Save Chico !



They are not thinking about this little dog they are thinking only about their rules which in this case is stupid

Valerie Everett (Blyth, )


I believe Chico should stay with Richie and Marc, he will be (is already) well loved and treat with great care and attention. Seems such a shame to move the him on again after he has totally settled in with them. PLEASE LET THEM KEEP CHICO.

Jill Ryrie (Cramlington , )


Marc and Richie make the best puppy parents!

Karina Wood (Ipswich, )


I know that everything written here by Richie and Marc is true. You could not find more loving and dedicated people who know dogs so well.

Louise Waldron (Peterborough, )


The main aim is to find Chico a home surely he has a loving family home here ❤

Debbie Elaine (Suffolk, )


I'm signing this for this little dog .Joan Cornerwalker

Joan Corner-Walker (Worstershire , )


I'm signing because I believe that Richie and Marc can provide a wonderful "forever home" for Chico and he is obviously very much loved ... please reconsider your decision

Bobby Crush (London, )


He definitely needs to stay with you both in a loving home . He’s settled in so well and feels happy and loved by you both. It would unfair to Chico to move him xxxxxx

Debbie Todd (Ipswich, )


I am signing this because All dogs needs a loving and safe home,
If you foster a dog and fall in love with said dog, or the dog has settled in well, why uproot a dog on the off chance it’s going to be adopted to another loving family?
A dog deserves to be happy and if the dogs happy and content with the fosterers and the fosterers are happy to adopt why refuse the adoption?
The health and well-being of a dog is paramount in this situation!

I feel the fosterers should have the right to adopt!!
And would be very wrong and unfair on said dog to unsettle and remove from a safe caring home!

I hope you get your wishes

From Blake and Sophie ( parents to a rescue dog)

Blake Sawyer (Uckfield, )


They love their dogs, and Chico would have a great home with them

Michael Gentry (Ipswich, )


I'm signing because he has a loving home with Richie and Marc and is settled so why give him more upset

Laura Dawkins (Peterborough, )


The way this charity handle the needs of the dogs in their care is not right and they need to review their practices. What better thing for a baby like this than to stay where he has already settled. Unbelievable, do not profess to know what you are doing when it comes to animal welfare!

Christine Wadsley-Cunningham (Peterborough, )


He so deserves a forever home

Rachel Ord (Blyth, )


I support Richie and Marc x

Em Woodland (Ipswich, )


I know this family would give him a loving home!!

Courtney Turner (Blyth, )


I have two chihuahuas and know that once settled it’s wrong to pull them away from that as they will get depressed. This is the best couple to adopt them x

Lisa Dersley (Woodbridge, )


I’m signing because Marc and Richie would be fantastic foster dads for chico they couldn’t be better suited for this little guy they have so much love xxx

Abbie Farnworth (Felixstowe, )


Why upset the dog and move him to another family when he has settled in the foster home hes in. LET THEM ADOPT HIM!

Emma Doogan (Blyth, )


Many dogs are ending up for adoption after people have become bored of them after the pandemic, if a dog has found a loving home let him stay with the people who care enough to foster and want to adopt him.

Peter I'anson (Halifax, )


Why put the little guy through all this again when he has settled with a loving family? It makes no sense, please have a heart! I get there are formalities but see a good thing when you have it and let Chico stay.

Tamara Wilson (Blyth, )


Why take a dog away, from it's forever home, when he's clearly happy?
He has a fantastic life, with people that adore him. Bend the rule and let him stay, please.

Shelley Rooke (Ramsgate , )


The rule seems arbitrary.

Philip Crush (Newcastle under Lyme, )


Bureaucracy should consider the welfare of who is at its mercy. When the rules in place adversely affect the exact intention of them, a flexible approach should be taken. A human review should take place instead of the “computer-says-no” world we seem to live in! For once, can we just do the right thing!!!

Craig Lannigan (Stowmarket, )


I'm signing because I have known Richie for 20 plus years, he lives for his animals and any animal would be very lucky to have him and Marc look after them on a permanent basis.

Anthony Brooks (Peterborough , )


Marc and Richie will give this little boy the life he deserves

Rebekah Miles (Northumberland , )


I want to see Chico settled for life in this truly loving home.

Alan Meredith (Sale, )


Because he deserves the best life with Marc and Ritchie

Anthony Harvey (Blyth, )


I think he deserves the best life with marc and richie

Danielle Kelly (Blyth northumberland, )


If chico is settled and happy why should he be moved if the foster parents would like to keep him.

Gemma Howlett (Ipswich, )


The dog is settled let him be and have a good life

Donna Conway (Blyth, )


Chico is extremely lucky to have found such an amazing loving home. It’s madness not to leave him where he has already settled and is loved so much. I’m always one for following rules but I feel the rule not to allow Chico to stay put really isn’t in Chico’s best interest. Chico needs to stay where he is, please let the little fella continue to live the life he deserves!!!

Kim Page (Ipswich , )


The rules of the charity does not seem fair. Chico is happy with Marc and Richie and their other dogs and it would not be fair to split them up. They make wonderful owners and chico deserves a happy home.

Steven Jennings (Ipswich. , )


A dog should not be thrown around just because of policy the best for Chico is to be in a happy settled environment which he has grown use to already I believe you should reconsider your policy’s immediately starting with Chico …….

Martin Flack (Ipswich, )


He needs to be with people that love him and not moved to house to house 🤷🏻‍♂️

Alan Keeble (Colchester, )


Surely giving a loving home is a priority for there forever home and a home with these guys is heaven on earth

Pauline Moorhouse (Peterborough , )


I can't believe you would find a better home by having 3 prior foster dogs, surely these people love this dog and you are risking him not being adopted 🙄

CHRISTINE Duthie (Tallington, )


This is cruel as he has a wonderful home already and you want to uproot him and take him to a stranger when he has the love of a family. PLEASE LEAVE HIM

sharon Damree (Ipswich , )


i believe that this little fellow should be given a chance and be allowed to stay in ipswich were hes currently being fostered

caroline Rose (Ipswich , )


It's the right thing to do, why move the dog about if its already got a super loving home

Bernie Clark (Blyth, )


They are wonderful caring parents of fur babies

Michele Turnbull (Blyth Northumberland , )


Because they love him and he has obv settled well. Why change that.

Sue Woodsford (Ipswich, )


Coco have a loving home and settled with the other dogs why should he be torn away from a loving home

Nikky Fitch (Ipswich , )


This little man needs a stable home and couldn't think of anyone better to care for him and live out his years with

Emma Nice-Mcneil (ipswich, )


The rule is ridiculous! All dogs should be homed 🤬 and he is , so do the right thing and leave him where he is loved 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Donna Allen (Peterborough , )


Paul Glanfield

Paul Glanfield (Rendlesham, Woodbridge, )


the rescue deem these people good enough to foster for them. In my opinion and as seen in other rescue policy the family should have FIRST refusal when adopting.

Julie Blackstock (Shotley, Ipswich, )


Let this Family adopt Chico.
They clearly love him to bits.

Susan Dine (Ellesmere Port, )


Chico deserves to stay with the family that love him.

Rose Dawson (Ipswich , )


I love animals and this little fella sounds like he has been through enough

Jess Slade (Ipswich, )


I am signing because if you had the dogs best interests truly at heart, you would leave this puppa happy where he is.

Louise Lockwood (Ipswich, )


Chico needs to stay where he is ....the family are good enough to Foster why can't they adopt

Judith Chapman (Newtownards, )


Chico should be able to stop being moved from pillar to post

Sarah Knight (Ipswich , )


This loving family should be allowed to adopt ♥️

Pauline Wright (Badajoz, )


If a dog is settled into a home and is happy there, it can do a lot of damage to the dog, especially if they have had a bad past, to move them to another home then quickly move the dog again. The rescue he is with is not putting the dog's needs first, they are more concerned in how they look. Over the years I have failed as a fosterer 4 times, I have 2 of these dogs now. If the rescue cares about the dog more that themselves then they will leave the dog where he is. If it is the adoption fee they are worried about, I am sure this person would soon get it.

Margaret Parsons (Huddersfield, )


I think this lovely boy deserves to stay in a settled house where he sounds to have fitted right in why put him through more moves and disruption

Mick Newell (Ipswich, )


I know Richie and Marc very well ,and they are wonderful and caring towards their dogs. You couldn't wish for a better home for this lovely boy. They will love him and look after him. Please let him go to this lovely home



These people are amazing foster parents to this pup and have fallen in love. Please make theirs and their pups dream come true.

Emma Millington (Peterborough, )


This family are willing to give this little boy a forever home don’t put him through anymore trauma please.

Tracey Caraccio (Ipswich, )


This dog is in a happy loving home and deserves to stay there

tracy wostear (London , )


I believe it would be cruel to take him from a loving home& a family that loves him.

Barbara Gooch (Ipswich, )


Why move him when he is settled and loved. It seems cruel & unnecessary. Leave him with his Foster family!

Howard Fiona (Ipswich, )


Richie and Mark should be able to keep this beautiful little boy. Please don't break their hearts and please don't uproot this doggie. He's been through enough it's not fair on him to do this. I think you seriously need to rethink your policies. I'll happily give a donation if you please reconsider your decision.

Ann Ward (Evesham , )


Please let his present fosterers keep him and adopt him. We fostered two dogs from Cyprus and adopted them both....with no problems!! Failed foster parents are the best kind of failures in the world! Love makes them fail.

Christine Smylie (Ipswich, )


Chico should be able to permanently stay with his current fosterers if they want to adopt him

Ruth Whitcomb (Ipswich, )


Chico should remain where he is loved

Laura Lewkowytsch (Ipswich, )


I think they are wonderful to foster this little dog in the first place.why upset the dog and move him from where he feels loved and safe.please let them keep him.for the dogs sake and theirs

Clare Cresswell (Worcs, )


It's the right place for a dog needing the best home ever. Leave him where he is.

Sally Page (Peterborough , )


This little dog has been through enough trauma. Why can rescue centres not leave well alone when the dog is settled with responsible owners who desperately want to adopt him.

Anne Coates (Southwick, Trowbridge, )


He’s happy here

Charley Barton (Ipswich, )


Because I am devoted to my 4 dogs and know dogs suffer mental health issues by being constantly rehomed

Annisa Taylor (Blyth , )


It's so not fair poor little fella

Christine Grantham (Feeling , )


I believe the dogs wellbeing should be considered, if he's settled, leave him be

Roxanne Cass (Ipswich , )


It's wrong, the dog has a loving home n now going to a diff foster to wait til adoption, who decided this because it's wrong.

Bronwen Goodwin (Satellite beach, )


This little fella needs to stay here im sure he will be very much loved and the family will give all the love in the world

Julie Pope (Ipswich , )


I'm signing because I agree whole heartily that these dogs well being & happiness is more important than rules. Please reconsider and allow them to give Chico his forever home with them..

Sarah Clarke (Fishburn, )


Because its the right thing to do

Chris Kemp (Ip, )


The needs of the dog come before any policy. There should not be a blanket policy where you must foster a certain amount before being allowed to adopt. The dog is said to have settled and feels safe where he is, I believe he should stay there. Disrupting a dog that feels safe and moving him from that environment can cause unnecessary stress and therefore unnecessary emotional harm. For the emotional welfare of the dog, keep him where he is.

Deb Cully (Carlisle, )


Would be so cruel to remove this adorable boy from this family which obviously love him, could do so much harm to him and unsettle him. Please let him stay where he is so loved and cared for

Cheryl Elsey (Sudbury, )


I've never known two people as dedicated to looking after dogs as Richie and Marc are. Their furbabies mean the world to them...they aren't pets, they are family. It seems totally ridiculous to me that they are considered suitable enough to foster but not to adopt. Surely if little Chico has bonded and is doing well it would be in his best interests to stay where he is comfortable and feels secure? The poor little lad has had enough upheaval in his life, it seems cruel to subject him to more when he has found such a loving family.

Tracey Page (Ipswich, )


Chico is adored, taken care of, and most of all - loved. Why rip that from him when he's settled and found his forever home.

Gemma Ippolito (Peterborough , )


Because they need to keep chico

Sam Green (Ipswich, )


Please let those people keep Chico please don't let him go through all that stress when there's no need when he could have a loving home with that family ❤ who he's already bonded with please don't be cruel to chico by removing him 😢

Glynis Finch (Ipswich, )


Stop moving the little dog around, he is with someone that loves him very much.

Debra Fuller (Ipswich, )


Why upset the dog by removing it from a settled home. You'll lose support this way.

James Hogan (London, )


This is ridiculous. He’s happy and settled and been offered a loving home. This is surely the aim of rescue organisations. Why cause him more stress by moving him unnecessarily.

Heidi Cobb (Ipswich , )

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