Help Sowaar Bar Rezone



This has been devastating for alternative music in whole. We need venues like Sowaar to actually be able to make a living doing what we love. Additionally, it is not only the bands and the venue that benefit from live entertainment. But sound companies, booking agents, door hosts, bouncer, lighting specialists etc.

Wim Die Blixem (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


We need live music back at Sowaar!!!

Roxann Blair (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


The Industry, being live music, is under supported and treated like lepers by our local government. In affect suppressing artistic growth and opertunuties for youth and cultures to grow. Sowaar Bar when able helped and often healed divides bettering an entire industry.

So I say: Let them play.

Nicholas Slabbert (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love Sowaar Bar shows!

Almero Welgemoed (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar bar is like a home away feom home.

Helene Nel (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Helping a community out

Hesti Cronje (Alberton, 2023-09-01)


I support Sowaar Bar

Daniel Van der Westhuizen (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sovaar bar must be allowed to rezone it's venue.

Danielle Malherbe (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I believe in this bar

Hardy Mills (Vereeniging , 2023-09-01)


I live close to Sowaar Bar and support South African musicians and small business owners.

Irma Smuts Neitz (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I believe live music benefits the customers and the artists in a challenging time.

Lauren GOUWS (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Our artists need somewhere to perform. Live shows contribute to the income of the venue and staff. We need to keep live entertainment alive.

Monika Kowalczyk (Vereeniging, 2023-09-01)


I LOVE this place and I LOVE live music and I LOVE the freedom to express it

Andre Kriel (Randburg, 2023-09-01)


Damn the man!!!!!

Barrett Cawood (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


Let's be reasonable. There is very few places left where the rock crowd can just listen to music.

There are illegal businesses and land owners getting away with pretty much what ever they feel like. This business is trying to do the right thing, the legal way and create employment.

Help this business do the right thing and take responsibility as well.

This is not on! Let Sowaar Bar rezone!

Adri Dames (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


So Waar bar needs to stay. Just such an awesome place to get together with friends and enjoy live music together. Only have great memories that were made there.

Marelize Haasbroek (Centurion , 2023-09-01)


I support small businesses and the SA music scene.

Germandt Geldenhuys (Randburg, 2023-09-01)


We need live music back at Sowaar!

Gad de Combes (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Hope you guys get your live music license back...

Henno Kruger (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This is a great venue. Safe for customers, great staff.

Madri van der Sandt (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I want to help and to stand up against this bullying.

Lukas Potgieter (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar bar is being treated unfairly

Angela Ferreira (Germiston, 2023-09-01)


This is not right!!!!

Alicia Vermaak (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I love Sowaar bar. They supported us at Mieliepop and it's a great venue that supports local artists

Franscois Weideman (Kempton Park , 2023-09-01)


I love music

Renee Weber (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar bar is a great establishment with amazing staff that has brought an awesome vibe to the surrounding community.  It will be a travesty to deny them the right to rezone and keep the project going. It also doesnt make sense that this is happening as Sowaar Bar is the only ever real successful venture at that location since the start.


Chris Merts (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I want to help Sowaar bar get back to having live shows!

Anriette Van Wyk (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is such a great place

Liezel Nieuwoudt (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I’m fed up with a-holes.

Eugéne Roux (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


The live entertainment industry can’t afford to have anymore venues close their doors

Carl Dos Santos (Gauteng, 2023-09-01)


In Support of sowaarbar

dewald boshoff (brits, 2023-09-01)


We need live music venues in SA more than ever, and we don't need another one biting the dust. Let Sowaar legally rezone!

Matthew Nijland (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I stand with Sowaar Bar's cause.

Kobus van Rooyen (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Small businesses need our help, they feed families and Sowaar bar is fun!

Lenie HUYSEN (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This needs to be settled. We need live music veneus and sowaar bar is one of my favorites. Lets get it done.

Brandon Render (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Let them be free

Renier Roos (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


I love live music and this venue.

Devona Smit (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


So many people earn their income through, and as a knock-on from, live entertainment. The music industry was almost decimated during lockdown, but we are re-emerging and building back our livelihood. Don't close down our venues!!

Kirsten Mumford (Gauteng, 2023-09-01)


I love music

Jenee Garrett (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


This is a home. Must be the place with the most heart and dedication to the pta music scene. Always open to new experiences, always excited to hear them and has been a defibrillator for local artists, painters, musicians, illustrators, photographers, freelancers, dancers and whoever knocks on the door. I really love the people working there and the food is great too.

I urge everyone reading this to sign this petition, thanks.

James Cloete (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I'm signing because I feel that Pretoria has the right to have live rock venues! Sowaar Bar has a great vibe, following and location and we need them to stay alive!

Marthinus Kirsten (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I firmly believe that this venue breathes life into the area and looks after not only bands and other acts, but also provides a workplace for the local community. They need this venue, as do we as musicians.

Alec Surridge (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


There aren’t a lot of safe bars which hosts quality entertainment. This is a landmark to my generation. A haven where we can enjoy and show appreciation to the arts and our country’s artists. Why wouldn’t you allow that to prosper?

It is a place where everyone feels at home, safe and loved. It is a respectful zone that has always been treated with respect.

So show some respect! Don’t let this die please!

Kristen Raath (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Let sowaar bar move so we can go see live entertainment again!!!!

Jessica Van der westhuizen (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


Because I support local music and am tired of the useless legal system in SA that only supports the money and neglects the people.

Jason Fisher (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


This venue is a source of livelihood for many

Donald van der Westhuizen (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is the most wholesome place in PTA! :(

Danica Du Plessis (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Capitalism is killing Music

Jan-Louis Scheepers (johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I support proper music venues being available in SA.

Chris De bruin (Germiston, 2023-09-01)


South African musicians needs a place like this.

Leandra Kruger (Hoedspruit, 2023-09-01)


I support Sowaar Bar

Brandon Kayat (Durban, 2023-09-01)


We need more live music venues in Gauteng.

Wayde Flowerday (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


Rock & Roll will save our souls!

Quintus van der Walt (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


The entertainment industry and artists need our support!

Johan Kruger (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love this venue.
I want to help as much as I can.

Pieter Janse van Rensburg (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


disgusting attitude and behaviour of the landlord/s

Anton Goosen (gansbaai, 2023-09-01)


I believe the property should be allowed to be rezoned for entertainment, as the livelihood of not only many individuals relying on work to sustain themselves and their families, but for the music scene to be kept alive.

Jesse Meiring (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Fuck the system! Support local small businesses.

Franz Ruttkamp (Galway, 2023-09-01)


Local is lekker!

Anriëtte Van Der Riet (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I support sowaar bar and local musicians

Jarcque Henning (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I believe in the importance of live music and it sounds like this business has been unfairly treated by the landlord.

David Starke (Eshowe, 2023-09-01)


Live music is essential

Guillaume Rossouw (Jhb, 2023-09-01)


We need to support SA music, there's hardly any venues for artists to perform. SOWAAR is well run and very nice venue. You can see the effort and passion of the owner!

Raoul Dippenaar (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Great venue with great food, they spent hundreds of thousands already to get the noise down inside and sound proof the premises, let them rezone!

Peder Burger (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


The music industry loves Sowaar. This is an unbelievably disgusting and entirely unethical move by this landlord who is plain evil. Help Sowaar rezone!!!

Molly Jackson (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I love the live music scene and how it supports new and upcoming artists. Sowaar bar was great at this!

Raymond Hubner (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Its the right thing to do. Stop destroying small businesses. Fair is fair.

Angie Barnard (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Supporting the local music scene

Rudolf Przybylski (Ballito, 2023-09-01)


I love this venue.

Charmaine Ehlers (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Pretoria needs more live music venues.

Ross Cameron (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is a great venue and it would be a massive loss to the live music industry

Sarah-Jane Stewart (Gauteng, 2023-09-01)


As a Musician who relies on venues like this to make a living especially after C19 all venues need to be guarded

Chris Parry (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I love live music and supporting it

Leon Levien (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I’m in support

Jabulani Jabulani Phambana (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar has seen me on my worst and best days. They have been there for most of my tears and the reason for most of my laughter.

Anne Van Tonder (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is my favorite place to party and I hope they'll get back to booking live music really soon

Jason Stephens (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I believe in the cause

Erlo Möller (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


We need venues like Sowaar Bar to provide a platform for performers and to assist in the upliftment of industry workers. To have it shut down will impact more people in a negative way rather than positive.

Reinhardt Mynhardt (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I support Sowaar Bar and their efforts to remain in the current venue despite pressures from the landlord

Ferdi Barnard (Benoni, 2023-09-01)


I want Sowaar to Survive. Enough venues have been closed and enough is enough!

Yakean Jansen Van Vuuren (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I enjoyed the shows at this bar and they deserve to continue on their journey

Gina Lerios (Benoni, 2023-09-01)


I am part of a band and understand the value of quality venues that promote and support local musicians

Trevor Bouwer (Bloemfontein , 2023-09-01)


I am a performing artist who has performed at the Sowaar Bar and need venues like this to continue to perform. It is a beautifully well looked after live venue and is classy and deserves to stay open. Entertainment and recreation is one of the basic human needs that is essential to human biology and psychology.

Andrew Duggan (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is one of the last places in Pretoria where you can go watch live acts, a bar that has a passion for music and bar that creates cereal vibes and memories. To see it go would be a massive blow to people that need this kind of environment to unwind from the difficulties of every day life.

Danie Malan (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I support local

Lisa De Lange (Jeffrey's Bay, 2023-09-01)


I support local bars and live artists

Izandri Coetzee (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I am a musician and I want to see live music grow.

Angelique Mulder (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Live music in SA needs all the support it can get.

Chris du Plessis (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


We need live venues for artists covid has done enough damage

Arnold Bosman (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


We don't tolerate bullying 😤

Eugen Arnold (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


I’m signing this petition for support of the the owners and to have the fine scrapped and the the rezone to be done and save Sowaar Bar.

The landlord is acting in an unfair and bullying way which is totally unacceptable.

‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪Adriaan Marais‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Fuck yes to live music and***** you to corporate bullies.

Cig Nefdt (Greytown , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is awesome

Loedi Renen (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


It is important to support small businesses, I really like Sowaar Bar and would like to see them thrive.

Bianca Falcke (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I’m signing because Sowaar Bar is one of the only venues that give a platform for young and upcoming artists, that support the music industry, and does it’s absolute best to create a safe and welcoming environment for both women and men.

Blyde Smit (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I believe in the value a live music can bring to the cultural identity of my city.

Johannes Brümmer (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


I support South African local music.

Susana Fairlie (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is a beacon of live entertainment and support for local musicians and an essential institution

Devo Graphic (CPT, 2023-09-01)


Stop the madness

Simone Snijman (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


I love sowaar bar

Ruan Burde (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Rezone Sowaar Bar

Jeanré Leo (Cape Town , 2023-09-01)


It would be a shame for a live music hub like Sowaar Bar to have to close down.

Pierre van Vuuren (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I’m signing because of our slowly dissipating live music industry. Not only is it a struggle for artists, big or small, to find a venue to play, but to have a venue looking out for both artists and their fans. Live music venues have been closing down rapidly in the last 3 years, and those remaining struggle to make proper profits to afford live entertainment weekend after weekend. Sowaar Bar has become a staple in the live music scene, and a venue that a lot of artists could only dream of playing at.
This obviously drives traffic to the bar injecting wealth into the surrounding community, creating jobs and aids building the culture of South African music.
Why say no to that? Music flows through all our veins. Music is the key to a healthy heartbeat!

Pierre Lombard (Secunda, 2023-09-01)


I want this establishment to thrive for many years to come.

Hendrien Vd Bijl (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Rock n Roll is alive!!

Claire Reilly (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


As a musician, this is one of very few intimate venues still available in Pretoria for me to perform at. The atmosphere, staff and general music played at the bar is something that so many young people crave and enjoy. If you close Sowaar Bar down, you will not only steal opportunities for musicians to perform and sell their music, you will also take away the enjoyment and pleasure of good music, good food and good vibes for most young adults.

Rosie Hunter (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I hate bullies and love music

Braydon Meyer (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


I want Sowaar Bar to rezone.

Ronan Brits (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Music 🙌

Esmalet van Zyl (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


Because the voice need to be heard Sowarbar have been amazing and one of the safes places to go out aswell as one of the places you feel at home

Zelsa Van Der Westhuizen (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Live music is a lifeblood of any culture.

Ashley De Beer (Benoni, 2023-09-01)

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