Should Dawes Lane remain open to public use?

Tata Steel is proposing to prohibit the number of vehicles using Dawes Lane as part of a security crackdown.  More than 10,000 journeys are made on the road daily but due to a crime wave the steel firm wants to tighten up security.  It aims to install gatehouses with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras which will only allow registered vehicles through.

This means that residents of Broughton, Appleby and other surrounding villages, who regularly use the road, may find themselves facing a problem in the future.

Bernard Grainger and Paul Redfern, the Labour party candidates in the 2011 council election for the Broughton and Appleby Ward, want to find out what you think about the proposals.

Bernard says: “As a long term resident of Broughton and a member of the Town Council I want to know what people think about this issue.  This could end up affecting many residents of Broughton, as well as Appleby and the other villages in the area.  It’s important that we find out if the local community want Dawes Lane to remain open to the public”.

Do you think that Dawes Lane should remain open to public use?