Petition to Terminate Employment of Controversial Fellow Nathan Cofnas at the University of Cambridge



I am a person of colour at this university and it makes me upset, angry and scared that we would welcome these views

Isabella Monsanto (Cambridge, 2024-02-11)


Cofnas' continued promotion of thoroughly discredited pseudoscience is quite frankly an embarrassing reflection on the University. His continued employment reveals a distinct lack of academic integrity on behalf of the faculty.

Evan Rex (Cambridge , 2024-02-16)


It is overwhelmingly inappropriate for a white supremacist to have any position of any kind within the University of Cambridge. To have allowed this causes harm to many - and if the University cannot see this, it is deeply concerning. This sends a loud and deeply painful message to anyone within the University who experiences, or has experienced racism that the University cannot recognise the harm of (or refuses to take action against) even deeply-entrenched racism such as is evident in the case of Nathan Cofnas.

Abi Graham (Cambridge, 2024-02-16)


As an alumnus of the University of Cambridge and a scholar of racial sociology, I am utterly appalled that my Alma Mater provides a space and legitimacy for Cofna’s biased, unacademic and deplorable excuse for research.

Arjun Lotay (London, 2024-02-16)

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