Gathering support for an enclosed dog walking field in Scarning



I have a dog who would benefit from a field like this!

Danielle Hider (Sporle, 2024-03-07)


It is important to have secure areas where dogs can run free and owners can relax knowing their pets are safe.

Jed Lockyer (Watton , 2024-03-07)


We desperately need a safe area to let our dogs off lead.

B Bulmer (Dereham, 2024-03-07)


I think this is an amazing idea. It would give people and their dogs the space and security to walk, exercise with no worries of other dogs and people.
It's ideal for nervous dogs and for dogs that are prone to run away.
I totally support this and really hope it works out.

Jenny Whitwoth (Dereham, 2024-03-07)


This facility is very much needed ! We have a rescue dog and find it extremely hard to comfortably walk him in the Dereham/ Scarning area with being constantly approached by off lead dogs . This would give us the opportunity to give him some very much needed off lead exercise in a safe secure area .

Rebecca Norrris (Dereham , 2024-03-07)


There is need for a facility of this type locally

Angie Quenby (Dereham, 2024-03-07)


This would be so useful as I have a rescue dog who hasn’t got good recall so I don’t let her off lead. To have somewhere so close to home would be amazing.

Pauline Orsgood (Dereham, 2024-03-07)


I work close by and would love a place secure to take my dog without the hassle of other dogs.

Chris Ansell (Norwich , 2024-03-07)


As a owner of a young dog recall is a work I progress. The only way we can give her the space to run free is in a secure dog field.

Sarah Everett (Swaffam, 2024-03-07)


I think this is a fantastic idea. Somewhere local that I can let me dog off the lead without the worry of other dogs. There is nothing like this within the area.

Chanelle Edwards (Dereham, 2024-03-07)


It's a much needed service in the area

Mark everett (Rayne, 2024-03-07)


It's a wonderful idea plus great satisfaction for the dog and owner as dogs have to burn off energy which makes a content doggie.

Sarah Curr (Swaffham, 2024-03-08)


I have dogs I'm unable to have off lead so this would be perfect for them to exercise and get good run

Charlotte Stobie (Norwich , 2024-03-08)


I have a very nervous and reactive greyhound who can only be let off leash in a secure field. We are currently driving to the Barnham broom and Barford area just to let our dog have some off leash exercise.

Bonnie Gillies (Dereham, 2024-03-08)


I am a dog owner and live in Scarning. We need a field safe for letting our dogs off in a safe environment

Kerry Goddard (Scarning, 2024-03-08)


Would love somewhere enclosed to walk my dog

Michelle Goldsmith (Dereham, 2024-03-09)


I would like to be able to walk my dogs safely in an enclosed area and am willing to pay to do so.

Kim Draycott (Dereham, 2024-03-09)


We need these things, definitely a bonus round here

Sabine Lange (Dereham , 2024-03-09)


I drive my dogs to Barford at least twice a week to give them the opportunity to run and play, would be wonderful to have somewhere locally.

Cynthia hickman (Dereham, 2024-03-09)


This is a much needed safe space for dogs and their owners.

Kelly Maclean (Swaffham , 2024-03-11)

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