University of Delaware COVID-19 Booster Mandate



Please consider this petition seriously for reasons stated in the document.

Ted Brennan (Sussex, 2022-01-11)


I am signing this petition because I believe we don't have a one size fits all approach to health. And it's clear that all individuals are able to contract and spread the infection. A mask can be removed and testing can be temporary, but a vaccine is permanent even after the student graduates.

Daniel Leone (Shelton, 2022-01-11)


We know that the threat to our students posed by the Omicron variant is miniscule. By comparison, the chance of long-term negative side-effects of the boosters is much greater. Given that vaccination/boosting clearly does NOT prevent the spread of infection, there is no public health reason to mandate either. If UD mandates the booster and a student suffers injury or death, the University will be held liable for the results. Please reverse your decision before it is too late.

Lisa Mickey (Phillipsburg, 2022-01-11)


I’m signing because students are being discriminated against and being bullied by the University into getting a booster that 1. Proves no more effectiveness against covid than the original forced vaccine, 2. Is to “protect” against something that is not a threat to them, 3. Is not required (nor was the vaccine) for staff who then get to choose if they teach sub-par online courses or in-person, 4. Has unknown side effects in young adults who should, with their families, be able to decide what is best fir their situation. No real data is being used in this tyrannical decision-how many UD students were in the hospital due to covid in the Fall?!?!?!?!? This is not the America I grew up in and UD is hypocritical to force this unproven, potentially more harmful than good, booster on the students.

Diane Castonguay (Massapequa, 2022-01-11)


Booster for a variant that no longer exists, which introduces unknown effects, for a virus that poses effectively no threat to the young, is reckless at best.

Jackie Wilson (Landenberg, 2022-01-11)


Being forced to participate in A phase 3 medical trial should not be a condition to receiving a university education. The risk for these experimental shots is catastrophic to our young adults. The risk of dying from the Covid shot is 170 Times greater than the flu shot. Myocarditis caused by the Covid shot causes more hospitalization in young males than hospitalization than from Covid. The administration needs to learn the facts about the dangers of these shots. STOP THE MANDATES

Lori Joyce (Phoenixville , 2022-01-11)


I think a booster should be OPTIONAL This age group is not high risk!!! Please let our children have a choice

Suzanne Loth (Morris Plains, 2022-01-11)


Parent of UD student

Marla Lusby (Annapolis , 2022-01-11)


The Covid-19 booster mandate should be changed to a RECOMMENDATION . Evidence suggests that the virus is transmitted regardless of your vaccination status. Mounting evidence points to serious risks from exposure to the Covid 19 vaccines and scientific research shows that Covid 19 side effects are more common in young people.

Kimberly Szczerba (Warwick, 2022-01-11)


My daughter now has natural immunity because she just got over Covid-19 in December after being vaccinated. She does not need and shouldn’t have to get a booster after contracting the virus.

Robyn Rusinski (Medford, 2022-01-11)


I do not believe a booster should be mandated for young healthy children. Booster should be their choice not the University's.

Maria Cole (Hillsdale, 2022-01-11)


For reasons given in the above petition.

Bob McCormick (Farmingdale , 2022-01-11)


I whole heartily agree with the statement made by the petition. I am worried for the health of my child .

Monika Shanahan (Hamilton , 2022-01-11)


Enough is enough, leave our kids alone!!

Lisa Danski (Toms River , 2022-01-11)


My daughter has now had Covid 2x in the past year and has had 2 vaccinations. I do not like that Udel is mandating a 3rd shot.

Melissa Brown (Moorestown, 2022-01-11)


I do not want my 22 year old son - a man - be required to take a booster shot against his wishes to finish the University he loves and has been at for 31/2 yrs in order to graduate with a degree he has worked so hard for .

Linda Angueira (East Meadow, 2022-01-11)


I do not believe these healthy young people should be required to get a booster when it has been shown to not stop the spread. Please reconsider this as a mandate.

Diana Markatos (Annandale, 2022-01-11)


My daughter is a junior and these mandates need to stop!

Carrie Attig (Lewes, 2022-01-11)


Ridiculous mandate

Ted Loth (Morris Plains, 2022-01-11)


Both my sisters go to university of Delaware and I believe it unnecessary for them to receive the booster

Hannah Staib (Charleston , 2022-01-11)


Where there is risk, there MUST be choice.

Wendy Rogers (Wilmington, DE, 2022-01-11)


My son has already had Covid and omnicron with being vaccinated. The booster does nothing as they are finding out.

Chris Wicklund (Shrewsbury, 2022-01-11)


UD should not be issuing a blanket mandate without knowing each student’s personal health history, especially for an inoculation that has been proven to NOT be as effective as previously thought,
and especially for an endemic virus that is NOT dangerous to the student-aged population,
and especially when said inoculation uses new technology and has no long term safety or effectiveness data,
and especially when there are MANY reports of adverse side effects from these inoculations.

Let the students make their own health decisions instead of forcing them to choose between their education and injecting substances into their bodies.

G Chapman (Virginia, 2022-01-11)


This vaccine does not stop the spread. It should be a Choice.

Amy Mack (Glastonbury , 2022-01-11)


There is no science showing the vaccine or booster prevent the spread of covid. Vaccinated individuals are spreading the virus the same as the unvaccinated. It is unethical and there are there are legal questions surrounding this. To mandate this for students and not allow students to come to campus who do not comply is discrimination.

Brooke Mesanko (Toms River, 2022-01-11)


Thanks so much for doing this!
My daughter received 2 vaccines already
Enough is enough.

Anne Alliegro (Westfield, 2022-01-11)


My children are alumni, and as a supporter of the University of Delaware, I am appalled at its mishandling of Covid mitigation policy in this manner.

Timmy Jo Given (ELLENDALE, 2022-01-11)


I do not believe mandating a booster shot is in the best interest of the student population. Furthermore, many studies from around the world show that the booster has no therapeutic benefit for this age group (under 30)

Iona Siemer (Bridgeport, 2022-01-11)


Booster does not work for Omicron

Ken Petersen (Martinsville, 2022-01-11)


I'm signing because I have family and we are against these mandates on every level.

James Dengler (West Chester, 2022-01-11)


This is unconstitutional and against state law.

Dennis Loughnane (Loganville, 2022-01-11)


Too many unknowns

Wendy Dorrian (Red Hook, 2022-01-11)


My daughter was just accepted to your school yesterday for the fall of 2022 but will not be attending if this booster mandate is not removed. Thank you.

Jessica Parsell (Harrington, 2022-01-11)


Teaching students their rights are taken away by these "mandates" is poor guidance. Your student population is probably 90%+ vaccinated or by natural immunity. Enough is enough!

Mark Dengler (Winchester, 2022-01-11)


This is unlawful; a mandate is not law. There is no informed consent. Many students have natural immunity and there is no proof that this will help the students and we know it can do harm. Against many students sincerely held religious beliefs and Ingredients not disclosed. People are not experimental!

Pamela Poad (Newark , 2022-01-12)


No booster mandate!!

Gracemarie Cupo (Hazlet, 2022-01-12)


My Freshman daughter suffered severe damage from the mandate, including persecution, bullying and being prevented from access to the dining hall, among other places, when she was unable to get tested and submit results one week. She was coerced into finally getting the shot under duress due to the university's baseless, useless and harmful mandate. The pressure on her was incredible. Her grades suffered. Her mental health suffered. Her physical health suffered. She does not want to put more unknown chemicals in her body that are not effective at preventing spread, especially given her natural immunity having had covid.

Heidi Tonero (Milton, Delaware, 2022-01-12)


Mandates should not be forced upon students when we do not have enough studies of the effect of this vaccine and vaccines should be based on individuala health

Bernadete Russo (Ronkonkoma, NY, 2022-01-12)


My 20 year old has been fully vaccinated due to the UD Mandate and has had health issues ever since. He had also had omicron. He doesn’t need a booster.

Lydia Abu-Rahmeh (New Smyrna Beach, 2022-01-12)


I'm opposed to any mandates re forced vaccination for covid. We, as individuals are 'in charge of our bodies/health, not institutions or government. We are not sheep to blindly follow ur dictates!

Gretchen Fitting (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


I agree. The science is clear that the vaccine doesn’t reduce transmission, confirmed by CDC and CEO of Pfizer. It should be a PERSONAL choice, not mandate.

Kyle DeMarino (West Chester, 2022-01-12)


I am an alumni of the U of D. I respectfully, but emphatically, ask that you not mandate an untested health regimen to the young, healthy, and independent students that make up your student body. If we don't have sovereignty over our own bodies, we have no freedoms at all.

John Light (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


I am signing because I believe in an informed freedom of choice.

Gail Freeman-szal (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


I am signing this petition because I am deeply concerned with the medical safety of these students.

Janyce COLMERY (WILMINGTON, 2022-01-12)


The University can't articulate a logical reason for this mandate base on science, or law or ethics. If you can't articulate a reason then end the mandates.

TRAVIS EBEL (Newton, 2022-01-12)


I urged you to look at more data than the often skewed and confusing “government guidelines/mandates”. Not every college in the country is taking these draconian steps to severely restrict students, keep them online in class when it isn’t always beneficial, restrict socializing (an extremely important part of attending a University.) and follow a political operative in government (Fauci) a non elected official who is constantly giving misleading information while grazing magazine covers. Evidence is coming out that he did INDEED authorize funding gain of function research m, with Wuhan labs to create a highly contagious and deadly virus (biological weapon) then experimenting with a not fully “Approved vaccine” ’(While they make us think it is)
Equally horrifying are Fauci’s Nazi like experiments on beagles, putting their heads in cages while sand fleas feed on them until the puppies are dead. That is cruel an I humane treatment only pointing out that Fauci is an evil demagogue. The virus is mutating down, as viruses do, becoming more like a bad cold. The fear being instilled into vulnerable students is unacceptable. They entire way this has been handled has soured me on ANY donations to you, especially when you received PPP funds of hundreds of thousands.. and have greatly reduced food places and services, yet no reduced rates given to said students.

Instead of following a leader like the pied piper, be yourself! The confident UD of the 70’s that didn’t need lockdowns and virtual classes.
Come up with you own less constraining safety measures. We are hearing Covid cases are. Becoming more mild, like a bad cold. Schools do not shut down for colds.
The Democratic (Demented Biden) playbook is getting old. Our country was built on feee speech and thought. Professors actually encouraged you to think, come up with a thesis. Schools are to train and educate for careers. The should not be run by the Department of Justice. The continued freedom of our country depends on it. Socialism, Fascism, Marxism have no place in the Units States of America. You need to be a leader in the one University with the most to offer in the state of Delaware. Hoping that will not mean aiding and abetting those with unpatriotic intentions

Colleen Davis (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


Even the CEO of Pfizer recognizes this treatment does not innoculate the receiver from the virus or prevent them from passing along the virus. It may ONLY possibly help the receiver have a better outcome. In addition FEMALES may suffer damage to their reproductive systems among MANY other side effects. You are subjecting students to an UNTESTED treatment. Do YOUR research.

James Applegate (Pine Beach, 2022-01-12)


This booster mandate for students (or anyone) is illegal and not based on science. Please provide the research that indicates this is best practice.

Cirks Maria (Middletown Delaware , 2022-01-12)


I'm signing because I oppose all mandates for medical products. No one should be forced to inject something into their body in order to attend school.

Kim Mitzen (WILMINGTON, 2022-01-12)


This is an urgent issue! Diane Cannon

Diane Cannon (Newark, 2022-01-12)


Because there is no reason for these kids to get any more shots!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Kevin Gelmin (Commack NY, 2022-01-12)


It’s wrong to mandate a booster for the students when the same is not mandated for the staff and employees of UD. The CDC guidelines do not mandate, rather recommend. UD has based their mandate on the recommendations of “reputable”public health officials. There’s plenty of evidence emerging that the booster will not stop the spread of Omicron and rushing to boost these kids is being challenged by many members of the medical/scientific community as potentially doing more harm than good. UD should allow students to do what they feel is right for them, rather than mandate and punish for non-compliance, as any reputable public health official will change their recommendations when new data emerges supporting a different recommendation for the very population UD seeks to protect. Unfortunately when anyone tries to engage in a meaningful discussion about this topic, the thread is removed from social media and in some cases the author is straight out banned from the social media platforms, making it impossible for any discussion other than the one that aligns with the outcome sought by UD.

Jason Siemer (Bridgeport , 2022-01-12)


Covid vaccines and booster shots have not been present long enough to be fully accredited.

Daniel Cooper (Selbyville, 2022-01-12)


These mandates are damaging to college students and they are unsupported by science.

Cheryl Henry (Newark, 2022-01-12)


Personal choice is key. No mandates.

Erin Chronister (Bridgeville, 2022-01-12)


Mandates are unconstitutional.

DL Legan (Middletown, 2022-01-12)


I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the petition !

Cindy Welch (Wilmington , DE, 2022-01-12)


My daughter is a student

Jeffrey Fallon (Port Jefferson , 2022-01-12)


I'm signing this because it is unfair and not based on science. See studies attached. Why should this population be forced to boosters when evidence clearly shows this & the vaccines are nothing more than therapeutics? Stop the madness now before it is too late!

Suzanne Peoples (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


It should be her choice to get boosted, not mandated

Karen McClellan (Linwood, 2022-01-12)


I am a University of Delaware graduate and I object to mandatory vaccinations, to include 'boosters'. You have NO right to force others to take an injection, which has a dubious efficacy to say the least, that they do not want. It is outrageous. Why don't you try persuasion?

Edward Preisendanz (Wilmington, 2022-01-12)


I’ve seen several people injured and dead as a result of it. The vaccine does not stop the spread not the contracting of it. ENOUGH

Stephanie Baffone (Newark , 2022-01-12)

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