We demand that N.E.Lincs council provide the residents of the Willows Estate with better park equipment and some fitness/sport facilities for the children and young people on the estate.



willows estate is a complete disgrace when it comes to child activities and something urgently needs doing

Dan Wellings (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


Our children need a safe out door space to play, explore and exercise. Not only is it important for their physical development but it is also paramount for both their social and emotional development

Kelly Trushell (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


We need more facilities for children and young people

Myra Donner (Grimsby , 2022-08-31)


There is nothing for little ones round here,I can understand why you won't because they only get vandalised,it would be nice for the little ones though

Beatrice Plater (N E lincs, 2022-08-31)


I'm signing because I believe children and parents should decent access to play facilities

John Daly (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


I live very close and have little ones which love the park, it’s a shame as this can’t happen and can’t take them as there is literally nothing there.

Vicky Smith (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


The kids need more to do in the area

Burgess Tracey (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


I have 2 young children on the willows. They have never used the parks on the estate due to their disrepair. They are now 6 and 9. We travel out of our way for a decent park. There is nothing for any children to do on the estate. I have contacted multiple mps before about this also

Hayley Hardy (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


We need some where foe our children to go and play out doors fresh air there health and mentality

Sue Harvey (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


We need a new park for the kids it’s been a state for years now

Carly Fielding (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


Because I grew up on This park when it was lovely to play there, it’s disgusting that there’s nothing there anymore, I took my kids to it when I was visiting family in the summer and was shocked what it looked like

Scott Richardson (Grimsby , 2022-08-31)


My children need an active outdoor space to relax, release energy, to have fun, meet up with friends. To be able to be children, to be able to enjoy the outdoors and take risks.

Sarah cook (66 Melrose Way , 2022-08-31)


It’s not suitable for kids to play, a lot of the park is Broken and can’t be used and it’s not a very friendly and welcoming environment.

Leah Lloyd (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


Because I grew up and live on the willows. I have used these parks when I was a child. And I would like something for my child to enjoy as I did all those years ago.

Gareth Hardy (Grimsby , 2022-08-31)


I grew up on the Willows and would love to see changes made to the facilities in the community for the present and future children to use and play with!

Ellie Palmer (Humberston, 2022-08-31)


I have children and live on the willows and it would be great for them to have a park again

Mark Walsham (Grimsby, 2022-08-31)


I live on the willows and my child would play on there I’d there was something hun big to play on

Donna Walker (Walker , 2022-08-31)


I’m signing for all those that need a place to be a kid and be safe. A place to remember for happy memories not for the neglect the Willows estate has had.

Kayla Shane (Knottingley , 2022-08-31)


I live on the willows and the kids need something to do they are bored of been nagged at for playing in the estate

steven waters (grimsby, 2022-08-31)


Current equipment provision is simply not fit for purpose. Local kids deserve better.

Sheldon Mill (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


Our children and grandchildren need a decent park to play on. It's not asking a lot.

Kay Cummings (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


My son need go outside for playground

Marta Trzosinska (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


My daughter use to use that park, when it had swings

Rebecca Riley (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


Local to the area and want more for the kids to do

Johnno Maria Johnson (England, 2022-09-01)


My son is 8 and the area is lack of anything suitable for him

Marta Weremczuk (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


This is the worst park I’ve seen in any area.

Lorraine Redgrift (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


I love on the willows and we need a decent park for our kids I have a 4 & 5 year old

Emma Gibbs (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


The children of the willows have no where to go, nothing to do.

Kathryn Jacobs (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


Because all children should have somewhere safe to play. Physical activity will reduce to risk of childhood and potential adult obesity.

Emma Speight (Barnsley, 2022-09-01)


I am a local lady who thinks the children and young people who live on the Willows deserve someone nice to play :)

Catherine Milford (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


There has been a huge decline of the condition of the estate and parks since my first born, we spent hours at the parks, it was a safe snf friendly place, not now. I will not be taking my newborn to these, so unsafe and unloved.

mcclure scullion (grimsby , 2022-09-01)


Ever since I was a kid growing up on here that park has been a dumping ground its about time it was somewhere good for the kids to go

Sarah Garland (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


Community is vital we all need to help to build community spirit...spaces to build this is essential.

Jayne Drinkell (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


To show support

Susan Thompson (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


I’m a resident and we are forgotten by the council!

Matthew Sargent (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


I have 2 children age 4/8 and have to walk them to the boulevard or people's park because there isn't any thing usable or suitable for them on the willows.

Christine King (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


Something needs to be done for the kids

Julie Pratt (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


Something need be done in our neighbourhood.

Aneta Rajczyk (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


Because my children want somewhere to play local and not have to travel miles to go to a nice park

Beckey Greetham (Grimsby , 2022-09-01)


We need changes to the willows estate

Wendy patterson (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


I live on this estate and have a young son who would love to play on a functional and safe play ground

Sebastian Siciarz (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


Through my bad bulling school days this park gave me some fun times with My childhood best friend sad to see it this way.children are acting out because there is nowhere hardly for them to go in this town as things have either being closed removed or left to go to ruin as the council care more about money & making the main town center look more modern when it was all fine the way it was If its not broke don't fix it they should use some of the 55million they have been awarded for town center revamp to help bring bk children's library's parks youth clubs etc for the children.instead of spending it on paths that look the same as roads that confuse the elderly & cause problems put it into something more constructive for the children just look at how many times kids have set buildings alight lately compared to how it used to be in the early 90's to 2000's there bored out there minds.actions speak volumes.i really hope they listen to the locals & revamp the parks at least the kids need things to do outside of there homes with there familys or friends they dot want to be couped up in doors & if bored outside that's what frustration kicks in bad actions happen.i hope they help bring the spark by to the willows Park all the best.

Selina Wright (Grimsby, 2022-09-01)


I live on the willows with 4 children. We as a community need a decent park for our kids to play on.

Jessica Clarke (Grimsby, 2022-09-02)


The kids have nothing to do on the estate even the younger kids it’s not fair

LauraLaura Croft (Grimsby, 2022-09-02)


The children on this estate including mine havent got a nice play area.

Hammond Stacey (Grimsby , 2022-09-02)


Signing because my have 2 kid's and my lad is 12 in October and he is always saying to be me the is nothing and the parks are not good in this 6 weeks holiday he is really bored because the are so that run down the is nothing there

Sarah fuller (Grimsby , 2022-09-02)


I have 3 children 13 and under and one on the way. They all need somewhere they can go to be with friends, play, exercise and just be kids. There is nothing close to is at all and they need it.

Jennifer clifford (Grimsby, 2022-09-02)


Outdoor spaces are important for mental and physical heath.

Louise Alderson (Grimsby , 2022-09-02)


I’m signing this petition because I live on the willows estate and have a 1 year old son who loves swings but can’t go on any in the area as we don’t have any! I also have two older sons who need somewhere to play/congregate in the area to get them out of the house and off their consoles.

Kayleigh Boon (Grimsby, 2022-09-02)


The willows estate needs to be tided up and kept litter free and damage free

Sally Herron (Grimsby, 2022-09-02)


As a child all my memories are on this estate, as an adult the facilities for children and teens are now non existent. People wonder why kids and teens now adays have antisocial tendancies and Mia behave or be disruptive and cause trouble. They have nothing to do maybe if they had something to do and place to go the estate could be a lovely place

Michelle Wright (Grimsby, 2022-09-02)


Single mum of two children lived on willows 38 years and grew up with humps and bumps and park and youth club but there is nothing for my two children to enjoy.

Jemma Christie (Grimsby, 2022-09-03)


I live on the willows and have children who would benefit form this.

Caroline Howard (Grimsby, 2022-09-06)


Its horrible to see and my son has nothing to play on

Emma Appels (Grimsby, 2022-09-08)


We want better parks/facilities for our children to play at.

Abby Cummings (Grimsby, 2022-09-13)


I have to see this shambles of a park day🤬🤬 poor kids, have nothing, i have more kids play on my front, with a swing see saw and slide, what we have purchased so smaller kuds dont have to go and attempt to play on that pathetic area they call a park🤣 show the rest of the park and what the kids are expected to be entertained by, its a joke

Claire appels (Grimsby, 2022-09-19)


The council need to pull there finger out and accommodate these young children to play safely and use fitness as a source of wellbeing

Darrel Mcgill (Grimsby, 2022-09-21)


The willows lacks adequate parks with swings suitable for small children, the Cromwell road play area needs refurbishment now

Tompkins Alison (Grimsby , 2022-09-28)


The willows council estate is full of community spirit and some of the kindest people I know live on there, some of these people don't have alot of spare money but are always willing to help one another. They cant often afford family days out or don't drive, things are expensive especially in the cost of living crisis. These kids deserve somewhere to go play safely and I think new play equipment would not only be wonderful for the children but also mood lifting for parents knowing there's somewhere they can take their children without it being costly and locally. Please make this estate good again.

Katie Bateman (Grimsby, 2023-01-10)

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