Open North Street, Midhurst



I’m signing because it’s affecting the high street and local businesses

Guy Macgregor (Petworth , 2023-04-21)


we need to act NOW to save our businesses

James Macgregor (Littlehampton, 2023-04-21)


It is destroying local business

Jack Macgregor (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


This road closure is causing huge losses to businesses. Making my journey to work a nightmare everyday for the last 6 weeks or so. Costing me more in petrol and taking me longer to travel. Causing major road damage to tiny country lanesnot suitable for constant traffic and causing havoc for local people on these country lanes

Koren Marner (Waterlooville, 2023-04-21)


I USED TO regularly drive through Midhurst. The back roads are just too small for two way traffic!

Nikki Hawkins (Bury, 2023-04-21)


It worries me greatly that the ongoing closure of the through road in Midhurst is having a catastrophic effect on businesses. Also driving East from Rogate is extremely difficult with the lanes coming under immense pressure

Mary-Anne Berendt (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


The lassitude of the multi-agency recovery group is having a deleterious effect on business in North Street and further afield. In addition the traffic diversions caused considerable inconvenience to people travelling through Midhurst and this disruption will inevitably worsen with the arrival of tourists during the summer

Andrew Morison (Rolgate, 2023-04-21)


I’m signing because this current inertia by the authorities in relation to this building, which it is sad to have lost, but is by no means irreplaceable is destroying this small town. It is a “fragile” high street, particularly in the current economic climate.

Ben MacLehose (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


Livelihoods,not only in Midhurst but those that live on routes serviced by the A286, are being severely affected by the closure of North Street.

Nicholas Hales (Chichester, 2023-04-21)


I have a local business which is being affected by the closure, both for my employees trying to get to work and my customers unable to get to Durleighmarsh Farm.

Caroline Henslow (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


If the many small businesses in North Street are to survive and people on both sides of the town and region are able to access schools, healthcare and other services it is essential that the road is reopened before the end of April. There is no real, practical reason why this cannot be done.

Terence Curran (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


I use Midhurst its sad to see it so quiet

caroline Williams (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


I want to

Morgan Mason (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


I am unable to get to Midhurst without a 17 mile detour which takes 30-35 minutes. I need to go to the Riverbank Medical Centre twice a week, I am unable to get to Boots, the butcher, Austens, Hampshires or any of the shops I used to patronise. It is outrageous that I am paying Chichester Council Tax when the powers that be are sitting on their hands and doing NOTHING to reopen the Town Centre. I entirely agree with the attached petition.

Bridget Nixon (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


I care about the health of the businesses and the wider community in Midhurst and am enraged that nothing seems to be happening to get the road reopened.

Laura Craven (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


I Work in midhurst and seeing first hand how it is affecting the town

Valerie Farren (Petetsfeild, 2023-04-21)


There is a massive impact on the local community and economy while the roads remains closed.

Diversion of traffic that used to pass through Midhurst is both dangerous and extremely inconvenient.

The costs of the continuing road closure greatly outweigh any benefits. This reflects very poorly on all forms of local government and the regulators.

Chris Kelly (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


Going round Midhurst is a nightmare. For the traffic using the 272 it is a disgrace that a speedier interim solution has not been found. The bureaucracy has been interminable, and the harm to so many people and businesses appears not to bother the authorities.

Julian Francis (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


I want Midhurst to remain a thriving town and things are difficult enough as it is for people trying to run businesses in the area. I've seen how the road closure is affecting to the town.

Alison Macmillan (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


There is no need for the road to remain closed to traffic for this length of time.

Claire Chapman (Bognor Regis, 2023-04-21)


We use Midwest ships regularly and have to use crowded detours to get from Rogate to Cowdray Petworth and beyond

Richard Bloomfield (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


The viability and variety of local shops must be maintained and it is inexcusable to prejudice their future by delaying action that could be critical to their survival. Too many high streets and so communities are crippled to day. We need them.

William Howat (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


I think that the Angel Hotel site should be cleared , the facade taken down and the road returned to full use ASAP
A competition could be held for designs for this empty site. Shops below housing above
Robert Trembath

Robert Trembath (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


The Town is dying with North Street closed. Knock the buildings down and open the road again without any traffic lights.

Malcolm Hutchings (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


Small businesses are suffering and local roads cannot cope with increased traffic. North street is a very important road and it needs to be open soon.

Janice Kelly (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


Supporting Midhurst businesses

David Hulme (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


Midhurst businesses and residents are suffering. Four local authorities with divided responsibilities have done nothing to restore normality. Unacountable Hisotric England does not seem to care about the impact.

John Craven (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


The road closure is affecting thousands of people and hundreds of businesses- the building was beautiful but it’s gone - we need to knock it down and start again

Lorna Shone (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


The ongoing access and traffic restrictions following the fire have had such a devastating effect on the shops work premicies and local populeation who for a month have been subjected to the sluggish response of the authorities to instigate mitigations and allow safe use of the area. Ther is no doubt that many of the busiesses in the town will not survive.
The road network is unable to support even the reduced flow on the A272 and the diversion routes have created logjams and intollerable inconvenience to residents in the wider community. Not recompense for the lack of a proactive policy by the authorities is likely to satisfy the damage caused. The council and its agents must be held to account and the MP must take a visible and active role in support of the consituants.

Andrew Ewing (Rake, Liss, 2023-04-21)


My family and I live near Midhurst and some work in Midhurst so are very much affected by the closure of North Street in getting to work. Also we’re concerned about all the other problems mentioned.

Philippa Hill (Rogate, 2023-04-21)


Midhurst must reopen

Peter Campbell (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


We love going to Midhurst as it’s nicer than Chichester

Amanda Smith (Chichester , 2023-04-21)


There is already enough strain on many of us individuals employed by businesses based on North Street. The prolonged losses for those we work for is a major worry for us and the additional costs the detours are creating for us not to mention repairs needed due to potholes are crippling. Up to two extra tanks of fuel a month is a huge amount when you've already budgeted for your normal commute expenses.

Amy Klimek (Chichester, 2023-04-21)


I own a business in Midhurst and it is suffering from lack of footfall

Freya Parles (Haslemere, 2023-04-21)


Surely it's better to demolish what remains of the The Angel Hotel, re open the road and let business return to normal. Properties can be rebuilt but the continued road closure is putting businesses and livelihoods at risk.

Maria Klimek (CHICHESTER, 2023-04-21)


Small businesses need North street to be open!

Paul Tabbush (Farnham, 2023-04-21)


I think it’s important that the shops in Midhurst are allowed to open right away.
It’s not fair that the heritage of a single building is allowed to impact on the lives and financial security of so many in the high street.

Charles Dymock (Petersfield, 2023-04-21)


I have a brain

Millie Morton (South Harting, 2023-04-21)


This is ridiculous - the people we voted for should get on with their day job and look after the community with no excuses.

stuart webster (Midhurst , 2023-04-21)


We need this road back open asap it’s getting very stressful going the back roads around

Jennifer Burtoo (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


the devastation on trade for local businesses , also to the volume of traffic using the B roads as a diversion is creating the major dis repair of the road surface and verges with the volume of traffic having to use it

jane hooper (MIDHURST, 2023-04-21)


It is essential that a town like Midhurst retains its commerce - so many businesses will suffer long term damage to their existence. Please take action immediately and put traffic control in place.

Sara Hutton-Potts (Chichester, 2023-04-21)


Those responsible for making decisions concerning the Angel Inn building are being too slow. There is a lack of urgency which is desperately needed for safeguarding all the many businesses suffering economic hardship in the town

john field (Trotton, 2023-04-21)


We need to get Midhurst back to normal for the sake of all the local shops and businesses and people that need to drive through it to get to work etc

Emma Nelson (Midhurst , 2023-04-21)


The closed road is causing too much hardship for the store owners. Knock the Angel Dow and rebuild in likeness.

Angela Simonds (Petersfield , 2023-04-21)


Shops are struggling enough post CoVID without this

David Macgregor (Bordon, 2023-04-21)


Midhurst is dying it cannot wait any longer they may save the building but the town will be dead.



There appears to be no "can do" determination in any of the parties involved to restore normal life to Midhurst. Has any of the leaders of CDC or WSCC put in an appearance in Midhurst? Has our MP visited Midhurst? This town is designated as the "capital" of the South Downs National Park yet it has been allowed to run down because no-one in a position of responsibility seems to realise that people are vital to a town, and street activity is essential but will never occur while they drag their heels. The only positive action we have seen in the last month has been to reintroduce parking chases. The reputation of all levels of local government lies in the ashes of the Angel.

Peter Moss (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


I am a Midhurst resident and I cannot believe the tardiness of the various organisations who are causing our lovely town to die before our eyes for the sake of a building which is mostly rubble. People's livelihoods are being held to ransom for this and action needs to be taken NOW to fully open this road, whatever it takes.

Jane Haycock (Midhurst, 2023-04-21)


Midhurst is a lovely vibrant town and with the road closed shops and businesses aren't able to survive.

Naomi Gibbard (Horsham , 2023-04-22)


I want local businesses to survive, and traffic is too much for local diversion routes

Derek Mason (Rogate, 2023-04-22)


We lived in Fernhurst and Midhurst was somewhere we always were and used. It’s a huge part of the community.
I walked my baby there nearly everyday, we sat at Cowdray to watch polo, I used the local businesses.
It’s a devastating blow to the town and community but it does not need to be made worse

Helen Helen (Brighton, 2023-04-22)


Trying to get to work at lickfold it takes me half an hour just because Midhurst is closed I have to go hayshott half way brige there and back its costing extra fuel for me please put lights up and get the road open to cars.

Laura Funnell (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


It's gone on too long...any other country would have it netted or made safe. Too many affected!

Tracy Causer (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


The town businesses will not survive if the road remains closed for much longer. Its sad to see Midhurst so quiet and the shops so empty of people. Many can't access the town because of the road closure due to mobility issues, not to mention the cost of the detours to get to the other side of town. What about the poor residents whose properties are immediately effected close to the Angel, how long do they have to remain prisoners in their own homes or in some cases unable to return to their homes. Enough is enough now

Tina Santon (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I believe it is important to save historic buildings but not to the detriment of an entire town and the wider community. These things happen and we have to accept a lost building and move on. We must save what we have in the here and now!

Lauren Chapman (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


The road needs to be opened to save all the businesses in and around Midhurst. Midhurst is a lovely town, but it will be a ghost town if the road isn't opened. People are avoiding Midhurst and they will continue to do so until the road is open. In addition, the state of the alternative routes is awful. The edges of the roads have been eroded and there are some very dangerous potholes.

Elizabeth Reed (Petworth , 2023-04-22)


I’m signing because not only is the road being closed causing chaos around neighbouring villages but I feel for the businesses that cannot open and the ones that are missing out on a lot of passing trade and regular trade, the town will not survive much longer and may never recover from this. It’s people’s lives that are being affected the angel as much as it is sad what has happened it was just a building and can be put back eventually people’s livelihoods cannot.

Michelle Allen (Fernhurst, 2023-04-22)


I don’t want to loose my local town. The businesses need supporting.

Katy Cullen (Petersfield, 2023-04-22)


Enough is enough!
Think about the bigger picture!
It's not just about old buildings and businesses.

Maxine Lewis (West Sussex , 2023-04-22)


We need midhurst road open to save the shops and businesses

Susie Paterson (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I agree with what has been said already, if something isn't done soon, then there will be nothing left. Midhurst town needs tourists, it needs the locals to be able to access the shops. While I sympathise with those who suffered losing everything, it's time to move on.

Jade Gates (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


I am a small business owner and customer of Stockley Trading also local to Midhurst and want to see the community back up and running.

Sarah Barnett (Chichester, 2023-04-22)


I am very concerned for all the businesses and people of Midhurst our lovely town
And the surrounding areas
A decision is needed NOW

Joyce Whatley (South Harting, 2023-04-22)


We need Midhurst open for the local businesses and to stop the through traffic using the unsuitable local rural roads.

Mark Reed (Petworth , 2023-04-22)


It’s outrageous to punish motorists with long delays on pot holed, single lane diversions. Equally the resulting increase of traffic on formerly quiet country lanes creates a very negative effect on residents. The adverse effects on Midhurst commerce should also be addressed. Closing this road is a wholly disproportionate action for one building.

Helen Watson (Selham, 2023-04-22)


I think businesses are key to local economy and will be destroyed if the road doesn’t open.

Dominie Newton Dunn (Petersfield , 2023-04-22)


Whilst my heart goes out to all of the buildings ruined by the fire, I do agree with the contents of this petition.

Lucy Tinkler (Lodsworth, 2023-04-22)


Keeping the road shut is so detrimental to local businesses and residents local and further afield that it outweighs the conservation of the historic facade of one building.

Sarah Lydiard-Wilson (Petworth, 2023-04-22)


I live at Angel Yard behind and annexed to the burnt-down Angel Hotel. Since the fire Angel Yard is cut off from Midhurst, as the only access road is closed!

Brigitte Wareham (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


We want Midhurst to breath again, and for its businesses to flourish.

Rebecca Stephens (Petersfield, 2023-04-22)


Enough due diligence has been given to this situation and too many independent organisations involved, representatives of which do not live in Midhurst. Get the road open for the sake of our residents and businesses.

Nick Wright (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I am concerned about the disastrous impact the closed road is having on businesses and residents. If it continues any longer it could destroy the town. Procrastination is unacceptable: livelihoods are more important than maintaining a very mediocre hotel facade.

Kay Graetz (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I’m sick of the bureaucratic incompetence of the stakeholders to acknowledge that this building has no local / national importance relative to the harm and distraction the road closure is having on business and local environment given traffic flows through unfit local roads.

James Lock (Stedham, 2023-04-22)


I believe the building should be taken down and start afresh
You can copy what’s there and replace it
Also the people in the houses behind the hotel what right do you have to shut them off and the road
Perhaps the insurance companies interested parties might like to pay compensation for the break up of the side roads pot holes our time inconvenience business inconvenience
What law allows the closure of the road

Bill Slade (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


Midhurst is currently a ghost town , if the roads not opened shops are going to end up closing for sure ☹️

Robin Angell (Chichester, 2023-04-22)


I think having it closed is killing the town and all the side roads are being ruined by the huge amounts of traffic they are having to cope with.

Sarah Jeffries (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


Community needs and commercial synchronicity should be applied to this historical preservation decision. While I often appreciate and support the goal of heritage preservation, in this instance, agencies should focus on urgent revitalisation and restoration of the town infrastructure, alongside commercial viability, to avoid aesthetic stasis that further destroys the town's sustainability. The facade needs to go; no one wants the town marred by an unsuitable replacement, and this is where the planning focus needs to be.

M Nicholls (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I’m signing this, because this situation is crippling Midhurst in the name of preservation , a town like many others which has already suffered a great loss at the hands of the pandemic but was starting to recover. This town needs to get back up on its feet, and not let its business also be lost to the fire.

Nicola Jordan (Petersfield, 2023-04-22)


The road and access to Angel Yard need to open.

"When do brick come before people"

charles burton (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I live one side of the closure and work the other the diversion for me is long and using more time & fuel the back riads we are using are not able to take the volume of traffic using them even with pot hole gangs patching up, extra fuek cinsumption is bad for the environment and midhurst will not survive if this carries on

Shelley White (Petworth, 2023-04-22)


The life is being strangled out of our town

Philip Taylor (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


The town is suffering

Sophie Clements (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


It’s killing Midhurst!

Katie Holmes (South harting , 2023-04-22)


Our businesses on North street are in dire need of every get things back to normal as quickly as possible without procrastination …..

Chris Stephens (Southamoton, 2023-04-22)


People's livelihoods are more important than the burned out shell of a hotel that no-one locally ever went to. The road needs to be opened urgently. The hotel can be rebuilt. They did it with Uppark so they can do it with The Angel.

Katherine Pudlo (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I live locally and the businesses will not survive if the road remains closed much longer. It is already 5 weeks since the fire and no sign of North Street opening any time soon. Midhurst will no longer have any shops soon. Please consider the population rather than just the historic building.

Amanda Spencer-Cooper (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


This road closure is causing chaos in the lanes and the polo lorry’s have arrived.This is going to ruin our town,something must be done

Davina Elmy (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


It takes my kids so much longer to get to school everyday and the local shops are dying with the snail’s pace of the council,English Heritage and the SDNP.

Kirsty Davey (Petersfield , 2023-04-22)


I am signing because the town is dying and I think it is dreadful that work to reopen the road has not even started. I have also lost vehicle access to my home which makes life very difficult for me at the age of 96.!

Jean Farguson (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I am signing this because I live Midhurst but have avoided it due to North St being closed. I’m also aware that the roads surrounding have been overrun with traffic. The roads have cost people so much money due to pot holes and their cars being damaged. People have no choice but to use the diversion so that they can get to work, school or see family. This situation is only going to get worse the longer North street is closed.

Samantha Baker-Clark (Petworth, 2023-04-22)


I regularly need to use the road!

Kristina Elias (Fernhurst , 2023-04-22)


I work with the Macmillan Service and the nurses are struggling to get to patients in a timely manner.

Joanna Stuttaford (Petersfield , 2023-04-22)


Because I had to wait for an ambulance to come via Petworth for my newborn son because of the closure. I don’t want that happening again

Amber Lopez (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


To keep the road open!!!

Hele Austin Cotton (Lempzours , 2023-04-22)


Too many reasons

Diana Mackay (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


My Business is directly effected by the road closure costing me thousands of pounds each and every week in lost revenue and time and extra fuel used to bipass midhurst.
Decisive action needs to be taken imediately, before many local business go under, peoples lives are ruined and Midhurst will never recovet to be the same again.

Jonathan Wraight (Petersfield, 2023-04-22)


I live in midhurst. The road closure is more than inconvenient it's life changing. My daily commute has doubled, our children can't take part in activities the other side of the town as its impossible to get them there in time after school. My elderly parents struggle to access the doctors without an hour round-trip.

Business and lives are being adversely impact because of historical interest and it is devastating our town and community. Pull it down and open the road!!!

kate hutchings (Midhurst , 2023-04-22)


We need to save the town.. reopen the road and knock the building down!!

Stephanie Heasman (Rogate, 2023-04-22)


This is now shutting a major road and causing terrible damage to small local roads

James Mackinnon (Midhurst, 2023-04-22)


I work in the community and I live in Chichester if I have calls in Easbourne anyway that way I have to go to petworth and across which add at least 15 minutes or go through Ambersham which is adding time

Tracy Turner (Chichester , 2023-04-22)


The closure of this road is destroying the business’s in MIDHURST. I recognise that the Angel hotel is a landmark site however after such severe fire damage it needs to be pulled down and rebuilt keeping the same style, there is precedent for this already. Months of delay will cause long term severe damage to all the commercial operations.

Jonathan Lydiard-Wilson (Petworth, 2023-04-22)