Expansion of London Luton Airport



I believe that the sustainable investment in the future of the airport will benefit the local community and economy.

Ian Abrahams (Luton, 2023-07-17)


I believe that Luton Airport will provide a great future for our children and young people through jobs and investment into the town

Hazel Simmons (Luton, 2023-07-17)


I`m signing because the Airport is so important to the town in so many ways

Roy Greening (Luton, 2023-07-18)


I support sustainable growth for Luton Airport

Lavinia Douglass (Stevenage, 2023-07-18)


I think it will be good for the town and the region.

Tracey Bateman (Hitchin, 2023-07-18)


Having worked in Luton the best part of 16 years and closely with local people through The Mall for the last 7 years I believe the benefits of this expansion massively out weigh the negatives.

David Geary (Houghton Regis, 2023-07-18)


the community funds that the airport provide make a lasting difference to the surrounding area.

Nikki Samsa (Dunstable, 2023-07-18)


Having worked in Luton for over 8 years, I support sustainable growth for Luton Airport

Laura McCluskey (Luton, 2023-07-23)


We must encourage everyone in the Luton community and surrounding areas to support the economoic development of the airport which will bring huge prosperity to the town and benefit all, especially charities like NOAH

Andy Williamson (Luton, 2023-07-24)


This is a generational opportunity to put Luton on the map, support young persons, employment and vulnerable people in our communities, and take environmental measures to the next level.

Chris Hall (Luton, 2023-07-24)


I fully support the expansion proposals for London Luton Airport. They will bring much needed jobs and economic growth to the region whilst doing so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Ian Otter (Flitwick, 2023-07-25)


I'm signing because I believe the expansion plans for London Luton Airport will be very important for the future prosperity of Luton and the surrounding region.

Michael Isaacs (London, 2023-07-25)


I'm signing because it's important for Luton's 2040 vision to expand the airport, as it will create new jobs, bring in more money and allow Luton Rising to continue to support the local community.

Jemma Candy (Luton, 2023-07-31)


The expansion of LLA is good for jobs, business opportunities and all Bedfordshire communities.

Viviane Vayssieres (Luton , 2023-08-01)


I want to see positive changes in my home town

Sheryl Lindsay (Luton, 2023-08-03)


Growth in our airport means growth in our town and voluntary sector

Scott Griffwood (Luton, 2023-08-04)


I want to support the expansion of London Luton Airport, the benefits that brings to the local and wider economy and the opportunities it brings in employment for the broader demographic, it's excellent news.

Liam Bolger (Weybridge , 2023-08-04)


I think this will be an great opportunity for Luton in the short and longer to grow and thrive

fergal McCrystal (Hitchin, 2023-08-04)


I believe it is the best move for the community of luton... for the growth towards the 2040 vision, no poverty ......... The Step Forward Luton place branding highlights luton being a place to thrive.... so so much benefit for our wonderful community and beyond..

Jane Stredder (Dunstable, 2023-08-04)


I believe in Luton and the need for the airport to expand to grow the local economy.

Philip Marsh (Luton , 2023-08-04)


I want to support my town.

Sabtien Siddique (Luton , 2023-08-04)


I believe Luton and the surrounding areas will benefit largely from this. Additionally it will create lots of work.

Salvo Cardinale (Ware, 2023-08-04)


Part of regeneration of luton including power court

Craig Clarke (Wixams, 2023-08-04)


Luton Airport supports the community and helps our town to thrive

Warren Edwards (Luton, 2023-08-04)


Because there is a much needed expansion of the airport, Luton will bloom and the economical situation will improve for all of us

Bogdan Botez (Luton, 2023-08-05)


The work they support through their charitable giving in Luton is life changing for so many people

Karen Perkins (Luton, 2023-08-05)


I'm signing because Luton 2040 is an amazing and important vision for Luton, and the expansion of the airport will create new jobs, bring in more money allowing Luton Rising to continue supporting the local community, which I am part, as I live and work in Luton.

Claudia Young (Luton, 2023-08-05)


Luton needs a new focus for business to help its regeneration and business needs to move out of London to reduce commuting especially to Europe
Expansion of Luton airport and improving green energy for flying solves many of these issues, and bringing prosperity to one of the poorest communities in the country can’t be a bad thing

Philip Hobson (Leicester, 2023-08-05)


As a Lutonian born and bred and as a Trustee of Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation I experience firsthand the benefits of Luton Airport and the money it puts back into the third sector in the region. Expansion will bring much needed prosperity to the town and the surrounding areas.

Thanbirul Haque (Luton, 2023-08-06)


I consider Luton needs a larger Airport to assist the local economy!

Stuart Walker (Luton, 2023-08-07)


I agree with the expansion!

Hannah Church (Dunstable , 2023-08-08)


I believe the airport should expand to increase the number of jobs in the town

Junel Islam (Luton, 2023-08-11)


I believe expanding luton airport will definitely bring more prosperity in town and help to reduce the unemployment.

Kh Butt (Luton, 2023-08-14)


I want the airport to grow

Bradley Maybury (Flitwick, 2023-08-15)


The Town needs this extra capacity, extra jobs and in turn, large companies moving their operations here to facilitate additional jobs for local people. We need this improvement so the town can work towards alleviating poverty, which is high, across Luton. This is best for our young people.

Elizabeth Hogan (Luton, 2023-08-17)


In order for Luton to continue to grow as a vibrant and prosperous place to live and work, we need to continue investing in our town and in our people. It is fundamental to the town’s residents and businesses that the Airport expansion is granted.

Shyam Patel (Luton, 2023-08-20)


Great for the town

Nick Wheeler (Watford , 2023-08-23)


I’m a resident of Luton and believe it will be beneficial for the town.

Suzanne Lyons (Luton, 2023-08-27)


I think the expansion good for the area, for more jobs and bringing more money to the area also.

Raymond Marvin (Luton , 2023-08-30)


I believe expanding the airport will bring a number of positive economic impacts to the town of Luton.

James Playle (Cambridge, 2023-08-31)


As a Luton resident I fully support the airport expansion. It means more jobs for local people. I'm not a frequent flyer but when I do I always try and fly from Luton. I do care about the environment and I take responsibility for my own actions but the key, in my opinion, is for the government to invest in cleaner air travel rather than stop people from flying.

Michele Marvin (Luton, 2023-09-01)


I'm signing because I believe in technology and evolution.

Vasilica Marin (London , 2023-09-01)


It will bring prosperity to the whole area.

David Venn (Stoke Hammond , 2023-09-02)


LLA expansion is needed and will benefit the passenger experience by a smoother movement through the airport on to the flights. There are so many benefits to the local community having a desirable airport and employer in the town and county.

Peter Ryan (Bedford , 2023-09-03)


I signed because I believe the expansion will be very good for the community and generate lots of jobs for the surrounding areas, this is a great opportunity for the people of Luton and potentially for Luton to become a city with all the opportunities that will bring.

Oliver McKenna (LUTON BEDFORDSHIRE, 2023-09-03)


This is the airport that I use when flying to the UK to see my family. I believe the airport should be expanded.

Christine Lourenco (Castelo Branco, 2023-09-03)


London Luton airport is a huge asset to the Town and the local economy, employment and contributing to local charitable causes.

David Jones (Luton, 2023-09-04)


I believe it will be beneficial to the local community and travellers

Kevin Stewart (Rushden , 2023-09-04)


I'm supporting the petition because I believe that the growth of the airport will support the local economy and improve overall the prospects for Luton residents and the surrounding community. I understand how the GMG process is intended to work and welcome the commitment to sustainability and look forward to this community airport being an even bigger economic opportunity in the local economy.
London Luton Airport is my airport of choice when looking for a holiday destination as it is the nearest most convenient airport.
As landlord of the airport Luton Rising is unusually placed to be able to make a difference direct into the lives of the community and also to ensure that this does not come at the expense of the quality of lives of those living closest to it.

Fiona McGlone ( Milton Keynes, 2023-09-04)


I am burning more carbon driving to Heathrow Airport than i do going to Luton, so for me it has got to be a better solution to reduce carbon and support a more local business

simon greatbatch (London, 2023-09-05)


This will be good for all people living in Luton

Brian Wood (Luton , 2023-09-05)


I'm signing because I believe the airport expansion will benefit the communities in and around Luton even greater than it has to date. i.e. More jobs available and more funds for the local charities currently supported by Luton Rising.

Denise March-Palmer (Luton, 2023-09-06)


I fully support this positive and economically advantage for the future of our town.

Yogeshkumar Mistry (Luton, 2023-09-06)


I love flying from Luton which is my local airport. I love the easy reach. and I love the community support that the Airport facilitates.

Sandra Billins (Bedford, 2023-09-06)


It will be great for the local economy

Mark Pniewski (Milton Keynes, 2023-09-06)


It’s a great opportunity for the residents of luton and the population the airport serves

Mark Meekins (Bedford, 2023-09-06)


I’m a huge supporter of this

Richard Wills (Norwich, 2023-09-07)


I live locally, I used to work at the Airport and still use it regularly for leisure travel.
Additionally, I am aware what a great resource it is as a major employer, pumping £Millions into the local economy annually.

Ian BRIGGS (Luton, 2023-09-07)


I believe in Luton and the airport can benefit us dramatically

Shannon Welch (Luton, 2023-09-07)


Growth is necessary to bring more employment to the local area

Duncan Hackworth (Luton, 2023-09-08)


We need an Airport nearer to the Bedfordshire/ Northamptonshire and Lincoln Areas.

John Bulleyment (Yarwell, 2023-09-08)


Luton Airport I’d is very easy to access from Cambridge and Northamptonshire Areas.

Rosemarie Bulleyment (Peterborough, 2023-09-08)


The expansion and continued success of London Luton Airport is critical to Luton and its residents from an economic perspective. The airport supports so many charities and initiatives locally. Local jobs for local people, as well as career pathways. Inward investment is also paramount, which will be a natural consequence of the beneficial expansion.

Liz Bailey (Ely, 2023-09-10)


To support front line council staff + the growth of Liton

Judith Wardle (Luton, 2023-09-10)


The investment it will bring for the town, its residents and businesses

Paul Fountain (Luton, 2023-09-11)


I think expansion will be good for Luton as a Town and the residents .

jennifer wyatt (dunstable, 2023-09-11)


I totally agree with the expansion of Luton Airport and the revenue it will bring into Luton and the surrounding areas.

jennifer Alexander (Cockernhoe, 2023-09-11)


I'm signing because Luton Airport is a vital provider of additional funding to the Town's people and charitable causes.

Luton is a deprived town, with a lot of issues, and therefore additional funding will go a long way to help put additional services in place to help those less fortunate in the area.

Leanne Lewis (Luton, 2023-09-11)


I believe the airport supports the availability of local jobs for local residents and offers access to community funding and projects benefiting the leacal community.

Also love to travel and want to travel from Luton whenever possible.

Julie Lockwood (Luton, 2023-09-11)


I'm singing because the extension will bring new opportunity to the community as a whole.

Oliur Rahman (Luton, 2023-09-11)


I work for the authority and believe that the expansion of the airport will help to invest in the town and provide more jobs. This is so important for the growth and development of the town. Luton Rising put so much back into the community of Luton.

Eve Butler (Flitwick, 2023-09-11)


The airport is the biggest revenue to the town which builds the local economy and brings more jobs to the area. A thriving town will bring even more business to the area.

Frank Prazer (Luton, 2023-09-12)


I agree with the expansion

Amanda Henighan (Luton, 2023-09-12)


I think the expansion of the airport will be fantastic for the Citizens of Luton.

Helen Davey (Luton, 2023-09-12)


I'm signing because I think that the airport is making a great effort to address environmental challenges in a thoughtful and balanced way and also making a great contribution to the town

Ruth Quine (Luton, 2023-09-12)


The expansion of airport is one of the vital elements in the journey that the town is on. Will increase both the financial return to the town, helping to reduce some of the inequalities and hardships, and increase the perception

Kevin Poulton (Luton, 2023-09-13)


Employment and charity funding

Noelette Hanley (Bedford, 2023-09-13)


Luton needs the airport to thrive in order to build economic prosperity, people in Luton need hope, opportunity and investment.

It would be great if the jobs can be for local people and their families and they are trained and supported.

Luton as a town needs investment in every area and a profitable airport is critical for council infrastructure as well as charitable activities targeted at those who need extra help.

Paul Prosser (Luton, 2023-09-14)


I want to help contribute in supporting the Luton community. I hope my signature adds significant value to this cause.

Mohammed Ismail Hussain (Luton, 2023-09-16)


Totally agree that expanding Luton Airport will be good for the town on a whole - residents, businesses and community organisations, and will keep Luton connected to the rest of the world.

Lorna Markland (Luton, 2023-09-18)


The Airport expansion will bring new jobs and prosperity to our area and support local charities to drive out poverty. By using Green fuel and offsetting their emissions it makes it a viable & sustainable option to benefit the whole community and beyond.

Ann Merryweather (shefford, 2023-09-18)


I know the benefit of it

Md Hossain (Luton, 2023-09-18)


I believe the airport is a great opportunity to build new jobs for the local residents as well as opening up other exciting opportunities as where we will be able to travel to.

Christine Langley (Luton, 2023-09-20)


Luton deserves to grow instead of LHR and LGW

Bradley Maybury (Flitwick, 2023-09-22)


This is the future of the town!

Gavin OBrien (Luton, 2023-09-22)


In my opinion, the airport expansion could be very beneficial for our town, and it will make it easier for the residents of Luton and other nearby towns to Luton to access to fly around the world.

Katelyn Taylor (Luton, 2023-09-26)


I agree with the project

Miguel Arenas (Hitchin, 2023-09-26)


I'm signing because these plans will be good for the economic prosperity of the town and to the benefit of all its residents and visitors

Louise Badrth (Luton, 2023-09-27)


I work in Luton and see how much this extra funding will help.

Nova Constable (Berkhamsted, 2023-09-28)


I am signing because I care for my Town and it's future, with this proposed expansion comes huge economic and business advantages that can help many of the issues our town faces. I think it's an opportunity that this town cannot afford to miss.

Sabtien Siddique (Luton , 2023-09-28)


I support this petition

Abdul Halim (Luton, 2023-09-28)


The growth of the Airport will be great for employment, the local community’s and the town.

Kerri Skingle (Luton, 2023-09-29)


Supporting to achieve the 2040 vision, increase employment within the town.

Rhoda Cockburn (Luton, 2023-10-02)


I support the creation of new jobs in Luton and in the surrounding area.

Ludmil Petkov (Dunstable, 2023-10-05)


i'm signing because i feel it will a huge addition to Luton as a whole, creating more jobs and hopefully enhancing luton's profile for the right reasons.

Hannah Church (Bedfordshire, 2023-10-06)

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