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UPDATE: Meeting with the Bus Company on 48 Bus

2023-08-07 15:38:21

Hi All -

I have been discussing the 48 bus service with the bus company since the election. The head of Brighton & Hove Buses (Ed Wills) has agreed to attend a meeting with residents to discuss the service. 

This will take place on Thursday 31 August - 6:30pm at the Church Hall on Norwich Drive (Holy Nativity). 

It is really important that as many residents, visitors and local workers attend this meeting as possible. We need people to communicate how much this sub-standard service impacts their daily lives. Please share this message with any freinds or neighbours that migth be able to attend. 

If you have any questions or comments about the meeting - please contact me directly. 


Many thanks

Councillor Jacob Taylor 

Jacob Taylor

UPDATE: Bevendean Bus Service Petition Presented to Full Council

2023-04-02 07:16:45

Hi All - 

I wanted to provide an update on our campaign to improve the 48 bus service. Since we started the petition in January, we've had an overwhelming response from Bevendean residents and those who travel to the area to work. 195 people have signed so far, and that continues to grow. 

Update: Petition Submitted to Council

On Thursday 30 March, our petition was presented to a Full Council meeting of Brighton & Hove City Council. A brilliant Bevendean resident, Conor Gray, presented the petition and demanded the council do something about the service. Conor was nearly late to the meeting because (and you couldn't make this up) the 48 bus he was waiting for got cancelled! 

You can watch a video of the petition presentation here - Conor starts at 6:28. 

Next Steps 

The petition has now been referred to the Council's Committee on Environment, Transport and Sustainability. This will take place in June, after the local elections. If elected as councillors, we will obviously attend that meeting and fight for these demands. 

We are also going to present the petition directly to the bus company, and start discussing our demands with them. 

Keep Sharing, Keep Signing! 

The campaign is still going, and we need people to keep sharing it. The more signatories we get, the stronger our case is with the council and the bus company. 

Our Pledge to You 

This isn't a one-off campaign that will be dropped if the bus company ignore it. All three Labour candidates (Amanda Evans, Ty Goddard, Jacob Taylor) pledge to keep fighting on this issue until we see genuine improvementsThis is a massive issue for Bevendean, and the anger of residents is real. 

Thanks for your continued support on this issue, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 


Jacob Taylor 

Jacob Taylor

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