Keep Father James Mary at Walsingham Shrine.



Father James Mary helped my when I was at my lowest and struggling with my life and my faith, please keep him at Walsingham so he can do wonders for others, God bless you all

Michael Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-16)



Martin Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-16)


I'm signing because of the good he serves the travelling community

benjamin lee (ollerton, 2023-03-16)


I really think that further James is really needed at Woldingham

Edward Corcoran (dublin, 2023-03-16)


Father James Mary is an important figure in walsingham as both a spiritual advisor and friend whom all that knows him truly trusts and respects at not just a spiritual level but also at a personal level and is highly valued and respected and trusted both by our adults and children and is needed in walsingham in these Dark and Dangerous times that we live in
Please let Fr James Mary remain in walsingham to continue to do GODS work and tend to his flock
Yours Respectfully and sincerely:

Martin Ward (Manchester , 2023-03-16)


I would love for James Mary to remain in walsingham because he’s a great spiritual Director he has help me any of times true Guidance and Prayer i will forever be grateful for the support he show me and i hope to Continue visiting father James Mary at Washington shine many more years plz god

Jerry Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-16)


I'm signing because I heard he is a great priest and guides the youth

Tom Mcdonagh (Dublin, 2023-03-16)


I want father James Mary to stay
In Walsingham a Saint looks after and feels so comfortable chatting him
Living Saint godbless him

John Mcdonagh (Liverpool , 2023-03-16)


We need this holy priest

Joseph Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-16)


We need some one in Walsingham that understand the travelling community and travellers know fr James well

Pat Stokes (London, 2023-03-16)


It will be a great loss especially to the youth of the traveller community as father James Mary is guiding them to a life of discernment And along a righteous path that will lead them all to our lord Jesus Christ for the sake of the next generation he is their only hope

Bridget Mcdonagh (Carshalton , 2023-03-16)


Father James Mary has been a brilliant help in his counselling and every aspect of our family life

Eddie Mcdonagh (Carshalton , 2023-03-16)


Because he is very good to the Travelling community and we would love him to stay in Walsingham

Michael Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-16)


I am signing this petition because father James Mary is a brilliant priest

Tom Reilly (Dublin, 2023-03-16)


I believe Fr James Mary should be allowed to remain at Walsingham and be allowed to continue the great work for god he is doing .. The people and the world need more willing priests like Fr James Mary, please do not remove Fr and hide him away

Sylvia Collins (Manchester, 2023-03-16)


I am signing please keep father James Mary

Ellen Reilly (Dublin, 2023-03-16)


I herd all good things about him god bless him

Joseph Mcso (London , 2023-03-16)


We want Fr James Mary to stay

Patrick Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-16)


Fr James Mary is the essence of peace.
His spiritual direction is second to none.

He has the patience of a Saint, literally.
Tranquility and calmness radiate from him.
Fr James makes impractical....practical.
He is truly a gifted priest.

There would a sense of great loss/outcry to us in the Travelling community to see Fr James go.

Rosaleen McDonagh (Liverpool, 2023-03-16)


I feel fr james is gifted prist gbh

Martina Mcdonagh (Stevenage, 2023-03-16)


Our family needs fr james mary as a translator for our children that can't read

Jason Burnside (Walsall , 2023-03-17)


For the father to stay a walsingham to continue to do gods work 🙏🏻

Margaret Maloney (Liverpool , 2023-03-17)


If he feels he's work & heart is in Walsingham and he has his parishioners & patrons of many years & there families ,,god bless him let him stay and continue answering his calling in wallsingham 🌹🕊🙏

Ava-maria Mongan (Manchester , 2023-03-17)


Fr James mary should stay

Rachel Buckley (Wirral, 2023-03-17)


I am an Irish traveller and I fully support Father James Mary and he’s great work.

David Doran (Hayes, 2023-03-17)


My name is Name is Margaret Doran one of the leaders of the the Travellers Catholic Renewal we used to have an outreach when the youth 2000 used to come to us Travellers it was a hub…where we would all feel welcome..any way as you probably know Travellers are not very welcome in many places
father James Mary is a very welcoming priest he understands our culture and is very helpful us Traveler’s will Travel Miles to see him
he is a great Servant of God

Margaret Doran (london , 2023-03-17)


We need him to stay in Walsingham lovely preast god bless him

Winnifred Ward (Doncaster, 2023-03-17)


Father James

Winifred Maughan (London , 2023-03-17)


I think Fr James Mary is a very dedicated and wonderful Priest. Very faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and an exemplary Priest who is continually witnesses to the person of Jesus Christ himself in all he says and does. His love, compassion, respect and integrity mark all he undertakes and his witness to the Gospel values and teachings is encountered with every person he meets. His Priestly Ministry is a joy to see especially when celebrating the Holy Mass, when he is in prayer and when he is giving his homilies, which are always very inspiring, encouraging and based on the lives of Saints and ordinary people alike. His reverence and love for our Blessed Mother under Her title of Our Lady of Walsingham are a very special mark of his Priesthood. He is an extremely hardworking Priest at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham who has had a huge influence for the good in drawing Pilgrims back there times over.

Mary Hilton (Wigan, 2023-03-17)


Im signing this petition because i understand the urgency and importance of this petition for father James mary and our travelling community in Walsingham fr james mary is needed in walsingham to continue the very important Catholic work that he is committed to.

Martin Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-17)


This priest has changed so many lives for the better. God bless him

Eileen Doherty (London , 2023-03-17)


Very powerful priest

Shirley Ward (London, 2023-03-17)


Hope you get to stay god bless you

Mart Mc (London , 2023-03-17)


I'm a Traveller and I support Fr. James Mary and my travelling community to Keep Father James Mary at Walsingham Shrine. God bless.

Helen Stokes (London , 2023-03-17)


Hi realy hope you stay looks you to give lots of people peace

Mary Mc (London , 2023-03-17)


I want to keep father james Mary at walsingham shrine

Charlie Ward (London, 2023-03-17)



David Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-17)


The reason I would like father james mary to remain in walsingham shrine because he has helped me and my family in so many ways I would be very sad if father james mary left because i have built a great relationship and connection with him

Edward Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-17)


I would that the priest stays in walsingham

Eddie Mcdonagh (Stevenage, 2023-03-17)


Bridget mongan

Bridget Mongan (London , 2023-03-17)


To keep father James in Walsingham Catholic Shrine,

John Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-17)


We need father James Mary in Walsingham he is very good advisor to are Ute and to all are Friends and family

Charlie Ward (London , 2023-03-17)


Fr james Mary baptised my baby, have amazing guidance and help with my faith. I truly love this priest, please keep him in walsingham

Shannon Odonnell (London, 2023-03-17)


We would like to see him continue his good work That's why I am signing this.

Anthony O'donnell (London , 2023-03-17)


I’m signing this petition because I believe that father James Mary should remain at Walsingham as he is doing great work with the traveling community and also many other people truly blessed by his ministry and his spiritual direction god bless

Luke Delaney (London, 2023-03-17)



Gerard Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-17)



Pat Ward (London, 2023-03-17)



Sabastain Dingkaa (Bamenda Cameroon, 2023-03-17)


I'm signing this to keep father James Mary at Walsingham,

Bill Riley

William Riley (ABBOTS LANGLEY, 2023-03-17)


I want Fr James Mary to stay at Walsingham he is full of the holy spirit and such a great priest to everyone who is bringing so many people back to God God bless you father Thomas Mary

Mary Riley (London , 2023-03-17)


I've known father James Mary for a number of years. Here in Oxford and Walsingham. He is a lovely priest. So understanding. He is a very good listener and confident. We need good priests. Please leave him in Walsingham. Our community needs him.

Mary Joyce (Oxford , 2023-03-18)


I am a traveller who lived in kent & know him all our lives travellers travel all over the world to see him he’s loved and admired by all of us

Mary McCann (Kent , 2023-03-18)


I love this priest such a holy and humble priest we need more priests like him will be heartbroken if he goes

Kathleen Riley (Luton , 2023-03-18)


I’m love seeing frather james Mary when I go there he helps so much won’t be the same without him

Lisa Price (Darby , 2023-03-18)


He is happy at Walsingham

Derek Saunders (Portsmouth , 2023-03-18)


Signing because he helps the Travelling community

James Casey (LEICESTER, 2023-03-18)


I believe that father James calling from father god is to stay in walsingham shrine for his ministry is for young and old and his works through the power of God. I’ve been so strong let God’s will be done.

John Coffey (Liphook, 2023-03-18)


Good Priest

Margaret Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-18)


I’m signing this for to keep fr James Mary at the shrine in walsingham

Jena Carty (London , 2023-03-18)


Father James Mary is a great priest we need more priests like this he has done such a lot for the travelling community especially for the young people such a holy priest drawing a lot of lost souls back to Walsingham.

Bridget Delaney (Luton, 2023-03-18)



Joe Lawrence (Liverpool , 2023-03-18)


I agree he should remain

Mike Wiiliams (Bedfordshire, 2023-03-18)


I want him to stay ld.

Luke Delaney (Toronto, 2023-03-18)


He is very important to Walsingham, and the travelling community

Mike Dooley (London , 2023-03-18)


He has helped a lot of travelers trough the years God Bless Him

David Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-18)


For father’s intentions 🙏

Eddie Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-18)


Because he is a great help to our community and would love to see him continuing his ministry

Charlie Doherty (Haddenham , 2023-03-18)


Safe the priest fr James Mary to stay where he is

Michael Stokes (Northern Ireland , 2023-03-18)



John Ward (London, 2023-03-18)


A Great, Powerful And Priest

John McDonagh (London, 2023-03-18)


I want father James Mary stay in walsingham

Terence Lawrence (Reading , 2023-03-19)


Father James not to leave

Maggie Mcginley (Brighton , 2023-03-19)


I would like for father james to stay

Paddy Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-19)



Margaret Ward (Hackney , 2023-03-19)


I want to

Shane Mongan (London , 2023-03-20)



James Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-20)


We belive in the Holy Catholic and are very strong believer's and he is a lovely priest who welcomes everyone.

James Mcdonagh (Dublin, 2023-03-20)


James mcdonagh

James Mcdonagh (London, 2023-03-20)


I’m signing this petition because I believe that father James Mary should remain at Walsingham as he is doing great work with the traveling community and also many other people truly blessed by his ministry and his spiritual direction god bless

Annie Mcdonagh (Enfield , 2023-03-20)


Will need him there

Bob Cunningham (Doncaster , 2023-03-20)


Please leave him where he is

Martin Pookey (Liverpool , 2023-03-21)


Can someone send me a number for this priest I'd love to have a chat with him

Edward Stokes (Dublin , 2023-03-21)


Plz pray he will stay at walingham

Martin Mcdonagh (Ox52rh, 2023-03-21)


I pray for father James prayers are answered and he will stay and continue bring peace love joy to church of Walsingham xx

A Mcd (London , 2023-03-22)


We want this priest to stay

Pat Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-23)


I vist Walsingham last year and met father james mary a lovely priest I met him on the mile walk and he approached me and my family and gave us a blessing

John Nevin (Mullingar , 2023-03-23)


He is a good Priest and deserves to stay at Walsingham

Kathleen Lawrence (Reading , 2023-03-24)


Iam singing because. Beeing one of the traveling community i feel we have a very close bond whit father..and have grown to know love and respect. And trust him whit our most serious problems. For which he truly givers great knowledge hope and understanding. Also open so many peoples eyes to the love of God our it is whit great hope in the church .and her priests. That we humbly asking for our priest .our fried and and at times counseller.....please don't break so many harts.leave our Walsingham.. thank you and God bless you all...

John Reilly (London , 2023-03-25)



Brian Stokes (Carrick-On-Shannon, 2023-03-25)



Robert Stokes (Leitrim , 2023-03-25)


I believe this petition should be enforced

Anne Ward (Derby, 2023-03-26)


Needles Brian’s John

John Mcdonagh (London , 2023-03-26)


I haven't heard a father them before I'm very important to me please like this to deliver the word of god to young people and stay working in the community where recognise the known be more so warm so is an area where a lot of traffic communicate communicate to over the Year giving the option as a chance for part of James to meet travellers so yes I told him with this I think the good work of haunted Hills Mary would be by appreciate is anywhere but more so here because it's where he wants to be and it very hard as happy so yes if you could please say that is very stairs in WhatsApp

michael casey (Hatfield, 2023-03-26)


To make sure father james Mary stays

Henry Wallin (London, 2023-03-26)


I'm signing this in support for him to stay

Martin Anthony (London, 2023-03-26)


Father James Mary remain at Walsingham

Gerry Ward (Sligo , 2023-03-26)


Walsingham needs fr james Mary

Katie Ward (Gerrards cross , 2023-03-26)



Bridget Ward (London, 2023-03-26)


I want them to stay in Walsingham

Winnie Barrett (Buckinghamshire, 2023-03-26)



Brian Mcdonagh (Cambridge, 2023-03-26)



Samantha Mcdonagh (Cambridge, 2023-03-26)


To stay

Michael McDonagh (Reading, 2023-03-26)


He's a good priest

patrick Lawrence (Cambridge, 2023-03-27)


To stay in Walsingham to keep the good work up

Mary Lawrence (Liverpool, 2023-03-27)


I am signing because I don’t want James Mary to leave Walsingham he is such a wonderful priest, and he needs to be in Walsingham. God bless.

Patrick Ward (London , 2023-03-27)


Teresa reilly

Teresa Reilly (London, 2023-03-27)


Good power full perist

Patrick Lawrence (CAMBRIDGE, 2023-03-27)

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