Support your local pub, The Crown Inn and its events



The notice served is extremely unfair, and seems sad with the majority of the village happy that these events have been happening. As seems to be the norm these days, a very small minority are ruining a business serving a local/close nit community. Living in close proximity to an established pub & long serving social club there will be occasions where music will possibly be played to the enjoyment of many.

Nicola Lang (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


Martin and his team have made our much loved village pub a real hub for the community. An enormous amount has been raised for charity and they play a large part in village events. I strongly disagree with this noise abatement notice...the music is never late at night, it doesn't attract rowdy crowds and I genuinely can't believe that a VERY small no of complaints have even been made!!! Ridiculous.

Jane Rose (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The Crown Inn is a fabulous pub, part of the community and welcoming to all. They are not having constant music, just occasional and often for the benefit of charity. Neither is the music scheduled at unsociable hours. I very much hope they will be allowed to continue.

Sue Hill (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


I am astounded that anyone would complain about music being played for a couple of hours in the afternoon once a week. The community have loved having this wonderful pub that has brought us back together and surely a pub is allowed to play music sometimes?

Amy Higgs (Everton , 2022-08-07)


The Crown is very important for our village. Martin & crew are working hard to make this a great community pub where everyone is welcome. I am widowed and single and visit the pub frequently it is great for my mental health to be social. The music is never on for long and never late in the evening. We need our pub in Everton and music is a part of this.

Jennifer Davies (Everton, 2022-08-07)


Another case of the 'few' jumping up and down,throwing their 'toys' out of their prams and screaming the loudest!! Get a grip and let a small business survive, help local charities and be an integral part of village life. NFDC you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are here to serve the community. The community supports our local pub! Take a step back and look at your actions....

Jeff Lang (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


I'm signing because I'm a patron of this community pub.

Robert Rees (Hythe, 2022-08-07)


This pub is our local. Its warm and very welcoming. Martin has transformed this pub and its so lovely to bring the community together at these live events after the past few years.

Jenny Hutchinson (Everton, 2022-08-07)


We need a village pub and the landlord provides an amazing service raising lots of money for charity !

Louise Davies (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I’m relatively new to the area (although my parents have lived here for nearly 10 years) and the afternoon music at The Crown has not only been immensely enjoyable but have created a real community, of which I now feel a small part of. They deserve a thank you not criticism.

Stuart Levett (Everton, 2022-08-07)


The pub is a central part of the village and should be allowed to have music events. It is infrequent we are in support of these events continuing. Crown Inn Everton you have my complete support.

Clare Quinn (Everton, 2022-08-07)


It's great for the community and a traditional thing for live music in pubs and inns. Which have suffered greatly.

Julian Bailey (LYMINGTON, 2022-08-07)


I am a local musician who regularly gets to play at this wonderful venue

Cavan Davey (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Live music is essential for the financial stability of local pubs and venues and is paramount to giving the platform for lical talent and amateur aspiring musicians the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Mrs caralyn a gale (Southampton, 2022-08-07)


I believe Martin has brought The Crown Pub back to life. It is now a true village pub and somewhere for local villages to meet and socialise. The music that has been played at the venue recently has been brilliant and is only for such a small amount of time which is very reasonable. Martin and the staff have done everything possible to try and resolve this bizarre issue and been very accommodating by changing set up locations and not having music played late. I see no reason for this abatement order.

Mark Hutchinson (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I am a resident of Everton village and thoroughly enjoy going to The Crown to socialise and on occasion listen to live music. It would be tragic if for any reason the pub is forced to close because a handful of residents want to force their views on the majority of the village residents. I would respectfully point out that the pub has been there longer than the complainants!!

Jane Cook (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


I’m signing as I am a near neighbour and the music does not disturb at all - it is a lovely addition to the pub.

Kim Woods (Everton , 2022-08-07)


This is a local small business doing its best to survive very challenging times - people who have issues with some levels of noise should not live close to anywhere or anything which might generate it. Both sad for the owners and sorry that NFDC apparently felt the need to be so heavy handed

Patricia Ade (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The drive and enthusiasm in reviving the Crown in is to be applauded and the addition of live music is very welcome. The timings of this are modest and should be allowed to continue.

Lorraine Trim (Everton, 2022-08-07)


If you buy a property near a Pub, how can you complain about reasonable noise associated with that business.

Martin Ade (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The Crown is a hub of the community and a few complainers should not overshadow the majority

Frankii Rouse (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


Pubs and live music have declined and in my opinion if someone lives near a pub, a degree of noise is expected. The Crown’s suggestions seem entirely reasonable and would enable the pub to be sustainable, their charity fundraising to continue and musicians to continue to earn a living. Bringing people together in the current climate is much needed.

Caroline Spence (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The Crown has now become a village community pub. The Bands have usually played for a max of 2 hours once a week in an afternoon apart from the festival recently held on alternate nights between the Crown and Everton and Lymore Club in aid of the charity for MN disease.
Martin Hinkes took over the Crown after several Previous Landlords failed to make the Crown a profitable business. Having been to the Crown many times over the
years we are at last experiencing a Community atmosphere which is much needed and the pleasure of being able to listen to local bands as well as meet new village friends is an amazing experience for the village.
Martin is constantly proactive, striving to offer amazing food and entertainment to suit his customers. We need our village pub, not a Bistro or wine bar.
Also varied events also occur at Everton Recreation Ground and the Pavilion is used for band practice on several occasions and in the summer windows and doors are open. So I cannot see what the difference is.
Another reason for having the bands outside means that the spread of Covid is reduced.

Stephen Campion (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Pub trade is already very precarious and live music brings joy to many and increases the takings of pubs where many have gone out of business. We should be supporting good trade not condemning it. If you don’t want to hear music then don’t live right near a pub. Simples!!

Emma Sewell (New Milton, 2022-08-07)


Pubs and live music have declined and in my opinion if someone decides to live near a pub, a degree of noise is surely expected. The Crown’s suggestions really seem entirely reasonable and would enable the pub to continue to be sustainable, including their charity fundraising and importantly for musicians to continue to earn a living. Especially their hardship during and following the pandemic. Bringing people together in the current climate is much needed.

Rob Spence (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Pubs are under so much financial pressure to survive, they are crutial to a community. This pub dies a lot for the community and charities, and doesn't have loud music, playing at antisocial hours. If you move near a pub, you have to expect some noise, and they are doing everything they can to keep that to a minimum.

Natalie Worsdale (Southampton, 2022-08-07)


I think it's important that you are able to do good things for the community. I guess the complainer will have no need in the future for the help of any of the charity based organisations that benefit from the monies raised. Keep up the good work.

Clare Horton (Milford on Sea, 2022-08-07)


It's a pub and they would be aloud live music

Nikki Reynolds (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


As a local I like the music and it’s often raising funds for good causes at the same time. You don’t move near a pub and NOT expect some noise?!?!

There is far more noise from the cars speeding down the A337.

This could be the death knell for many locals making a living through live performances in local pubs and venues as it’s the sort of nonsense that could spread.

Jeff Brooks (Everton, 2022-08-07)


The music at the pub has bought the community together, Martin and his team have and do a wonderful job at bringing the village together.
The music is not on late or loud and I as a neighbour in the next street are not effected at all.
The amount in which the pub has raised by playing music for the charities is amazing such a shame a small minority of people have put a stop to the music.
Look forward to hearing the music again very soon!

Melissa Reynolds (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I’m signing because I enjoy the music at the crown it brings the community together

Tom Matthews (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I think that this abatement order is absolutely ridiculous the music never goes on to the late /early hours and if for any reason that it would the staff would give plenty of notice and it would only be for a really good reason eg a charity fun raiser I think that the pub is a brilliant social hub for all the villagers we are a community that are rebuilding from a horrible pandemic and the crown is at the heart of it a place where people can be reunited

Baz Matthews (Everton, 2022-08-07)


The pub have been respectful in choosing the times the music is on. It has bought alot of local people to the pub.

Kristyann Barwise (Southampton, 2022-08-07)


I support local musicians and live music in pubs

Kathryn Harrison (Charminster, 2022-08-07)


The pub brings the community together, Live music is an especially important part of this. Also it is only once a week if that and very sad that a couple of people have ruined it for everyone else.

Katy Gallagher (Hordle , 2022-08-07)


Very sad that a few people can mess it up for the rest of us. My advice don't live near a pub.

Gill Glass (Pennington , 2022-08-07)


Martin and his team have really bought this village and community together with their varied musical events and worked tirelessly for different charities and local causes.
The Crown has become the centre of village life since Martin became landlord . The events he organises attracts customers of all ages, bringing life and vitality into the village, and can only lead to Everton's prosperity.
I have been a resident for nearly 30 years and
I wholeheartedly support Martin, in his efforts , not only to make his business viable, but in making The Crown such a hub of village life for both residents and the wider community.
I am absolutely appalled that a minority continue to complain and hound this young man without thinking of the consequences.
Let's hope that the voices of the growing majority in support of Martin are heard.

Jane Tarbard (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I thoroughly enjoy the Saturday afternoon music at the Crown. It’s never been too loud and only lasts 2 hours

Tony Dashwood (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


Live music brings so much joy to so many. It seems Martin has offered a very fair compromise to local residents who may find music a nuisance. The bottom line is however, if you live by a pub, social club, community hall etc you should expect some noise.
Local charities stand to lose these valuable donations if events such as these are prohibited.

Joanne Vezey (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Just to say help our local businesses before you lose them.
168 hours in the week what difference is 6 hours!!!

Jerry Holley (New Milton , 2022-08-07)


I’m signing because we really need a bit of ‘life’ right now. I live near a pub in Lymmo and love hearing the music, the ‘way home babble’ and just a little bit of joy. We’re here for a good time not a long time. Live for the moment!

Sarah Branson (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The Crown is very much part of the village community, working alongside different aspects of Everton Village including fundraising for different charities.

Finola Samuels (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


A local business trying to make their way & raise funds for charity too, why would you not support them. Always a minority out to spoil things for others.

Laura Keily (Southampton , 2022-08-07)


I feel that raising money for
(local) charities is a really worthwhile cause and music should be allowed at The Crown Inn. However this should be held at reasonable times so as not to upset the grumpy ones 😉

Pete Warne (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


Pubs need to have occssional events to survive, and to allow communities to have fun too. Our local pub was recently fined 6k, it will most likely close next year.

Kevan Morley (Southampton, 2022-08-07)


The world needs a title more Joy in it

Mark Strode (Hordle , 2022-08-07)


I live closer to the Crown Inn than most people. I am a widow. The pub is a lifeline and the music generally a joy. I’m sad that a few spiteful people could jeopardise this huge part of village life. I’m 100% behind Martin and Claire

Rachel Conway (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


I believe live music needs a place to entertain and what's better than a pub. Plus any charity event should ot ever be closed down.

Tim Davies (New milton , 2022-08-07)


The Crown is a community hub. Many depend on it for socialisation and community interaction. If the complainants wanted eternal peace and quiet, why buy a property adjacent to a pub and social club? The pub has existed for many, many years in various guises. Those new incomers who wish to change the status quo might like to think about the consequences of their actions! Tesco Express? Indian/Chinese + take away?? Be careful what you wish for!

Lynne White (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


I’m signing because the enjoyment that these music events is priceless and the fantastic amount of fundraising for local charitable causes is in the thousands

Alison Sanford (Milford-on-Sea, 2022-08-07)


After the past 2 years of sadness hearing people enjoying live music again is a joy. If you don’t like it why move near a pub? Please leave the music alone !

Bridget Maynard (New Milton, 2022-08-07)


I’m signing because I live in Everton, we have now for over 8 years.
Our village community are very lucky to even have a pub here, being the only one in the village and now to be under attack which is totally unacceptable or fair by any means.
This pub is a historical site that has been here for 100’s of years, before many of the homes surrounding it and we have a choice where we live.
Most importantly Martin and all the Crown team are certainly being respectful, supportive and helpful towards everyone.
It’s a true gem to be able to walk somewhere with our family and friends to enjoy food, music and of course the locals to catch up with each other.
It’s such a positive environment that brings people together and welcomes you throughout the year constantly striving to make everyone smile and just enjoy themselves.
We as a family of four fully support and back our local pub The Crown 110%
This will be turned around and the local residents voices must be heard.
Please keep our pub as it is, don’t destroy it we are super grateful to have it here.

Amy Brocklesby (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I’m signing because I live in Everton, we have now for over 8 years.
Our village community are very lucky to even have a pub here, being the only one in the village and now to be under attack which is totally unacceptable or fair by any means.
This pub is a historical site that has been here for 100’s of years, before many of the homes surrounding it and we have a choice where we live.
Most importantly Martin and all the Crown team are certainly being respectful, supportive and helpful towards everyone.
It’s a true gem to be able to walk somewhere with our family and friends to enjoy food, music and of course the locals to catch up with each other.
It’s such a positive environment that brings people together and welcomes you throughout the year constantly striving to make everyone smile and just enjoy themselves.
We as a family of four fully support and back our local pub The Crown 110%
This will be turned around and the local residents voices must be heard.
Please keep our pub as it is, don’t destroy it we are super grateful to have it here.

Sean Hannen (Everton , 2022-08-07)


It's a community pub and we need places like this in the village

Marion Fisher (Southampton, 2022-08-07)


Supporting local business and enjoying the music they provide x

Jaclyn Baybut (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Pubs are closing all over the country also we need to surport local bands and this is the best way to surport both..
Who buys a property near a pub and expects silence!!
Should have moved next to a graveyard for silence

Katherine Gill (New Milton, 2022-08-07)


Those who have complained are pathetic selfish narrow minded fools.

Steven Ryan (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


It is a wonderful pub .Musicians have had a very tough time of late,we need decent live not necessarily loud music music is a healer.
Trust me l am a Doctor.

Chris May (SOUTHAMPTON, 2022-08-07)


Martin, Claire and their team have brought life back to a beautiful village pub. They have brought a community together, raised thousands for charity and are always cautious and respectful of their neighbours. The live music events at The Crown are always brilliant and enjoyed by so many local residents, who along with the vast majority, are very happy to see a local pub thriving.
I fully support them in continuing to have live music.

Lucy Tucker (Hordle, Lymington, 2022-08-07)


This is a ridiculous notice, I lived in Everton for 24 years and the pub is the center of the community. Since moving to the otherside of the Forrest, I regularly take my whole family back to the crown to enjoy the live music and the great charity events! I hope notice gets dismissed and the community can return to standard.

Oliver Tarbard (Blackfield , 2022-08-07)


I do not agree with the noise abatement order which has been issued.
It has come from a few individuals who have failed to see the benefit the music and community spirit Martin and his team have created for the village.
Very short sighted of certain individuals who are not thinking of the wider community which is the corner stone of village living.
This needs to be rectified!

Nicole Tarbard (Southampton , 2022-08-07)


I’m local and support local business

Jacqueline Maguire (New Milton, 2022-08-07)


This is a great shame, I have been to the crown for live music plenty of times and every time it has been an excellent atmosphere where the whole community get together.

Matt Prove (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The village needs The Crown Inn
It is a social place for so many people
And it appears if solo performers only perform outside with groups inside .I think that is a good compromise.
Also possibly special concessions for fundraising events .

Patricia Tibbles (Everton, 2022-08-07)


It's what a pubs all about far to many miserly people ruin it for the others

Fred Hood (Lyminton , 2022-08-07)


I have been involved in some of these charity events, which not only have raised considerable funds and vital awareness for the charities, but also, I’ve seen and heard first hand (as an outsider) how these events have pulled a whole community together especially after covid lockdown measures had really affected them. The local people all told me how these events have benefited the community….thanks to the hard work and dedication of Martin and his team !!!…. Seems a shame that a vast majority will have to suffer if live music is banned.
Also a ban on live music will put local musicians out of work so soon after being allowed to perform again due to covid restrictions.
Music and socialising is important to many people especially if they live alone as it beneficial to their mental well-being.
Many people depend on these events for a livelihood.. in a uncertain economic time, let’s not make things even harder for people.

Nathan Harrison (Chelmsford , 2022-08-07)


The “noise” is minimal. Nothing late at night. Choose to live by a pub, expect pub sounds! If I didn’t like the sound of water I wouldn’t move to a mill.

Joanna Hayter (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


It's a friendly local pub with a great atmosphere and why shouldn't a few hours music be aloud during the day / evening for locals to enjoy 😊

Bruce Henshaw (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


I have had the pleasure of being at a couple of these live music events. Music is played and fun is had by all attending the events with the bonus of money being raised for charities chosen by the pub community.
The management of this great venue work so hard to create a safe and happy venue where the community can come together.
The management choose to use local suppliers for their food and local musicians for events as they are community/family orientated.
It is a real shame that due to a few (4) noise complaints there will be a significant and unfair impact on charities and the majority of the pub communities enjoyment. Perhaps these are the same people who complain about noise children make playing in parks.

gemma mcauliffe (Chelmsford, 2022-08-07)


Too many village pubs have been lost already, this one in particular does a lot for the local community and more widely in fundraising.

Frank Dyson (Lymington, Hants, 2022-08-07)


I really enjoy the music at The Crown Inn, I don’t find it too noisy and we live very close in East Lane. The pub is an essential part of the village and since Martin has taken over it’s become a real hub in the community, which is exactly what it should be.

Lawrencina Akester (Everton, Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Great pub, we travel from Pennington to watch the local music artists here. Never thought there was an issue with noise. Crazy to think there would be a bit of noise coming from a pub.

George Morgan (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The Crown inn is a vital part of the community and the entertainment is a part of the success of the pub
Bearing in mind the limited no of occasions music is performed I dont see that this should be a problem

Jeffrey Day (Everton, 2022-08-07)


amazing pub, heart of the community. Community is so important and now more than ever especially after COVID. Villages are losing family and community lifelines.

Theresa Deeprose (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


We used to live in Everton and the pub was the focal point for the locals to meet up, have a quiet drink or a meal. There are not many villages like Everton now and to lose the pub would be sad.

Monica Fulford (Hordle, 2022-08-07)


There needs to be more people sticking up for local businesses. Residents have been very lucky with COVID cutting the amount of trade seen in pubs and restaurants and now have a heightened sense of entitlement about what living near a licensed premises should be like. How are pubs and restaurants supposed to make a living if they aren’t allowed to have events that attract more people?!

Matt Seamer (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Because live music is awesome! :)

Carley Varley (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Music makes people happy and for someone to complain about music being played on occasion is rediculous!

Christine Chester (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


In a small village, business owners need all the trade available to them otherwise we will have no village pub, once gone it will never be reinstated. Unfortunately in this village of which I have lived all my life it seams most of its occupants are now elderly. My understanding is that the neighbours are not agreeable with music being played. It's doesn't go on to the early hours, usually daytime. So I can't really see a problem .

Jan Banbery (Everto, Lymington, 2022-08-07)


The crown management have worked hard to rebuild the business and the live music adds an extra enticement for customers. It also provides much needed entertainment for the local area and often raises money for charity.

David Thorne (New Milton, 2022-08-07)


The crown and the Social club are highly valued by those of us who live in Everton and wish to stroll down on a sunny evening and support our local pub. The bands and Charity fund raising events have been a great success and we were shocked that anyone would have reasons to complain. If someone purchased a house near a pub they should consider a certain amount of noise in the summer. Surely that’s common sense ?
To my mind after the last two years hearing music, people laughing and enjoying themselves would make you smile !

Lisa Webb (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


We live close by and look forward to hearing what music is being played each week, it has never has been an issue to us. This is a fantastic, well supported local. The music is appropriate to the time of day and well run. There has never appeared to be any trouble it just brings a community together. I sincerely hope the decision is reversed and that this local pub can continue to thrive 🤞

Elayne Braime (Everton, 2022-08-07)


It seems there are always people who wish to stop live entertainment which brings great enjoyment to the majority especially after the last 2 years.! It seems grossly unfair to reduce the chances of success for a local business we hen it is so hard to make a living as a public an.

Rosemary Newill (Hordle, 2022-08-07)


We have visited the crown on one of their live music events, it was fantastic and we had a great time. I wouldn’t say the music seemed excessively loud especially for a Saturday afternoon. I live within the local area and find it such a shame that residents local to the pub are complaining about live music on a Saturday afternoon, it’s not late night and I personally think they should find themselves lucky that the pub is still at the heart of their village with no late night trouble.

Gemma Herd (New milton , 2022-08-07)


My wife Helen and i love seeing live music in our village Pub - the Crown is at the heart of the community and live music will help it succeed.

David Bellis (Everton, 2022-08-07)


I am signing this petition because I live a few doors away from the pub and although we hear the music, we feel it is within reasonable boundaries. We are fully supportive of the charitable events the Crown raises money for.

Patricia and Alan - Studio House Swann (Everton , 2022-08-07)


Although I am not a regular at the Crown, I recognise that the pub is the heart of the village and raises large amounts for charity through occasional events with music. A very small number of complaints should not be allowed to jeopardise this.

Liz Downs (Hordle, 2022-08-07)


Democratically the minority should not have their own way.

Gill Rowlands (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


Over the years this pub…..that is part of the heart of the local community & has been my local while living in Everton in the 80’s & 90’s. I find it outrageous that not even a handful of residents have absolutely no toleration for a couple of hours once a week in the middle of the day for the sake of many others enjoyment. I feel these sort of people should live in the middle of a field away from everyone….. though I expect they’d still find something to complain about.

Nick Hayter (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


I fully understand the need, times are difficult for all, and a bit of empathy towards businesses wouldn’t hurt.
I live in Everton with my family, and despite not being a regular to the crown, we feel it is part of the village and should be supported along with the charities they assist with.
Best wishes

David Lale (Everton , 2022-08-07)


I strongly feel that the Crown is one of two points in our village which uphold all of the values of village life. The noise abatement order seems unnecessary and unjust and could well end up with our pub being lost. If this happens the likelihood is that it will become a Tesco express or similar, which would then probably result in the loss of our village shop. This is just not acceptable. Any reasonable person would be looking for a compromise instead of the sledgehammer that has been imposed to crack a nut.

Jon Harper (Lymington, 2022-08-07)


It's important to keep the local.pubs and without music events the pub will suffer and we will lose the local.pubs

Denise Leyland (New Milton, 2022-08-07)


We must support our local pubs and local talent or we will lose them all, it's not like it's going on until the early hours, and if you by a home near a pub you must expect some sort of noise

Tracey Butterfield (New Milton , 2022-08-07)


I live in Everton village and due to the current landlord of the crown, we now have a buzzing little heart of the village again. The pub is so lovely. The music has been tasteful and I can't even imagine why anyone would complain. It's certainly not late in the evenings and usually one afternoon every couple of weeks. It brings the community together and the landlord has bought this special little pub back to life. We honestly thought it would close at one point. I'm very sad that people have complained about something so uplifting.

Karin Davies (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


Everyone should support local businesses especially now

Clare Colmer (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


My partners parents live in the village and have lived in the forest all their lives.
They love to visit and support the Crown on at least a weekly basis. They enjoy the music, the atmosphere and chatting with the locals of Everton.

Suzie Eastwood (Highcliffe , 2022-08-07)


The Crown inn with Martin and his team are providing a great service to the local community and revitalised a pub that was struggling. Thy support local charities as well as the community. The pub has been there for centuries whereas the moaning individuals moved in next to a pub that's been there all that time. If you live next to a pub, there will be occasional noise and Martin with his team, do their best to mitigate its effect on the local inhabitants. It's generally on a Saturday afternoon and I really cannot see the problem

Graham Clarke (Everton , 2022-08-07)


I think what Martin and all the staff are doing for the community and charities is amazing. All staff are brilliant on all occasions which is proved, in my opinion, as I live in poole and would not travel all the way if this wasn't so. I feel they have been more than considerate of their neighbours and should not have this threat hanging over them

Susan Johnson (Poole , 2022-08-07)


I agree with the petition.

Nathan Haywood (Dorset, 2022-08-07)


I have supported the pub for many years and the life and vitality Martin has brought to the village, not just in terms of community, but in its charitable work, is second to none. I love just up the road and my son works in the pub. It is literally only for a short time each week and this is nothing compared to the amount they have raised for charity. In addition, it shows sees local talent which is fantastic. Why would you want to stop this? If bands do return indoors I can’t see a problem at all. However I do not have a problem with it being outdoors. The atmosphere of the outdoor charitable event in July was incredible and Martin and Claire are wonderful hosts.
Please do not let the opinion of a small number ruin the community aspect. To lose that, after all it’s momentum, would be truly disastrous. It has become the hive of life in the village and I am truly gutted that someone finds they have the time to complain about it. It’s not as if it’s all night!! It’s an hour or so in an afternoon whilst raising money. We need more people like this in our lives.

Joanne Fulton (Everton , 2022-08-07)


I’m signing because it is important for communities to support each other , this includes upcoming musicians who need to have small venues to play in. This loss is a huge detriment to everyone for the sake of a few hours of extra sounds

Mandy Black (Milford on sea, 2022-08-07)


I'm fed up with moaners.

Peter Ray (Everton, 2022-08-07)


Local pubs need all the support they can get and local bands and musicians

Jayne Samber (Lymington , 2022-08-07)


I wish to support our one and only village pub which is the hub of the community and does great charity fund raising.

Julian Hood (Lymington, 2022-08-07)

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