Free internet access for Ukrainian crew members onboard AIDA vessels



I believe it is the smallest of support. You can give

Marko Draeger (Rostock, 2023-05-14)


I strongly support this cause

Adam Magnacca (New York, 2023-05-15)


I’m Ukrainian and I need to stay in contact with my family all the time , to have possibilities to check the news from home any time .

Anna Lvova (Mykolayiv , 2023-05-15)


I’m signing because our Ukrainian colleagues have already had news of loss and it is important for them to stay updated on the current conditions of their families.

Anne Bragg (Philadelphia, 2023-05-15)


I stand by my Ukrainian colleagues during this terrifying and uncertain time.

Zosie Jenks (London, 2023-05-15)


I am Ukrainian crew member, Ensemble Supervisor AIDA Cruises. I am agree on the point of necessity to give the Ukrainian people free access to internet in order to keep the connection with out relatives in Ukraine 24/7

Mariya Dyachenko (Rostock , 2023-05-15)


The Ukrainians do such an amazing job and in all this uncertainty the least we can do is support them.

RUBY BURCHELL (London, 2023-05-15)


If I was in the same situation, I would hope the same generosity would be extended.

Noah Bremer (Las Vegas, 2023-05-15)


I’m signing because my colleagues deserve free internet due to the situation in the country

Ruslan Kalachevskyi (Dnipro, 2023-05-15)


I’m Ukrainian and I agree with petition

Fedak Viktoriia (Mykolaiv , 2023-05-15)


This is very important

Charlotte Bramwells (Epsom, 2023-05-15)


I want to be in touch with my family in Ukraine all time because of dangerous situation in my country

Alona Cherevaiko (Odesa-Kherson , 2023-05-15)


I wanna always be in contact with my family and friends who still fighting for our freedom.

Vladyslav Hnatenko (Kiev , 2023-05-15)


Because in case of russian aggression in Ukraine since 24 of February 2022 all Ukrainian crew members are being in terrible situation , and we are must have connection with ours family’s who’s staying in Ukraine.

Mykyta Donskov (Dnepr , 2023-05-15)


Because I agree with author

Oleksandr Sidelnikov (Kharkiv, 2023-05-15)


I am also a crew member and I can only imagine how bad they would have to feel, not knowing what is happening at home and whether their loved one’s are safe or not. It is hard to be in contact with the family onboard anyways, so having free access to wifi should be the standard at least for the war-affected crew.

Benjamin Luge (Munich, 2023-05-15)


Because I’m Ukrainian

Igor Kovalenko (Odessa, 2023-05-15)


We should continue to support our Ukrainian crew members! The war is not over and they need to keep in contact with family!

Samuel Share (Weston-super-mare, 2023-05-15)


It’s the right thing to do!

Elisa Rohlfs (Berlin, 2023-05-15)


Im signing because it’s really so important for the people on the ship to be in touch with their Family and friends which is in Ukraine.

Inna Sukhanova (Poltava, 2023-05-15)


AIDA entertainment cannot exist without our Ukrainian friends. They built the foundation upon which you continue to build. Carnival is a multi-billion dollar company. We can afford this compassion

George Mulryan (Harrogate, 2023-05-16)


I'm signing because I was work on Aida long time and still remain part of this family. My husband he is working on Aida too. And I know how it is if you cannot be in contact with your family which remain in Ukraine. Few days ago I losted my brother there in this f*cking war. He was protected the country. And I think that Ukrainian crew members has and deserves to be in contact 24/7 with them family.

Kristina Piskliukova (Constanța, 2023-05-16)


I am a non-Ukrainian crew member who was on board when the war broke out. Ukrainian co-workers next to me were only kept in a miinum mental condition as long as they had contact with their loved ones. They should not be charged for this.

Soma Szebellédi (Debrecen, 2023-05-16)


I am supporting Ukrainians on board of Aida.

Anna Klymenko (Brühl, 2023-05-16)


I believe it is important to keep supporting our Ukrainian friends onboard the ships as much as possible. If the internet can help someone stay in touch with family in a dangerous position that is worth fighting for

Tove Holm (Falkenberg , 2023-05-16)


My Ukrainian friends should be able to reach their families without worrying about how they will pay for it. They have enough to worry about right now!

Jenny Hoffman (New York, 2023-05-16)


I work with so many amazing Ukrainian performers who every night entertain thousands of guests with smiles on their faces - the least they can have is internet to be able to keep up to date with news, check in with loved ones, and have some reassurance while the rest of their lives remain uncertain. I do hope that as long as the war continues, you grant them the small favour of access to the outside world.

Daphne Charrois (Legal, 2023-05-16)


I think it’s extremely inconsiderate to take this away from people who need unrestricted & unblocked access to being able to contact their family and friends and news about their home at a time where it is so important for them to stay up to date with everyone and everything.

Ethan Marescaux (Brighouse , 2023-05-16)


I believe in this cause

Katy Southgate (Nottingham, 2023-05-16)


I was a dancer alongside many Ukrainian cast members on AIDA and saw how important it was for them to talk to their loved ones, who were and remain in danger.

Jack Cooper (Rochford , 2023-05-16)


Ukrainian crew members need to able to reach their loved ones during these hard times. This shouldn’t be a question!

Hayley Kirschenbaum (Gainesville , 2023-05-16)


I worked on the ship and know a lot of dancers and their struggle. The should be supported as much as possible.

Marcella Wurzer (Hamburg, 2023-05-16)


I am also a crew member from aida and we work together as one nation on a ship.

Ashish Kumar (Etah, 2023-05-16)


Being an ex-crew member I know how costly the Internet access can be, and how big of an importance it is nowadays. Especially for those in uncertainty about their families. This shouldn’t be a debatable option, but a mandatory giveaway for those needed.
I am sure there is other parts to save the money on than by not supporting the Ukrainian crew members, who during those hard times, still provide the best quality of work on board.

Mareike Ludig (Trier, 2023-05-16)


The war is not over and my friends still desperately need to stay in contact with their families.

Gavin Bowerman (Toronto, 2023-05-16)


I believe that Ukrainian nationals should be able to have the access to contacting their families during these sad circumstances and uncertain times.

Jordan Quinn Hillier (Westerham, 2023-05-17)


Because the internet on ship very expensive, and due to the situation in Ukraine I need to have connection all the time with family incase something happened

Olha Sydorenko (Sumy, 2023-05-17)


I agree with that stand!

Anastasiia Yavorskaia (Chernihiv , 2023-05-17)


I need to be in contact with my family

Kateryna Fadieieva (Nikolaev , 2023-05-17)


This is really very important for Ukrainians, we want to be in touch with our relatives every second.

Yuliia Slota (Kharkiv , 2023-05-19)


When family and friends at home are living in unsafe conditions, it’s vital that communication with them should be made possible. Employees are likely to perform better at work knowing that their loved ones are ok.

Bethany Taylor (Bedforf, 2023-05-19)


I support the topic of the petition !

Volodymyr Koval (Mykolaiv , 2023-05-23)


I’m ukranian , and I need to be with my family in touch.

Mykhailo Zubkov (Kakhovka, 2023-05-25)

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