Bring back Quizmaster Mike! Our community champion!

Please Woolwich Equitable reinstate Quizmaster Mike our community champion!

in the bigger scheme of things: global pandemic, climate crisis, poverty, malnutrition and war, this might seem like a very silly petition, but it's exactly because of the bigger picture why it's not.

The pandemic has ripped our communities apart causing social isolation and loneliness, this has led to increased mental health issues and poor wellbeing.

It's important now more than ever to re-group, reunite and regain the friendships, familiarity and experience the joy we had from our pre-pandemic activities once more.

There were people who came to our Thursday quiz nights who do not have access to the Internet who will have lost connection with our Mikes quiz night Equizable family.
The only way to rectify this is to reinstate Mikes quiz format and as our Thusday quizmaster once again.

Pre-pandemic Woolwich Equitable not only served the locals, but served as a local community hub.
During the pandemic it helped the community by housing donations for those in need.
The most popular times at Woolwich Equitable have always been Thursdays- Mikes quiz night.
The whole room would fill with regulars.
More than a pub quiz on a Thursday, it was a place where different people from our community gathered together, young, old, from professionals to artists, a rich mix of diversity who became a regular weekly family.

This came about because of one person Mike Jelves!
Woolwich Equitable is the perfect setting for a fabulous quiz, and with a such a brilliant quizmaster Mike, it's been a place that has connected our community, a big enough venue where we could all wave from afar and we all knew who was sitting where.

Since March 2020..It's been the one thing that has kept us hopeful throughout.

We were really looking forward to seeing everyone again in the big PACKED room, FULL of REGULARS all in our regular chairs...if nothing else, just to feel normal again.

It feels like that post pandemic hope has been ripped away.
Because instead of listening to customers or consulting with the community- Woolwich Equitables new management has ignored our pleas and not taken up Mikes offer to start up our Thursday Equizable once again.

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