Save South Chingford Community Library



I'm signing because I've been a volunteer at South Chingford Community Library since March 2015 and don't want to have to leave a job where I'm well respected and have made a lot of good friends in that time

Amanda Foley (Chingford, 2024-02-29)


We have only thr library on chingford green .. the big library been closed for years with the building gone to waste .. it's the only local hub community space the mount has ... we don't need another Cafe restaurant nor gambling shop nail bar ...

Anne Heffernan (London, 2024-02-29)


I believe our library is highly important for the library

MICHELLE jamal (London, 2024-02-29)


I know what an important community contribution South Chingford Library makes to its immediate area and further beyond
Also the cost of retaining this provision is minimal compared to the money Waltham Forest local authority spends in other areas - such as its heated toilet seats in the Town Hall!

Alun North (London , 2024-02-29)


I am a volunteer at SCCL and know its value to the community

Christine Cratchley (Waltham Forest, London, 2024-02-29)


The library is an amazing community-led facility which has saved the Council 100,000s through it’s delivery model and must be retained.

Emma Best (Chingford , 2024-02-29)


They have taken all community activities away in Chingford. We have nothing.

Andrea Fitch (London, 2024-02-29)


The library is an essential base for the South Chingford Community

Kay Knight (London, 2024-02-29)


It will be tragic to close the library as so many people rely on this important part of daily life.

Jill Robinson (London, 2024-02-29)


The library is an important part of the community

Diana O’Donoghue (London, 2024-02-29)


I'm signing because this is an important local resource, which many people who have few other resources rely on.

Claire Dodds (London , 2024-02-29)


We need library!!!

Katarzyna Kose (London, 2024-02-29)


It is an important asset for commity of Chingford. It offers advice and activities.

Sara Gregory-Brown (London, 2024-02-29)


I think its important to keep the community spirit going. A community hub like this one should never be taken granted and deserves to be kept going especially for the older members of our society.

Ian Maughan (London, 2024-02-29)


This facility is such a key asset for the community in South Chingford

Jessica Laryea (London , 2024-02-29)


The library is a valuable resource for South Chingford residents

Afzal Akram (London, 2024-03-01)


My Nephew uses this library every week and would be a shame to see it close

John Graham (East Taphouse, Liskeard, 2024-03-02)


We don’t have a library in south Chingford, I don’t use it much but from time to time I print forms
I don’t want to see the library close

Souad Ichaoui (London , 2024-03-06)


My grandchildren live near here and I want it open for them to use.

Carolyn De'Ath (London, 2024-03-07)


The Community Library is an essential meeting space for so many of our residents, local charities and organisations.
We must not let it be closed. Once it is gone it can't be replaced.

Peter Student (London, 2024-03-07)


In 2022 I, unexpectedly, lost my Dad.
My Mum has found great comfort in going to knitting club, at this library, and meeting new friends.

Sarah Cummins (London, 2024-03-07)


I am signing because I have spent many hours at the knitting group there and know that is a very
Important social centre for seniors For some it the only socialization they have and we have to support the fight against loneliness

Nean Hess (Victoria , 2024-03-08)


I am from Chingford. I want my son and other kids to have access to library. Our community deserves to have a library.

Nargiz Bevan (London , 2024-03-09)


This library is used by my daughter in laws nephew and is essential to his academic growth.

Mary Cowell (MANCHESTER, 2024-03-09)


I use this library. It is a lovely community space.

Lisa Hayde (London, 2024-03-09)


I used the library regularly and would miss not being able to use it

Christine Gibbons (Chingford , 2024-03-10)


My mum uses the library

Kim Sheen (Chingford , 2024-03-12)


It is vital that this only community space in South Chingford remains available as it helps bring the community together, so important for health and wellbeing

Richard Ashen (London, 2024-03-14)


I'm signing because I used to live in Chingford, and my late wife, who had Alzheimer's disease, and I benefitted immensely from the community library.

Roy Sutcliffe (Alresford, 2024-03-14)


This is a vital part of our community.

victoria Turone (London, 2024-03-31)


I have family conned with south Chingford and I know how valued the local community library is.

Martin Warne (Forest Gate, 2024-03-31)


Libraries are fundamental to our lives

Eva VERDE (Chelmsford , 2024-03-31)


I think the present leadership of Waltham Forest Council is contemptible and self-serving despite being nomilally Labour. and totally uninterested in the wants and needs of its electorate. They need their arms twisting to save important local amenities like this.

David Gardiner (London, 2024-04-17)

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