Make Drag Shows 18+



I stand for the protection of all children

Laureli Barrett (Barrie, 2023-05-11)


Kids under 18 shouldn’t EVER have to be confused by adults craziness. Any adult thinking this is okay has mental issues. It’s grooming behaviour

Sheri Larocque (Mount Forest , 2023-05-11)


This grooming of our children needs to stop!

Kasey Kenneally (Berwick, 2023-05-11)


Drag shows are fine… for adults that’s are 18+. Leave the kids out!! Stop grooming the children!

Maggie Farhat (Mississauga, 2023-05-11)


Kids should not be subjected to this nonsense... so incredibly dangerous.

Kurt Juergens (London, 2023-05-11)


I'm signing because shame on you Canada for allowing this!! And shame on any adult be it a parent, police officers etc. who participates in this filthy porn SHAME ON YOU!!!

Shelly Wiatrowski (Ruthven, 2023-05-11)


I do not believe that children should be exposed to Drag shows.

Kimberly Beres (Drumheller , 2023-05-11)


Drag queens DO NOT and will NEVER have a place in child entertainment.

Krystal Tucci (Tiny, 2023-05-11)


I do not believe drag shows should be for anyone under the age of 18.

Debbie Kershaw (Liverpool, 2023-05-11)


Children don't need to see drag shows. You wouldn't take them to the strippers until they're of legal age, so they don't need to go to a drag show to see nudity either. They can choose to go watch when they are legal. Nothing against drag shows, they're just not for children.

Rhonda B (Sturgeon County, 2023-05-11)


Kids should not be worrying about sexuality, let kids be kids n if they want to know about sexuality, they can ask me, The Parent

Joshua Little (Welland , 2023-05-11)


These performances are not suitable for children. They have always been adult entertainment and MUST remain that way
Helen King

Helen King (Shallow Lake , 2023-05-11)


I believe this should be for 18 and older not for little children. When one becomes an adult, then that’s their choice in life what they choose to do, but not children.

Geraldine Anderson (Norwood, 2023-05-11)


Stop grooming our children. Half naked trans shows for children?

Randy Moody (Chatham , 2023-05-11)


I also do not want kids/children sexualized and groomed.It is dangerous!.

Brad LACOMBE (Mount Forest Ont., 2023-05-11)


This is child grooming and should be kept to adult entertainment

Karen Knapp (Ontario , 2023-05-11)


I'm signing this cause I'm a gay man. I'm a gay man who found out who I was on my own. I love who I am today. I'm also a father of a beautiful daughter. No one will manipulate her mind, as no e did to me. The gay community was doing just fine until this nonsense started.

Kenny Rowe (Petrolia , 2023-05-11)


I agree.

Lara Crause (Bulawayo , 2023-05-11)


I believe in this whole heartedly.

Ashleigh Wadey (Littlehampton, 2023-05-11)


Protecting our Children from grooming

sheri jamieson (barrie, 2023-05-11)


I am signing to stop the sexuallization of children

Richard Bosch (Edgerton, 2023-05-11)


Because once your old enough to decide what you want too see you should , but not have my child see things they don’t need too

Joanna Cornejo (Alliston, 2023-05-11)


Children have no place at drag shows.

Sarah Tetlock (Calgary, 2023-05-11)


Adult entertainers should be just that….. leave the children alone.

Brandi Thompson (Swift current, 2023-05-11)


No one other than a childs parents has the right to teach anything on sex .No child should be around drag shows or teaching of transgender in schools.It needs to stop ASAP.

Denise Weichenthal (Kincardine, 2023-05-11)


They need to leave the kids alone!!!!!!!!!!

Serina Dennis (Weymouth , 2023-05-11)


Children don’t need to be seeing this

Daniel Somers (Nampa , 2023-05-11)


As a father, I strongly belive that this sort of adult entertainment is not fitting for children, keep it away from kids, make it 18+!!

Darren Lefebvre (Dapp, 2023-05-11)


Save our kids

Natalie Hawes (Barrie, 2023-05-11)


This is not an attack on the trans community - we just dont want kids involved!!

Jac Ryan (Melbourne, 2023-05-11)


I think it’s appalling that children are being exposed to adult content

Jen Huet (Brantford, 2023-05-11)


I strongly feel that our precious children need to be protected from this exploitation! This is ADULT entertainment ONLY!

Vicki Garland (Welland, 2023-05-11)


Children need to be protected from harmful ideologies

Elaine Marchioni (Chapleau, 2023-05-11)


I think it’s child abuse. Do what they want as adults but leave the children alone

Christine Madigan (Goldenville, 2023-05-11)


I believe this is the best way to address this issue. Drag shows are adult entertainment, they say so themselves, therefore children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to attend want essentially is restricted entertainment. Just like R rated movies. Further I also believe they should be licensed so they can have the proper checks done for public security. It’s time for the government to take action to protect our children. Thank you.

Carmen Marson (Ottawa, 2023-05-11)


I'm signing because I agree that this should be an adult only event.

Kids and teens can't scratch a ticket but they can be exposed to a very political personal choice ? It's not like this is something that goes on day to day walking down the street and see ppl in drag and so it should be normalized for kids day to day. Should they be aware of every type of person and have respect, yes. Should they watch drag shows? Why? No.

Jenna Plouffe (Peterborough , 2023-05-11)


I want drag shows to stop for children under the age of 18 in Ontario. These shows are adult entertainment and any child under the age of 18 should not be sumitted to this sexual conduct.

Christine Parise (Toronto, 2023-05-11)


I'm saying this is a hydrosexual male we are also being targeted we are being forced. To be looked at by biological females as sexual predators. A female have lost their trust to feel safe un her own To fear sending their children into a Republic Washroom. Alone. It just did not end. We will not have a protective future for our children.

Christopher Mills (Port Alice , 2023-05-11)


I fully support this and believe this should be a law!

Jodie White (Bancroft , 2023-05-11)


I feel children should NOT be exposed to this!

Cindy Henry (Wasaga Beach, 2023-05-11)


I firmly believe in this petition

Barbara Hammond (Elgin , 2023-05-11)


I agree 100 percent!!

Cheryl Penasse (Brantford , 2023-05-11)


I believe that Drag events should be 18+. Children should not be exploited to these kinds of people.

Maryah GB (Brampton, 2023-05-11)


Our Children Should Not Be Exposed To Pornography Of Any Kind. Sexual Exploitation Muat Be Stopped Now. 18yrs and Older Is The Age Of Consent In This Country For Movies etc. Leave Our Children's Innocence Alone.

Deborah Bell (Stratford , 2023-05-11)


Because I support the initiative for a law to restrict drag queen show to 18yo and +.

Annick Pill (Ottawa, 2023-05-11)


No child should have to see this befor there 18 years old and can make there own dission

Melinda Stickles (Scotstown , 2023-05-11)


I'm signing this because there is a time n a place for drag ..young children should NOT be exposed to the lifestyle...allow them to decide at the age of 18 if they what to see a show

Paulene Brunelle (Windsor, 2023-05-11)


Make drag shows 18+


Vicky Nolet (Timmins, 2023-05-11)


I’ve had enough of people trying to force this BS on our children! Disgusting!

Kelsi Harvey (O, 2023-05-11)


I'm signing because I see a potential danger in having kids at these shows. They are not for kids.

Karen Tirio (Woodstock, 2023-05-11)


I am a concerned parent

Cindy burns (Victoria , 2023-05-11)


I believe drag shows are for adults not children. Some of the drag preformers names alone are not for children let alone the show.

Mandy Bauer (Vanastra, 2023-05-11)


Everyone has the right to make their own decisions how they live their lives, when they are an adult. I have a Grandson in Ontario and several Grandkids in Alberta. If a law is passed in Ontario, then it will influence other provinces to do the same.

Michele Quinton (Corner Brook, 2023-05-11)


Let kids be kids. Do not rob them of their innoscence before they are ready. They don't need to be exposed to provocative content if they cannot buy a scratch lotto ticket... take them to nature instead to plant trees

Andrea Viznar (Surrey, 2023-05-11)


I agree that these drag shows are not for minors under 19 .

Tami Orr (Trenton, 2023-05-11)


Protect the children!!

Christina Haines (Omemee, 2023-05-11)


Hopefully 18 yrs and older are more mature to understand what they are exposed to

Beatrice Ball (Brantford , 2023-05-11)


We need to protect our children

Karen Redmond (Kingston , 2023-05-11)


I feel like this has to be liscenced and regulated for the safety of our children

Nancy Keeping (Dundalk , 2023-05-11)


I believe drag queens are adult entertainment, and should be treated as such. No minors are to be attending such shows.

Tammy Cote (Echo Bay , 2023-05-11)


This is evil. Leave the children alone.

Linda Demarest (Tillsonburg, 2023-05-11)


The sexualizing of children is disgusting. Any adult entertainment needs to be 18+. Children do not need to see these performances. I am appalled that this is being allowed

Ronda Andrews (Belleville , 2023-05-11)


I believe drag shows are for adults and not suitable for children

K Sullivan (Griffith , 2023-05-11)


I want to protect all the children from indoctrination and hoping my signature makes a difference for the good of all the precious children.

Heidi MacIntyre (Souris, 2023-05-11)


this is wrong for these people to show there body's to our kids

David alderton (Wyoming , 2023-05-11)


As a gay woman I can not support this idea enough. Our community is being torn apart by those pushing this appaling agenda onto kids. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Leah Glen (Peterborough , 2023-05-11)


Drag performances and the behaviors at drag show are adult in nature and should be for adults over the age of 18 years old.

James Schnerch (Marmora, 2023-05-11)


Sexualy explicit behavior, shows, acts and movies should be age appropriate.

Vanessa Davis (Sudbury, 2023-05-11)


This should not be allowed to be acceptable for young children to take part in this!!!!

Jennifer Franczak (Red Lake, 2023-05-11)


I'm signing this because I believe that it is inappropriate for drag shows for young children. Children have minds like a sponge and they don't even know what it is like to even hit puberty. It will mess with a child's mindset and cause confusion as they grow. I agree that the age should be 18. As a former adult entertainer myself u required a license to perform and also had to be 18 yrs of age to become an adult performer. I whole heartedly would support a bill that will protect our children. And also police checks in place to protect them from anyone posing as drag queen and not someone who has been charged with need to enjoy being kids. Not worry about who they think they should be. And we shouldn't be messing around with a growing mind. It's the parents responsibility to talk to them about things if they have questions.

Jamie Mcleod (Hamilton , 2023-05-11)


I agree with this petition. Children shouldn't be subjected to these types of shows.

Jenne Snider (Guelph, 2023-05-11)


I’m signing because drag shows should be kept to 18+ drag shows are sexual in in nature. Kids are not allowed in strip bars for same reason

Joanne Glen (Hamilton , 2023-05-11)


Drag shows are not for children and must be banned in the schools and libraries or any public venue that has children involved.

Virginia Burshaw (Carrying Place, 2023-05-11)


I do not agree with this crap being forced on minors.

Chelsey Watt (Napanee, 2023-05-11)


It is completely inappropriate. I agree 100% 18+ only with license & criminal checks. Schools should be more concerned about educating the minds instead of pushing sexual content.

Stephanie Vitelli (Toronto , 2023-05-11)


I'm signing because drag queens and drag shows have no business being in front of any child younger than 18

Charles Lalonde (Cornwall , 2023-05-11)



Robin Drake (Belleville , 2023-05-11)


Children need to be Children not play toys

Steve Arndt (Waterloo , 2023-05-11)


This should be a automatic things of course you should bev18

Tricia Salatino (Thunder Bay , 2023-05-11)


Drag is NOT for children

Candace Loyst (Eganville, 2023-05-11)


This should have already been a law .

travis kurt (Kitchener , 2023-05-11)


I believe drag shows are for adults only . It's against the law up to 14 years for growing a child plus I'm a father .

John Allison (Angus , 2023-05-11)


I want to help protect our youth from being exposed to sexually explicit ADULT entertainment

Gillian LaChapelle (Midland , 2023-05-11)


It disgusting to have these drag shows in minors classrooms or anywhere it should be 18 over out of schools everywhere

Debra Petrie (Toronto , 2023-05-11)


I feel children should not be subjected to drag queens as they are adult entertainment

Kim Strickland (Milton, 2023-05-11)


Because children should not be subjected to the perversions of these people.

Troy Carlyle (Jaffray , 2023-05-11)


I am signing because we as adults have a duty to protect our children. This problem is set to groom our children. Legalize it.

Brenda Langlois (Timmins, 2023-05-11)


I believe drag shows belong in adult only venues, just as any other sexualized, adult themed entertainment also does.

Gerald Huber (Brooks, 2023-05-11)


Drag shows are adult entertainment and have ZERO place performed in front of children. And I remember a time in Canada, where we felt proud of our country and proud of our leaders. And proud as parents to make good choices for our children.

Shannon Best (Hamilton , 2023-05-11)


I am signing this because I do not want children exposed to sexual theatre, dancing nor story reading. Drag shows and this gender confusion is only going to cause children more confusion and it must stop!

Michelle Newell (Oshawa, 2023-05-11)


I am signing to keep our children safe and as children. I do not have anything but respect for LGBTQ. Children should be kept away from adult entertainment.

Arlene Crickard (Thunder Bay , 2023-05-11)


The children need to be left alone.

Dan MacDonald (Clinton, 2023-05-11)


For our children's safety and we'll being.

Sheila Foran (Montreal , 2023-05-11)


I am not okay with grooming children. Drag queens are similar to strippers. It is sexualized. Any conversation of why a man is dressed like a girl poses sexual conversations to open up. I don't think it's appropriate for babies and children who's brains aren't developed until 25.
You have to be 16 to sign a petition but can go to see drag queens?
As an adult I've gone to drag shows. Been to gay bars and am inclusive. I do not feel this is age appropriate content for children under 18.

Candice Cole (Innisfil , 2023-05-11)


Adults males dressing up in skimpy clothing and dancing around half naked in a sexual performance is not a place for children. There are so many things wrong with this, why does an adult male in womens clothing want a child audience? Plain and Simple this is child sexual exploitation and all parties that engage in this type of activity with child minors should be charged accordingly under the criminal code of Canada. Adults males dressing up in skimpy clothing and dancing around half naked in a sexual performance is not a place for children. Why don’t you see children audiences at chippendales? Just because they put on womens clothing it’s somehow okay? I sign this petition and call an end to this form of child abuse.

Joe Johns (Orillia , 2023-05-11)


We need to save the children

LeBlanc Sharon (Lethbridge, 2023-05-11)


I believe no one should push any kind of anything sexual upon or around children.

Tanya Ramsay (Lindsay , 2023-05-11)


Drag shows are for adults

Jessica Street (Whitby , 2023-05-11)


This is adult entertainment. It is not for children. It should be 18+ due to the outfits they wear, and the confusion they give. If this was in a movie, it would be rated R

Stacy Harwood (North Bay , 2023-05-11)


I am saying this petition, because it is wrong to have drag queens performing in front of children. They are adult entertainers, and should only perform in front of adults. Our children should not be exposed to this pedophilia. We need to protect our children from the predators of the world, and any drag queen performing in front of a child and encouraging sexual acts from a child, is a pedophile.

Amie Lubbers (Cranbrook , 2023-05-11)


These people are crazy and children should be protected till they are 18

Michael Deveaux (Morell , 2023-05-11)


Everything this petition and what has been said and witnessed is something everyone should stand up for. The indoctrination of the youth is unbelievable. It’s right in front of us all and yet we do nothing. Morals? Remember when?? Well it’s slipping from all of our hands. The government is taking over and it’s time parents speak out to protect what our fathers and mothers that fought so hard for all of us Canadians to have.
Leave the kids alone!!!!
Trudeau must go!!!! Duck(keeping it pg) that guy

Donna Sfetcos (Newmarket, 2023-05-11)


The fact I need to sign is ridiculous

Andrew Pelisek (York, 2023-05-12)


I agree that these events should be held with an 18+ audience. I feel that children are not capable of understanding what the real agenda behind this is. Adults should be given the choice children should not be forced.

Karyann Martel (Greater Sudbury, 2023-05-12)


Let kids be kids

Jeff Mervin (London, 2023-05-12)


I believe this would be for adults only. When kids grow up, they can do as they please. Kids just needs to be kids now a days. Not involved in this nonsense.

Sabrina Angell (Fort mcmurray , 2023-05-12)


I don’t want my child to be forced to see this there kids and don’t need the sexuality questions yet let them be kids and grow and learn as they get older.

Trinity Myttenar (108 mile house , 2023-05-12)


Protection of all children , l believe these people are grooming our children and need to be stopped.

Laura Van Duyvenvoorde (Hamilton , 2023-05-12)


Because children should not be exposed to this !!!! And I sick to death of it! Enough is enough !

Shauna Depta (Carmangay , 2023-05-12)


I would like to feel like my kids are safe at school, in bookstores or libraries without being exposed to adults dressed or behaving in a sexual manner. It is up to parents to talk to their children about sexuality, drag queens, or anything else going on in the world. It is not up to anyone else to introduce our children to this matters. Public places like schools and libraries are no place for anything that a good chunk of society does not agree with.

Jenaia Raepple (Wyoming, 2023-05-12)


I am signing because I think drag shows and transgender teachings are inappropriate for children under the age of 18 years old. Forcing this on children or anyone is sexualizing and child sexual abuse. You would not have a stripper doing story time now would you? No because you must be 18+ to go watch a stripper.... You are openly letting sexual Predators be around and touch and brainwash our children. I'm not against the lgbqwhatever but keep it away from our children. If that's something they want when they're older than that's fine and it will be their own choices. Their bodies their minds and their choices. Leave the children alone and just let them be kids.

Jennifer Spring (Mount Albert , 2023-05-12)


Because our kids are being attacked by creeps and it's time this shit ends like yesterday.

Jesse Delaney (Kelowna , 2023-05-12)


I am signing because the ‘woke’ community has taken it all too far… I am signing because our children should be off limits… I am signing because enough is enough!

Protect Our Children!

Drag shows were never meant to be for children, it’s adult entertainment, no different than strippers are adult entertainment. Please, leave kids to be kids… They grow up fast enough as it is.

Amelia Wilson (Strathmore, 2023-05-12)


This is not something anyone under the age of 18 should be subject to.

Jennifer Mason (Pembroke , 2023-05-12)


I don't feel that this type of behavior and grooming is appropriate for children. I have no problem with drag queens or gays. Just leave the kids alone. You wouldn't take a pre teen child to an adult entertainment club. Why should this be allowed. I have seen numerous videos were they are tweaking and basically putting on a stripper show. Again leave the kids alone.

Tom Gallagher (North bay , 2023-05-12)


This crap needs to end. Our kids need to be kids not drag queens . Learning is about math and english not about how to wear a wig

Chris Cvar (Azilda, 2023-05-12)


our children's innocence needs to be protected.

Jasmine Donna (Ottawa, 2023-05-12)


I don't believe children should be witnessed to any sexual activity at all!!!

Teresa Hennebury (Providence , 2023-05-12)


I do agree with this ..

Noemi Beattie (Hamilton , 2023-05-12)


I believe they need to be not only vetted and we have to protect these children. I am not a supporter of any of any of it. I only agree that something needs to be done. They put drag queens into the schools yet remove God. Makes no sense.

Deborah Jackson (Oshawa, 2023-05-12)


I think they should be licensed to deal with children and protection children. That way no registered petted files can get into harm's children.

Kelly Smith (Barnaby , 2023-05-12)


I believe that children should not be at drag shows and that it should be 18+

Kathy Patey (Calmar ,Alberta , 2023-05-12)


I think that a child’s mind is free of this till they are ready to deal with it. 18+

Charlene Liboriussen (Edmonton , 2023-05-12)

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