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Stewart Road Gate - Re-opening and Access

150 Created: 2023-08-28 Statistics

Install a 20 MW ICRF system in the first operational phase (AFP) on ITER

190 Created: 2023-08-28 Statistics

Woodford Meadows - management of the roads and public open spaces from Taylor Wimpey following their vacation of the site.

48 Created: 2023-08-11 Statistics

Help stop the suffering of carriage horses in Aegina

155 Created: 2023-08-10 Statistics

Stop the Child Sexual Abuse of Relationships and Sex Education

762 Created: 2023-08-09 Statistics

Spring Wood Estate allotment

25 Created: 2023-08-04 Statistics

Astonville Street Party 2023

31 Created: 2023-08-03 Statistics

Petition for Family Unity - Claire Jean Fernhold.

151 Created: 2023-07-27 Statistics

Please support and stop trans women competing in our England Ladies Sea Angling Team.

1623 Created: 2023-07-27 Statistics

Stop IVF for lesbians

300 Created: 2023-07-25 Statistics

To name the Tilton Road Stand at Birmingham City in memory of Trevor Francis

152 Created: 2023-07-24 Statistics

Victoria Park Traffic Lights: consultation needed

209 Created: 2023-07-24 Statistics

Uphold Christian freedom or repeal 'woke' laws

440 Created: 2023-07-20 Statistics

Stop the deportation and guarantee the protection of Alireza Hassan Beigi against a death sentence in Iran!

2442 Created: 2023-07-20 Statistics

Keep the Tea & Coffee bar open at Lodge Park Sports Centre

5 Created: 2023-07-15 Statistics

Evesham town council to stop bullying autistic people

187 Created: 2023-07-12 Statistics

Stop Stagecoach South Wales changes to timetable

68 Created: 2023-07-11 Statistics

Crowthorne Bus

406 Created: 2023-07-05 Statistics

External Review of Wests Tigers Operations

2129 Created: 2023-07-03 Statistics

Save St. Anne's Primary School, Donaghadee

87 Created: 2023-07-01 Statistics