Object to the erection of an 18.5m mobile mast and bulky cabinets in the Old Chiswick Conservation Area

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2022-10-17 20:23:46

Dear all

CK Huntchinson have appealed against the planning refusal to put up this mobile mast. 

What can you do: go to


Reference number 3298907


email: west2@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

Quoting the appeal reference number 3298907

And state your objections based upon planning issues only. The planning issues are

a) This form of development is unacceptable by reason of its siting and appearance and the design exceeds the design limitation of 2.5 cubic metres. This development is not in accordance with several of the criteria in Policy EC4  by not minimising the impact on the visual amenity.  The proposed mast will stand proud of the nearest trees, lamp posts and buildings. It will therefore be an unduly prominent feature breaking the skyline, with high visibility from the Cemetery, a designated Local Open Space. 

b) The proposed installation is on a pavement that is not especially wide and close to a roundabout junction with five exits.

c)  The application site is on the very edge of the Old Chiswick Conservation Area, the houses immediately opposite lying within the Chiswick House Conservation Area. 

d) The development proposed will be much higher than the existing lamp posts which are about 8 metres in height. This factor coupled with the incongruous design of the proposed mast within a heritage area, will cause demonstrable harm to these important aspects including the listed Cross of Sacrifice in the Cemetry

e) The Council cannot be certain that the foundation for the proposed mast will not cause damage to the local trees, which might result in their loss

f) Use of existing masts, buildings and other structures for new electronic communications capability (including wireless) should be encouraged and these have not been given due consideration here and other locations have been ignored


Thank you to all 246 who signed the petition last time. It would be great if you could follow up on this proposed appeal.





No to Mast


2022-02-06 13:54:29

Just to let everyone know that in no small part your objections that were provided to London Borough of Hounslow have contributed to a decision to refuse the prior application.

Thank you to all who have helped with this - a truly united approach. 

We wait and see what Hutchinson does next.







No to Mast

Deadline 19th January 2022

2022-01-14 08:23:42

This petition is building mementum but we only have a few days left before the deadline of the 19th January. Let's drive this over 200!


Ideally we need signatures and comments. Comments from a planning perspective should be focussed on the impact and loss of amenity, the inappropriateness of such a structure in a residential street and in a Conservation Area and reference to the bulky cabinets and how they will reduce the pavement width particularly for wheelchair uses and pushchairs. Whilst Corney Road is not a high st, it does capture footfall going done to the river and to Dukes Meadows and many visitors to Chiswick Pier that houses a number of educational trusts.

No to Mast

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