council called a public meeting to deride and humiliate her. Various coucillors made allegations with no substance or foundation. They then voted to remove her from all committees. Two years ago, she was bullied from the council having been told “there is no place for autistic people on the council' This behaviour is a direct attack on her disability. It is for the public to decide who our representatives are and not a handful of councillors and their Rentamob. Their own rules state that councillors can't investigate councillors but mark Goodge and Sarah Schaathun did it anyway. We demand Evesham town council issue, an immediate apology for their despicable behaviour towards this lady who has only done good for the town. We demand she should be immediately reinstated to all committees and a public apology is placed in the Evesham Journal.

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