Put in place traffic calming measures to prevent dangerous driving!



I am worried and constantly disturbed by speeding cars outside my house on Anderton Park Road. The speed limit is 20 mph but it is not enforced and every night there are cars speeding on this and adjoining roads.

Viki Sullivan (Birmingham , 2022-02-03)


Nigel Dodds

Nigel Dodds (Birmingham, 2022-02-03)


Children’s right to play UNCRC Article 31,

Simbi Folarin (Birmingham , 2022-02-03)


Crazy drivers are using Anderton park rd and Sandford rd as a high speed race track in the day and night . Residents do not feel safe in the road they live in . This senseless dangerous driving will lead to a fatality, if no action is not taken.

Tom Santisook (Birmingham , 2022-02-03)


There are always cars speeding down Sandford Road and Anderton Park Road making it very dangerous for other road users and pedestrians.

Jo Tatlock (Birmingham , 2022-02-03)


The traffic is very dangerous. I’ve had my front wall destroyed once, at night the area is used like a racetrack.

Dan Strong (Birmingham, 2022-02-03)


Mary Abbott

Mary Abbott (BIRMINGHAM, 2022-02-03)


The problem of speeding cars has grown exponentially over recent years.

Paul Green (Birmingham , 2022-02-04)


A lot of dangerous driving on these roads and they need to be made safer.

Nick Winnicott (Birmingham, 2022-02-04)


As a local resident I am dismayed by the behaviour of some motorists on these roads, particularly Belle Walk, and would like to see proposals for some action.

Nick Drew (Birmingham, 2022-02-04)


I am genuinely concerned about the crazy speed and anti social driving on Sandford Road, however this is in no way a request for a LTN!

Simon Newey (Birmingham, 2022-02-04)


As a resident of Anderton Park Road, something needs to be done about the dangerous driving.

Sarah Reynolds (Birmingham , 2022-02-04)


It is becoming dangerous on Anderton Park Road. I am especially worried about children, not only crossing the road, but also walking on the pavement going to school or home.

Theo K. (Birmingham, 2022-02-04)


Huw Davies

Huw Davies (Birmingham, 2022-02-05)


These serious issues need addressing ASAP before more accidents and fatalities.

Amy Maddocks (Birmingham, 2022-02-05)


I live on Forest Road and am constantly worried for the safety of my children due to dangerous driving on residential streets in Moseley.

John Everson (Birmingham , 2022-02-05)


Something definitely should be done to calm the traffic on these roads - some of the driving is nonsensical / dangerous and needs calming asap!

Jonathan Leigh (Birmingham, 2022-02-05)


Driving in this area has become highly dangerous and needs to be addressed.

Nicholas Oram (Birmingham, 2022-02-06)


Please take heed of the views of our community of citizens. Anderton Park Road and some neighbouring streets are becoming well-used rat runs. Despite the speed limit of 20 MPH Anderton Park Road experiences drivers going much faster. We have seen a car overrun as it clipped another vehicle. I doubt it will cease to be a direct route from the A435 to the A 34 but severe calming measures would serve to limit the speed of traffic.

Roger Woods (Birmingham, 2022-02-13)


Every day I worry about the safety of my children due to reckless, dangerous, high-speed driving. We live on Sandford Road and walk along Anderton Park Road and Forest Road to get to school. No matter what time of day, we witness irresponsible drivers. We also very often get woken up in the middle of the night by loud cars zooming up and down our street. It is time that effective traffic calming measures are put in place once and for all.

Kathrine Nygard (Birmingham, 2022-02-13)


Something needs to be done on Anderton Park Road. It is not safe anymore for us or our children.

Onsei I. (Birmingham, 2022-02-13)


Mohammed Saddique

Mohammed Saddique (Birmingham, 2022-02-16)


Traffic volumes in the roads mentioned have increased dramatically in recent years, quite possibly by drivers trying to avoid A435 congestion (not helped by ineffective measures applied during the pandemic). Added to this is the increasingly bad driver behaviour. Speeding is now the norm and the 20mph limit is rarely observed. Speeding vehicles include cars, vans, hgv's and buses/shuttles. Even Council owned vehicles routinely speed. There are also a number of car drivers who drive at very high speeds, causing very real hazards to pedestrians. Not only traffic calming is needed. Enforcement is essential and new technology, including average speed cameras must be considered.

John Hall (Birmingham, 2022-02-17)


I feel very strongly on support of traffic calming measures on Trenant Vale. There have been a number of near misses over the past few years.

Paul Boden (Wadebridge , 2022-02-18)


I live in the area and am concerned for the safety of my neighbours and myself. The 20mph speed limit is of no use if it is not enforced.

Alexander Robbie (Hereford, 2022-02-18)


Speeding cars.

Fidelma Regan (BIRMINGHAM, 2022-02-21)


We need measures on these streets to force people to drive more slowly and safely. There is particularly reckless and terrifying driving which is dangerous to all.

Rose Redgrave (Birmingham , 2022-02-22)


I’ve seen way too many near misses on these roads. I don’t think we should wait for the worse to happen before we fix the problem. So many kids living in these area, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Lisa O’Donnell (Birmingham , 2022-02-23)


Because l, m
Deaf and sometimes people s r not aware of this as when they’re driving and l’ d just need peace of mind and be safe at all time.as l’ d do alots of walking in the Areas

Pat Taylor (Birmingham , 2022-02-25)


I reside on the road and have personally witnessed numerous incidents of dangerous driving. Every day cars zoom down the road at excessive speeds. All night long we hear engines roaring. I hear for my daughter's safety any time we walk down the road.

Jennifer Wunn (Birmingham, 2022-02-26)


This whole area is used as a race track by morons in high powered cars. Does someone have to die before actiin is taken?

Rob Hall (Birmingham , 2022-02-27)


Cars racing on our streets are a threat to life and a constant source of anxiety for residents. Aside from the racers, most ‘regular’ drivers ignore the 20mph speed limit and drive at 30mph+.

I’ve lost count of the times people have gone down our road and surrounding roads at high speed as I was about to step into the road.

Time to put an end to it, to save lives and help residents feel safe.

Ian Cuthbert (Birmingham , 2022-02-27)


Its important to the community

Sadaf Zeshan (Birmingham , 2022-02-27)


Drivers go way above the spoed limit, it is unsafe and i have seen lots of accidents and near misses

Lauryn Male (Birmingham, 2022-02-27)


I have children that walk to school and it scares me every day when they walk to school because the speed that people drive around these roads.

Naomi Williamson (Birmingham, 2022-02-27)



Shaziah Khan (Birmingham , 2022-02-27)


The current traffic calming measures are insufficient and does not deter dangerous driving at all times of the day and night. Anderton park road in particular is used as a race track in both directions and also for particularly loud engined cars to demonstrate how ostentatious they are. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

Ismail Ughratdar (Birmingham , 2022-02-28)


As a local resident walking and cycling on these roads I see and fear the dangerous driving and implore BCC to do something to make us feel safe.

Paul Cooper (Birmingham, 2022-02-28)


Cars are racing down this street everyday. There have been numerous near misses. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious injury or someone gets killed

Christine Kilday (Birmingham, 2022-03-01)


Traffic calming measures are needed on Belle Walk as its used as a rut run. Many times I've almost been knocked over.

Adam Styler (Birmingham, 2022-03-01)


Too many drivers drive far too fast for safety on these residential streets

Janet Woods (Birmingham, 2022-03-02)


I’m worried about the dangerous driveing going on our local roads.

Aalia Yamin (Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


I'm the headteacher of Anderton Park school and parents report near misses almost daily

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


Tim Jarvis

Tim Jarvis (KIDDERMINSTER, 2022-03-03)


Kulsoom Khan

Kulsoom Khan (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


I am signing as I use this road to drop my 2 boys to school and it worries me to see the speeds at which the cars zoom on these inner-city roads where the speed limit is just 20-30 km/h, lots of children use these roads as there are 3 schools within the same vicinity and its a huge risk to their lives and also the people living along these roads

Malcolm Pinto (Moseley, Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


Ahmed Fettah

Ahmed Fettah (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


I live on wake green road and my 2 kids study at the school on Oakland road. Over the last few years the traffic has increased considerably and higher number of accidents and rash driving incidents. It is a nightmare walking my kids to school as there have been so many instances where the cars zoom by and ignore signals and race down anderton park and Mayfield road. This area is residential and has schools around which is really dangerous especially for children and elderly (owing to the retirement homes around).

Swid Pin (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


My child attends school there!

Tazleem Akhtar (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


I don't feel safe walking and cycling in the area.

Rachael Redfern (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


Something needs to be done to reduce speeding and dangerous driving throughout the whole area

Sarah Chaundler (Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


The driving on these roads is utterly life-threatening ... constantly.

Mark Ashton (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


I live on Woodstock Rd and am constantly having to deal with speeding cars on the road. We did a petition a few years ago as residents have had enough. Wrong side of Moseley to be taken seriously.

Taslim Jan (Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


Someone is going to be killed

Hilma Crabtree (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


My elderly mother lives on Church Road and regularly hears boy racers and speeding cars racing around the Streets at all hours of the day and night

Mauro Antoniazzi (Helston, 2022-03-03)


I’ve seen accidents first hand and dangerous driving most days on Anderton park road. I’m a resident who lives just off this road and would love to see action taken.

Kate Naylor - Barton (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


Living and working around these roads I regularly see so many accidents, near misses and horrendous driving.

Louise Haydon (Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


Noisy and dangerous traffic is a real problem around here.

Valerie Theay ( Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


I live in the area and it shouldn’t take a fatality for action. Prevention is better and enforcement on these little idiots is needed.

Emma Crowe (Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


I live on sandford road and have lived on church road, i have a toddler and im afraid of him going towards the road to get into our car as people drive so fast. Its so dangerous.

Nicola Cleal (Birmingham , 2022-03-03)


I commute by bike through this area and speeding motorists are not simply inconsiderate but threaten my life.

Julie Wall (Birmingham, 2022-03-03)


Need measures in place to stop someone getting killed.

Pawan Punn (Birmingham , 2022-03-04)


I line on Woodstock road and have seen people race their car down the road endangering pedestrians

Daniele Harford (Birmingham, 2022-03-04)


I live locally and see first hand how people drive so recklessly.

Kasim Sumar (Birmingham , 2022-03-04)


I live locally and am affected

Elizabeth Norman (Birmingham, 2022-03-04)


I have experienced dangerous and reckless driving on these roads

Paddy Broughton (Birmingham, 2022-03-04)


This is a residential quiet neighbourhood which blacks police patrol or presence.

Rachel Pready (Birmingham, 2022-03-04)


I live on woodstock road and the young speeding drivers will likely kill themselves or other people in the future. Our neighbourhood seems to be a racetrack!

Steve Pollock (Birmingham, 2022-03-04)


I have meet samebody speeding school are.

Dahir Addow (Birmingham , 2022-03-04)


Church Road has become hell,its used as a cut through. The fumes are horrendous.

Sharon Molloy (Birmingham , 2022-03-05)


There is a huge issue for kids and safety, with large risk of serious injury or loss of life, concidering speeds some travel past school

Richard Protherough (Birmingham, 2022-03-05)


Owners of cars should not feel entitled to speed! It is dangerous

Ana Adams (BIRMINGHAM, 2022-03-05)


My brother lives on the junction of Woodstock and Anderson Park!!!

Katherine Stocks Stocks (Birmingham, 2022-03-06)


Drivers are speeding through these roads without considering the safety of pedestrians crossing the roads.

Surinder Punn (Birmingham, 2022-03-06)


Julie Barton

Julie Barton (BIRMINGHAM, 2022-03-06)


I was compelled to sell my beautiful family home on Woodstock Rd - racers turned in frpm Yardley Wood Rd full speed by the time thy passed my home and then either screech to a halt if they were observant, else jumped the lights, meanwhile bretheren were whizzing down Anderton Park Rd and same scenario at the lights. Utter nightmare. Very dangerous. Many, many accidents. Very unpleasant environment now.

Sarah Evers (Birmingham, 2022-03-06)


I'm signing because my sons school is right by that road and surrounding roads. Children are nearly run over daily on the walk to and from school. As well as cars parking on pavement, no room for wheelchairs or pushchairs. Its really scary. Then the racers and drug addicts of a night, getting high on those NOS canisters and driving like lunatics after. It needed addressing years ago, it's now getting out of hand.

Amy Maddocks-Payne (Birmingham , 2022-03-11)


Too many fast drivers

Reneka Farmah (Birmingham, 2022-03-13)