Justice for the late AASIF PATEL



Asif is good person he had 3 kids now who gonna look after the kids,suspect musnt get bail he must get life sentenced🙏

Safvan Dukanwala (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Justice for asif patel

Ebrahim Mayat (Mayfair, 2023-09-07)


Justice needs to be served, the law needs to take its course, criminals need to remain behind bars

Imraan Kajee (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


Justice for asif patel

Hitesh Patel (JOHANNESBURG , 2023-09-07)


Justice for Marhum Asif...

Javid Patel (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Why take a life for the wrong reasons he didnt deserve to die like that

Adri Koekemoer (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


There is no place in society for criminals and murderers. Justice for the late Aasif Patel

Ridwaan Mohamed (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


We need justice for aasif Patel

Patel Mubarak (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Crime every where

Moin Chand (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


Justice for the late AASIF PATEL we won't justice to stay behind the bar

Imtyaj Patel (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


He was innocent

Irfan Gondal (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


No person deserves to die like Mohammed irfan abdul majid shaikh... He was a good person he had a family he had to look after kids he had to take care of yet a druggie just robbed him from his life left his family without a father brother uncle husband.. His murderer does not deserve to get bail we pray as a community that he does not come out he needs to be behind bars his a danger to our community

Tekesya Briel (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


Bail should not be granted to the accused.

Fozia Kasoojee (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


Justice needs to be served

Gaurav Kapil (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


I would like a safe country free from criminals that abuse and stab people to death without provocation.... We have children to bring up in a safe environment
No bail for the perpetrator

Farida Vawda (Joburg , 2023-09-07)


Justice for aasif patel

Minhaz Patel (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


I'm singing bcs this openly crime and we won't accept this at all
Bcs we are not safe like this

Zuber Kapcha (Burgersfort , 2023-09-07)


Because human life matters we want justice

Suraya Patel (Crosby , 2023-09-07)


I'm signing for justice for Asif Patel

Saeed Patel (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Crimes like this must stop!
Aasif did not deserve this! He had a whole life ahead of him.
Justice needs to be served for his entire family!

Nilofar Suleman (Preston, 2023-09-07)


To give justice to Aasif Patel

Lukman Sarodiya (Blackburn , 2023-09-07)



David Volschenk (Jhb, 2023-09-07)


We want justice for asif

Faiyaz Suleman (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


I want justice for those who killed this young man

Sumayah Hansa (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


He is very good guy. Need justice for Asif patel

Firoz Mayat (Johhannesburg, 2023-09-07)


We want juctise

Mohsin Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


Not granted balls in court please 🙏 we stand whit his family

Khalid Patel (Randfounten , 2023-09-07)


We want Justice

Sumaiya Mohsin Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


Because we want justic

Bilal Akku (Klerksdorp , 2023-09-07)


We want justice

Basir vali Patel (Bharuch , 2023-09-07)


We want justice for ashif Sant

Mustakim Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


Yes i do

Tosif mansuri (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


This kind of act should be punish.

Mohsin Pathan (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


I believe in justice

Inayat Ali (Blackburn , 2023-09-07)


We want justice for Ashif Sant

Asraf gani Niyatar (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


For justice

Irfan Mansuri (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


I am signing because the reason for the murder was not shown and brother was stabbed from behind . It looks like this was the plan murder. Justice should be served to everyone.

Shahid Patel (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


We want justice for Ashif Sant

Mohsin Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


Justice for Aasif patel

Akber Valli (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


We want justice for Ashif patel

Faruk Patel (Bharuch , 2023-09-07)


We want Justice for Ashif sant

Saeed Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


For justice

Reshma Irfan mansuri Reshma mansuri (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


Justice For Marhum Asif...

Sufiyan Rangrej (Jhb, 2023-09-07)


We want justice

TAUFIQ PATEL (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


I'm am signing because to get Aasif Patel, his family,friends justice.

Mohammed Habib Shaikh (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Im signing this because he doesn't deserve bail as he killed an innocent freind of mine for no reason. My friend has small children was working very hard everyday to provide for them. If he gets bail then who says he wont hurt another innocent soul for no reason.

Sarfaraj Patel (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


We want justice for Ashif Sant

Mohammad Niyater (Bharuch , 2023-09-07)


I’m signing this because a poor friend of mine got shot on the street in South Africa for no reason. My friend went over just to calmly speak to him if he’s okay and in return he looses his life. This person shouldn’t get bail as he his dangerous to the community and who says he won’t do it again. Absolutely awful. We are all broken & deeply saddened.

Hasan Lehri (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


Need justice. Criminals need to be behind bars.no sympathy with Criminals a all.otherwisetheywill do with others.

Ghulam Yahya (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


Criminals Deserve the Death Penalty Not Freedom!!!

Zaheera Vorajee (Jhb, 2023-09-07)


Justice for asifa

Sadik Isa (London, 2023-09-07)


Justic for my Brother

Sumaiya Patel (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


We need Justice for Asif Patel, & All those people who become part of this kind of happened 🙏

Huzaifa Patel (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


He was my brother very good man..

Sahil Patel (Lusaka, 2023-09-07)



Fazel Samaria (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Asif Patel family need justice...

Afroz Rangrej (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


We want justice for Ashif sant

Naeem Mansuri (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


I'm signing because criminal can't get bail.

Patel Noor (Durban , 2023-09-07)


Need justic forAasif patel

Suhel Rangrej (Jhb, 2023-09-07)


The culprit should not get the bell in any way, he has brutally murdered an innocent person, such people are very dangerous for the society.

Minhaj Dadabhai (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


We want justice for Ashif sant

Suhel Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


justice for aasif patel

aadil Ghantiwala (bharuch, 2023-09-07)


Need justic for Asif...

Sumaiya Sumaiya (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Need justice for asif sant

Ikram Kadu (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Justice to asif

Shaqira Patel (Blackburn , 2023-09-07)


Justice for late asif patel

Zakir Shaikh (Bharuch, 2023-09-07)


I want justice for my brother.

Patel Asfak (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


Justice must be done, criminals must face full force of the law without bail.

shafi omar (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


I believe in justice.

INAYAT GANI (Blackbun , 2023-09-07)


I don’t want them to grant the suspect bail

Heena Sidat (Blackburn , 2023-09-07)


The man that was killed died Infront of the masjid he is known to bring zakaat food and clothing to the poor in the area his leaves behind his wife and two small children this is so sad. We as the people of fietas fears for our life and our childrens lives.

Shakeel Davids (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)


The correct justice need to take place. The murderer should not be let free.



We want justice..

Soyeb Kauji (Klerksdorp , 2023-09-07)


Correct justice to be carried out

Mumtaz P (Bolton , 2023-09-07)


Justice for aasif patel

Mohmed Kaduji (Klerksdorp , 2023-09-07)


Ther is rong story from all the wetness more then 5 people come too robe him

Ikram Sabhai (Johannesburg, 2023-09-07)



Ebrahim-Ahmed Logde (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)



Aysha Adams (Gauteng , 2023-09-07)


Justice for him

Kulsoom Habib (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Everyday so many lives are lost because of guns crime
Government have no control over the criminal carrying guns they kill unarmed civilians without any hesitation.
It’s shame.

Sarfaraz Patel (Leicester, 2023-09-07)


A.salam. we need justice for Aasif Patel.

Irfan Bha (JHB, 2023-09-07)






Nafisa Patel (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


It is unconscionable that the suspects be granted bail as the man that they murdered was the very same person who would feed them weekly.
They murdered him because they've essentially lost their humanity due to their consistent drug abuse and granting them bail would be a travesty of justice and an insult to law abiding citizens.

Ahmad Vawda (Johannesburg , 2023-09-07)


Because I am supporting my family member, justice must be served

Yasin Matak (Blackburn , 2023-09-07)


He killed innocent, he doesn’t deserve bail family need justice

Zuleikha Patel (Blackburn, 2023-09-07)


i need justice for asif patel n his family.

Zaitunnisa Patel (Blackburn , 2023-09-07)


We want justice

Irfan daud Zangharia (Bharuch, 2023-09-08)


Justice For My Brother

These Rascals should get death penalty.

Muzammil Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-08)


Justice for aasif

Patel Alsahaf (Bharuch, 2023-09-08)


Justice for Ashif Patel.

Rahul Dhara (Khadakpur, 2023-09-08)


Stop brutality.

Zafar Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-08)


Justice for Ashif Patel

Samir Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-08)


I m signing in because he is my brother .

Fahim Patel (London , 2023-09-08)


We need justice.

Tailor Savban (Durban, 2023-09-08)


Justice Asif Patel

Soyab Patel (Bharuch, 2023-09-08)


I'm signing because the late AASIF PATEL deserves justice.

Husssein Nabi (Johannesburg, 2023-09-08)


Every life matters and murdering someone should be unbailable.

Rizwana Patel (Blackburn, 2023-09-08)


AASIF PATEL. A life was taken in broad daylight on the 29th August 2023. We ask the court to not grant the suspect bail as we fear within our community. We fear for the lives of our children and ourselves. Hes must b hang

Patel Bashir (Jhb, 2023-09-08)


Robberies are too prevalent in our area.Innocent people are being shot and killed as these armed,cowards feel no mercy for their victims .A scholar was shot n killed in his home,same area .As oarents, we live in fear.

Natasha Chagan (Johannesburg, 2023-09-08)


I want justice for Aasif and want him to be punished for what he has done and realise all the lives that have been affected by his actions

Kulsum Amenjee (London, 2023-09-08)

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