Removal of Kantou community leader Sophoclis Georgiou from the office



Animal welfare

Kristia Prokopiou (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


He left a soul suffering for 24 hours and that's enough for me. Above that he has broken the law of the state he is serving and that's enough reasoning for him to lose his position

Λία Στυλιανού (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


It's justified

Ajit Bubber (Limassol , 2023-01-02)


The community leader broke the law in more ways than one.

Edna Steliou (Pyrgos, Limassol , 2023-01-02)


Someone needs to become their voice.

Phaedra Sarikakis (Nicosia, 2023-01-02)


Shameful behaviour from somebody who is voted official ! Cruelty should not be tolerated from anybody!

Rea Busch (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


Animals are supposed to be looked after, not left to die, by someone who is meant to care for them. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from this person, needs removing now!!

Wendy French (Newport , 2023-01-02)


People like this shouldn’t be leaders!

Natalie Martin (Swadlincote, 2023-01-02)


The actions of this person were completely unacceptable and inhuman.

Kelley-ann Leigh (Limassol , 2023-01-02)


This person has showed zero compassion and exhibited no civility or humanity. He is not worthy of the position he holds.

Marios Michael (Moni, 2023-01-02)


Animal has no voice, and this community mayor has no compassion or integrity of duty. He should be removed from office representing decent humans in his village.

simone wu (limassol, 2023-01-02)


He is a monster

Rebecca Onoufriou (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


He needs to be removed. Inhuman behaviour.

Visa Muller (Pyrgos village, 2023-01-02)


This man doesn’t deserve to be a leader,
Treat any injured animal / dog is disgusting
Remove this leader now

Donna Perry (Burton-on-trent, 2023-01-02)


I'm signing the petition and supporting the animals right to survive in peace with human in this earth 🌎

Kevin Averoues (Oroklini , 2023-01-02)


The lack of care here on this island is disgusting and this person is not fit for office and should be setting an example

Kathryn Wilson (Larnaca, 2023-01-02)


I'm digusted, disappointed and tired of the animal abuse here in Cyprus. We have laws which are totally ignored. It's time to take action and at least punish those breaking the law. Starting with those that have a position that think they are above the law.

Debbie Pagdadis (Pano Arodes , 2023-01-02)


He deserves to be removed, after how he acted towards a living creature in such need 😡

Anna Spanou (Tersefanou , 2023-01-02)


Such a despicable person should not hold office of any kind.

Simon Grange (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


This stubit man must be go home.
Hes a crouel person and dint care about animals

Elena Papanikokaou (Egmond aan zee, 2023-01-02)


It s about time animal welfare becomes important and no one can cause harm without being punished

Dena Thrasyvoulou (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


I’m signing because someone who lacks this amount of compassion should not be in such a position of power.

Julie Walmsley (Bury, 2023-01-02)


I'm animal rights supporter

George Perdikis (Nicosia , 2023-01-02)


This behaviour and attitude towards animals is outrageous

Simona Marinkova (Limassol, 2023-01-02)


This vile excuse of a human is an absolute disgrace to society and his country.
While citizens all around him are dedicating their lives and earnings to create better world he shows his true colours in this manner.
He is all the reasons that signify the abhorrent situation of animal cruelty in Cyprus and why change needs to happen. Stop living in the past !
Stop the vicious unacceptable cruelty of animals, and appreciate those who are fighting daily for a better world.
Bring your Island into the 21st century, you do not need to hunt , you do not need to treat animals with such vicious contempt.
Remove this man from any situation of authority and charge him for his absolute abuse of a sentient being .

Jane O’Flaherty (Pembroke Dock, 2023-01-02)


He don care about animals

Helen Aristodimou (Limassol , 2023-01-02)


Changes need to be made regarding animal abuse, especially when it is committed by officials who represent a community.

Stella Stylianou (Larnaca, 2023-01-02)


Very bad behavior and abuse for animals.

Kiveli Georgiou (limassol , 2023-01-02)


Shocking incident, shame on the muchtar for such uncivilised behaviour.

Katherine Sabry (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


I can't believe that this disgusting women is in a place of so called power. She must be removed immediately. Any animal does not deserve to suffer, let alone be known to be suffering and having this response from someone that could have helped. Her heart is obviously closed

Susan Worwood (Paralimni, 2023-01-03)


This is unacceptable!

Aleksandra Siwecka (Paralimni, 2023-01-03)


This is unacceptable in a civilised country and deeply disappointing. The removal of this person is necessary . This can’t stay unpunished.

Rita-Orsolya Horváth (Paralimni , 2023-01-03)


He must leave

Persia Agnello (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


I am signing the petition because he is useless.! He left an animal suffering ! He does not deserve to be a mayor!

Sotiroulla Georgiou (Larnaca, 2023-01-03)


This totally unacceptable & inhumane. No one including animals should be left to suffer. A person who will do this is evil & not worthy of office.

Lynn Whitehead (Paralimni , 2023-01-03)


I'm owner of dogs and a lot of Cypriots don't give a shit on the animals

Surugiu Alexandra (Peristerona, 2023-01-03)


Such persons should not be in power

Nicolas Theodosiou (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


He didn't help an injured poor animal like was his duty. He needs to be removed.

Maria Vasilaki (Paralimni, 2023-01-03)


This man shows no care or respect for animals or his fellow citizens. He takes money for dog licenses and provides no facilities for stray dogs and will not do his duty when such a horrible incident occurs. The poor dog must have been in agony and he treats it like it is rubbish, not as a life. He would probably leave it's body to rot as he doesn't care for anything but himself.

Helena Pringle (Xylofagou , 2023-01-03)


I have never read anything so disgusting and tragic. Is he human?

Mary Rogers (Paramytha Limasdol, 2023-01-03)


I am signing this because i am against what the president of kantou not helping the dog and poisoning

Eugenia Michaelidou (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


They all know the reason we refer do many times about this.

Stella Demetriou (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


What a disgraceful man.

Nicola Bendall (Leicester, 2023-01-03)



Kwstantinos Aoueita (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


This man must GO!!!!

Eleni Papadopoulou (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


I'm signing because if there is a law, it must certainly be obliged by the head of office. Cyprus is such a beautiful Island and it can become more and more beautiful if there is respect for the animals

Jasmin Van Dijk (Nieuw-vennep , 2023-01-03)


This is unbelievable

Dafni Mina (Limassol, 2023-01-03)


This is a shameful outcome and this official needs to be removed from office for failing to carry out his duties

cynthia smith (Kouklia, 2023-01-03)


Αν οι ίδιοι οι αρμόδιοι ενός Δήμου δεν κάνουν αυτό που τους ζητά η ίδια η κυβέρνηση, τότε τι συμπεριφορά να περιμένουμε και απο τον απλό πολίτη?
Λεγόμαστε Ευρωπαίοι μα είμαστε πέρα κ απο βάρβαροι με την υπογραφή της κυπριακής δημοκρατίας, αφού δεν κάνει απολύτως τίποτα

ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ ΚΛΕΟΒΟΥΛΟΥ (Λεμεσός , 2023-01-03)


I am sick at the barbaric treatment I see of animals in Cyprus. Leaders with this amount f disrespect for animals should not be leading.

Wendy Harrison (Walsall, 2023-01-03)


This man obviously lacks even the basic compassion for an animal and is therefore unfit for any role where he might be called upon to act in a civilised way!!!

Pauline Phillips (Seaford, 2023-01-03)


It is mandatory that these behaviors are completely excluded and prohibited by any human nevertheless a community leader whose job is to be at the least willing to act towards the well-being of any life! Simply put without mentioning how devastating it is to think that they even saw this poor dog gasping for his life!

Margarita Pissis ( Icosia, 2023-01-03)


This dreadful and unacceptable behavior.

Keith Allen (PAPHOS, 2023-01-03)


I believe all animals are entitled to share this planet.
Not the so called human beings who believe that their professed superiority entitles them to choose who lives and who dies.
Let's all boycott those Cypriot holiday destinations until they introduce laws to prevent their disgusting behavior and act on these laws.

Gillian Bartlett (Haverfordwest, 2023-01-03)


Mr Georgiou is not fit to be the Mayor of anywhere. He has no compassion and has set an extremely bad example. To watch anything die in agony calls his character into question

Louise Yapp (Paphos, 2023-01-03)

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