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Vote to demand FCA to take action against Lending Stream - The UK's number 1 irresponsible payday lender

Have you been funded several payday loans in under 90 seconds from Lending stream or its cronies Drafty / Gain credit ? Has this irresponsible lender lent too you one too many times? keeping you in a never ending loop of borrowing? Have they charged you extortionate interest fees? placing you in financial difficulty and extreme hardship. Are you tired and fed up with waiting 16+ weeks for these crooks to issue a final response to your complaint? Are you fuming at Lending Stream's clear violation

Created: 2020-10-23

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Remove Cycle Lanes from London's Roads

Honestly this just makes me even more cross than before.  I travelled up Park Lane today and saw that they have now changed 4 lanes (incl bus lane) into 2 lanes for cyclists and 1 lane for the buses, leaving just 1 lane for cars. I used to travel in a car everyday for work for 3 years from SE London to NW, during the peak traffic times and saw MAX 6 maybe 7 cyclists on Park Lane, today we 2 cycle lanes and NO CYCLISTS NOT EVEN ONE!!!!! Cant see this changing ever. Realistically do YOU think that

Created: 2020-10-22

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Harvey Online Concert

hi guys!  sign this petition if you want harvey to do an online concert (on zoom or something) share if you're done!💗 thank you :) xx kathy (itscutehrvy) (idea from Amy☺️)   ps. this is not to force Harvey or something bc he need to decide by himself, but maybe this shows him how much people miss him on stage and and an online concert :)  

Created: 2020-10-21

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We propose for the Weeley fireworks that will be held on The Weeley Car Boot Site, Colchester Road, Essex, CO16 9AD to be relocated. There are many concerns over the planned event at the weeley boot sale field , apparently we are to have a firework ‘EXTRAVAGANZA’Not just once but on 2 consecutive nights! Personally I love fire works but this is totally inappropriate and misplaced .Weeley boot sale field has adjoining farms and livestock housing and is in close proximity to residential housing ,

Created: 2020-10-21

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Release Elaine Paige Sitting Pretty on CD

 In 1978 Elaine recorded the album entitled 'Sitting Pretty'.  Just as this album was released, Elaine hit the big time with the success of her appearance in Evita in London's West End. So, this album didn't get the correct promotion it deserved and was kind of forgotten about.   It had its vinyl release in 1978 and was again re-issed on vinyl and cassette in the 80s by the UK label, Music for Pleasure.  It has never been remastered and issued on CD at all.  Fans of Elaine have longed for a CD r

Created: 2020-10-20

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Petition to Halt Junta expenditure on new Transformers in Cortijo Cabrera

We fully understand the plight of those 13 Homeowners in Cabrera Poligono 1 who have been let down by the Developers and therefore do not have an Endesa electricity connection of their own. We do not object to the provision of new transformer infrastructure in principle. However:   1.    The Developers have failed  to provide the transformer infrastructure which they are obliged to provide as set out in the Urbanisation Plan. Instead, the Junta plans to make the Homeowners alone pay for two new

Created: 2020-10-16

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Controlled Parking in Kennet Close

Dear Neighbour   If you're fed up with not being able to find a parking spot in Kennet Close please sign the petition below.  If we have 51% of residents that agree, the council will start a consultation process.  The idea is to bring in controlled parking for a few hours a day, for example 10-11am. This will prevent non residents from leaving their cars here all day. This also will mean any residents of Kennet Close will be OK even if they have two vehicles as they will be at work during those

Created: 2020-10-14

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pedestrians and driver safety improvement.

We are petitioning Birmingham City Council to improve safety and access for both pedestrians and drivers on Camelot Way and Jenkins Street. Specific issues are as follows. 1) Camelot way and Jenkins Street junction. The junction has become very dangerous due to increased traffic on Jenkins Street and drivers parking their cars at the edge of the junction, resulting in number of accidents. From Camelot Way it is a complete blind turn into Jenkins Street therefore you cannot see the vehicles comin

Created: 2020-10-13

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No uniform at Avanti hall school, Exeter.

 We the undersigned do not agree with the introduction of school uniforms at Avanti hall school, Exeter. We also request that any clothing code changes happen with due consultation as previously agreed. Has any actual research been done into the usefulness of uniform in the modern school. In researching I have discovered: -There is no evidence to suggest that uniforms increase good behaviour. But there is evidence to suggest .. -no decrease in bullying , just change of type.-increase in awarenes

Created: 2020-10-13

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Delay the introduction of school uniform at Avanti Park School

As parents, we are asking Avanti Trust to delay the introduction of school uniform until September 2021 for the following reasons: 1. Avanti clearly stated, in writing in the curriculum review, to parents that they would not introduce uniform until Septemeber 2021. There has been no parent consultation over this early introduction.  2. We are in the middle of a global pandemic. Many schools have held off on uniforms as they have insisted on clean clothes every day. It is much harder to keep unif

Created: 2020-10-12

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