Stop The Migrant Channel Crossings



We need to do something about it. Its not fair on the tax payer and homeless people here need help

Dean Wheldrake (Goole , 2021-07-15)


A government’s duty is to protest its citizens, in the last year, we the British people have had all our freedom took away, because of a health pandemic, yet we have hundreds of illegal immigrants, who could be terrorists, criminals, ect allowed to invade our country at will, and to top it off, these criminals are not took to detention centres, they are being put in hotels, it’s disgusting, whilst making hard working British people who pay their tax’s are struggling, enough is enough

David Graham (London, 2021-07-15)


Because I want this to be stopped and for these people who have no right to be here and no nothing about to be removed from the U.K. Before Britain becomes more of a hell hole!

Stephen Elmer (Ipswich, 2021-07-16)


The migrants have crossed many safe countries and are only here for monetary reasons. Once here they do not work, just claim benefits, benefits my late brother who worked all his life was not given when seriously ill.

elizabeth golding (Erith Kent, 2021-07-16)


Because these people have no right to stay ere and they are pinching our pensions to pay these people

Paul Whiteside (Thornton cleveleys, 2021-07-16)


i do not want my country to be filled up, we need to get rid of all that are NOT LEGALL

brenda cook (Albox, 2021-07-16)


We should stop it now

Colin Betts (Hyde, 2021-07-16)


We're being invaded ILLEGAL is illegal but this government is allowing this to happen & seemingly endorcing it

Mary Powell (Portsmouth, 2021-07-16)


I'm fed up of dithering Boris !! Sack Priti Patel and get a MAN with BALLS in ? These illegal terrorists are getting more benefits than our OAPs ? Scandalous to those who have paid into the system all their working lives to see non contributers getting the benefit and theirs are diminished !! TV licence ?

Johnwyn Rowlands (Lichfield, 2021-07-16)


Even more than the pandemic, I believe that the illegal immigration which has been happening for so many years in the UK has already destroyed our national identity. We need to claim it back before it’s lost forever.

Irene Day (Chesterfield , 2021-07-16)


We where promised this would stop and the government are still doing nothing

Matt Wells (Bracknell , 2021-07-16)


Our Government has failed to protect its people

Steve Goldsmith (Sandwich, 2021-07-16)


This government have shown themselves to be spineless and incompetent.

Chris Ward (Birmingham, 2021-07-16)


I'm an Australian who went through hell to get UK citizenship and it's not fair these people don't have to do the same process

Nina Smith (Leeds, 2021-07-16)


We need to have full control of those entering the country and to prevent those with criminal records together with economic migrants entering an already overcrowded country.

David Hall (Nuneaton , 2021-07-16)


I've had enough of this invasion!

John Simpson (YELVERTON, 2021-07-16)


I am sick of thse terrorists coming over here and sponging on this country when we cant house and feed ur war veterans and homeless

peter clarkson (bingley, 2021-07-16)


They're all men! They should be fighting for their own country, helping their own families! They contribute nothing to us and demand more than our own citizens get!

Linda Jones (Warwickshire, 2021-07-16)


I'm a law abiding citizen.

Tony Nicholls (Shrewsbury, 2021-07-16)


I voted Conservative as their manifesto promised us you would control immigration and put an end to illegal immigration. They have failed on both counts and seem unaware how strongly the majority of British people feel about it .

Geoff Tarrant (Cambridgeshire , 2021-07-16)


This buffoon from No10 is IGNORING public opinion and FEARS by condoning this ILLEGAL INVASION which he PROMISED 18 months ago that he would NOT permit,He also PROMISED that all miscreants would immediately be retuned to France or their country of origin

Tony Holland (Sandgate Kent, 2021-07-16)


Time something was done about this

William Naismith (Woking, 2021-07-16)


No one seems to be doing anything about this problem.

Terry Harvey (Stafford, 2021-07-16)


To stop the invasion of Islamic terrorist

Tony Pryke (Chatteris, 2021-07-16)


I am bloody fed up of illegals entering our country illegally on a daily basis and the government doing absolutely nothing to either stop or deport them .
The Taxpayers are not a bank for all these freeloaders.
Send them back immediately or better still escort them straight back before landing here. It is an invasion of god knows who. These people are not that poor when arriving with their mobile phones and designer clothes. But conveniently don’t have passports. GET A GRIP ON THIS SITUATION AND END IT ONCE AND FOR ALL ... NO ENTITLEMENT TO MONEY/ NHS/HOUSING ETC ETC

Beverley Farley (Dewsbury , 2021-07-16)


The current government don’t seem to care and are incompetent at stopping the flood...

Robert Such (Ripley, 2021-07-16)


They are illegal queue jumpers coming from a safe country

William Nash (Caterham, 2021-07-16)


I want this to stop and also to insist France repays any moneys we gave them

Julia Hepburn (Northumberland, 2021-07-17)


Too many reasons to mention

Michael Dale (Kent, 2021-07-17)


Britain's pathetic !

Scott Waite (Pontypool, 2021-07-17)


These illegal immigrants are here illegally - hence the name. We don't want them. We don't need them and we can't afford them.

You were elected to reduce immigration and the people expect you to deliver.

David Craggs (Stoke-on-Trent , 2021-07-17)


We can mo longer give entry to all these young men who come here just to sponge of out country and who knows what else they might be here for

Peggy Busby (Holsworthy, 2021-07-17)


Illegal immigration is costing tax payers millions. These people are from 3rd world countries and will never conform to our way of life. Our streets are no longer safe. Our kids and teenagers can longer go out doors alone as it's no longer safe for them to do so.

Susan Luke (Jarrow, 2021-07-18)


Sick to death of this invasion!

Mandy Oxenham (Bristol, 2021-07-18)


I want Illegal immigration to end

Sean Spillane (Bournemouth , 2021-07-18)


We cant afford to keep them.

Derrick McLeod (Portsmouth, 2021-07-18)


I signing this petition because I’m fed up with this government letting our country get invaded and overrun with unwanted migrants .

David Andtews (Christchurch, 2021-07-19)


How are we supposed to afford the housing and healthcare of these people when we are in the middle of a pandemic. I also believe they are not supposed to be crossing borders without proof of being covid free.

Simon Lynch (Tonbridge, 2021-07-19)


Not fair people cant come legally and these can. They get benefits and british born people dont get any help

oli turner (warwick, 2021-07-19)


We are being invaded

Heather Gardner (Stonehouse, 2021-07-20)


We desperately need to stop this invasion

Heath Fairbairn (Milford Haven , 2021-07-20)


The influx of foreign refugees is having a knock on effect to nhs housing education benefits the English people haven’t paid taxes and fought to make this a free country for present political parties to give it all away

Pete Vann (Leicester, 2021-07-20)


We cannot sustain more people on our small island.

Angela McKavanagh (Astley, 2021-07-20)


Because my fore fathers and mothers are buried in the soil of this great land, I will help defend theirs and ultimately my legacy of culture

Pete Denton (Fareham , 2021-07-21)


The majority are economic migrants. We cannot take the world and its wife, we're a tiny island. We're over populated as it is, our infrastructure can't cope!! 😡😡

Karen Oakley (Cardiff, 2021-07-21)


I’m sick of seeing this happening to our country - we are being flooded and the government/border force seem to be unable /unwilling to do anything about it - total disaster!

Gillian Nash (Orpington, 2021-07-22)


they are illegal plus global rules say they should apply in the first safe country plus we have our own homeless to accomodate

James Robinson (TAUNTON, 2021-07-22)


I want illegal immigrants stopped right now

Andreai wright (Harlow, 2021-07-22)


The European Convention on Human Rights is preventing the UK from stopping bogus refugees in the Channel, creating a paralysis in enforcement.

Steve Unwin (Shaftesbury, 2021-07-22)


Stop Illegal Migrants From Entering UK.

Pauline Lawson (Hull, 2021-07-23)


I disagree with the mass influx of illegal immigrints and the unlawfull breach of uk borders.

dylan willcox (tow law, 2021-07-23)


The situation has become dire

Roland Beard (NEWENT, Gloucestershire, 2021-07-23)


Because we have to fight to stop all these migrants taking over our country l went shopping in Leicester this weekend and l was the only white person apart from two others this would have never been years ago and we need to fight to send them back enough is enough

Josephine Konner (Leicester , 2021-07-23)


It's our country.
It's our land.
We didn't fight 2 World Wars, to just sit back and let these come and invade us.
There not immigrant's there Invaders.
Disgusting on every level.
80% men WHY ?

JULIE FRANCIS (Warrington, Cheshire, England, 2021-07-23)


Its disgraceful the invasion of our little country

Daniel Mcglennon (Immingham Lincolnshire, 2021-07-24)


It's an invasion!

Richard Mulcahy (Reading, 2021-07-24)


Our country is being invdaded.

Ian Tough (Sunderland , 2021-07-24)


I am against all immigration.

David Arnison (Scarborough, 2021-07-24)


Our borders must be policed and controlled.

Graham Hadlow (Tenby, 2021-07-24)


Illegal immigrants have no respect for the law. Genuine immigrants are penalised for applying in the proper manner. Immigrants should apply in the first safe country they enter, not shop around. This can only cause serious problems for the country.

John Hunt (Dudley, 2021-07-24)


Somebody has to fight

Mike Kelly (Macclesfield , 2021-07-24)


I'm signing because nobody should be allowed to cross any border, to any Country illegally.

Nathan Pitts (Norwich, 2021-07-24)


These aren’t asylum seekers -they’re nearly all boat loads of young men -financial seekers is a more apt title.also to claim asylum I thought the law was to go to the NEXT safe boarder-it’s a joke they come through numerous boarder-it’s nothing to do with safety!!the government should stop it like they promised.our local hotel is full of them-now it’s been turned into a refuge for them-crime up-safety issues -people frightened ti go through subway to go to shops-it’s a disgrace what is being allowed to happen to our communities-not to mention no checks appear to be done on their past and even worse now could he bringing Covid’s a disgrace -should be turned around and sent back-if they want to risk their lives that’s there choice they are adults-we are sending out the wrong message helping them get across -they should be sent back.

Sharon Mcmahon (Leeds, 2021-07-24)


I'm a taxpayer.

Pamela Preedy (Redcar, 2021-07-24)


I'm sick of this Government saying they are going to do something about illegal immigration and doing nothing. These illegal immigrants should be stopped before they get here, not ferried in by our Border Force. The money we are giving France to stop this is a joke, they are smiling all the way to the bank. I will NEVER vote Conservative again.

Sheena Schei (Dumfries, 2021-07-25)

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