West Rainton cemetery



My uncles grave is in this area and I believe if one is allowed a kerb and flowers we all should be

David Pearson (Durham, 2024-03-21)


So we can greive our loved ones the way we choose

Susan patterson (Durham, 2024-03-21)


My son is buried in this section. I was made to take away the edging I'd put down for him. His stuff is constantly broken by the grass cutters. I've watched them absolutely no respect. My son was only 35 years old if this isn't hard enough, having someone saying what you can and can't do is tough even though I keep his plot nice. Have a heart!

Michelle Cook (Durham, 2024-03-21)


Because i have family members in the graveyard and friends who have family buried in the area they want to make/keep grass. We should’ve been asked as members for the village not people on the parish council to make that decision for us.

Samantha Short (Houghton Le Spring, 2024-03-21)


I'm signing because my parents and my baby daughter are buried here and do not give the Parish Council permission to do as they please.

Julie Harker (Houghton Le Spring, 2024-03-22)


No consultation took place with the family. My Nana's grave is not in the area marked with red and soil was put straight over newly planted plants.

Susan Flynn (Durham , 2024-03-22)


This is unfair to the families affected as they are not able to make the place that their loved ones rest, a personal space!!

Nichola Hall (Durham , 2024-03-22)


we need to be able to grieve our deceased relatives and its wrong to grass over their graves as if they mean nothing. The parish council need to rethink this. The village does not want the graveyard grassed over

Michelle Collins (Durham, 2024-03-23)


We have family graves in here and don't want all grass

Wayne Dixon (HOUGHTON LE SPRING, 2024-03-23)


I’m signing this because i have friends i. the grave yard , grassing it and people walking all ver loved ones is wrong. Let people grieve have somewhere for them to place flowers, gifts for loved ones. These people and there families deserve respect.

nicola major (Houghton Le Spring, 2024-03-25)

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