Support 14 Broadway Fence Planning Permission



They should be allowed to keep the fence there's nothing wrong with it

Hannah Bedford (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I approve of the fence and the structure.

Sandra Kilbride (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


Security is everything and the fence is not an eye sore or blocking any bodies veiw

Susan Mcglinchey (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I'm signing because there is nothing wrong with this fence and looks alot better than an over grown 10ft hedge

Sam Adams (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


His fence looks smart and is if no obstruction to anyone

Zoe Good (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


The fence is of high quality and does not impose on the pilublic footpath

Megan Walker (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


There is nothing wrong with the fence. It doesn't look unattractive.

Joanne Docherty (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


The fence is of good quality and is not an eyesore so I believe it should stay

Duncan Mcrae (Leeds , 2021-04-25)


The fence looks lovely, much better than over grown hedges like you see elsewhere in the area.

Kerry Stobbs (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


This fence looks very nice and should stay put .

Yvonne Brook (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I’m signing because the fencing looks really nice and in keeping with the other houses. It brings a fresh, modern look to the estate. The owners deserve to keep it.

Georgina Oddy (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I think it’s fine

Karena Bilclough (Leeds , 2021-04-25)


Can't see the problem myself

Sarah Wharrier (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


The fence is a lovely addition to the area, and helps keep it more secure for them ☺️

Lucy Horton (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


Perfectly nice fence would have no problem with it

Mark Smith (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I'm signing this petition because this fence is causing no issues, looks a damn sight better then the over grown hedges blocking pavements for disability access and people with prams/pushchairs. It has nothing stuck out of it that can cause harm and the people that live there have worked hard to pay for it and would like to feel safe in their home!

Martine Stodel (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


Its is stupid that this house has been singled out. There are loads of houses im the area with 8ft plus hedges and 6ft fences.
I don't see this as a problem, its been done to a high standard.

Nicola Kerr (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


It is a nice fence, it improves the look of the street.

Robin Mcgregor (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I don't believe that this fence causes any issues that are detrimental to the area

Kath Hornby (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


It looks nice,it's not doing anyone any harm,it's pathetic folk complaining, get a life comes to mind

Michael Stodel (Leeds, 2021-04-25)



Sophie Britten (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


I lived on the estste all my lfe until a year ago so i know everyone there.

Christine Whitaker (Otley, 2021-04-25)


I’m signing because this man should have the right to feel more secure in his own home. 5ft is an acceptable height for a garden fence.

Jean Mcarthur (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


A 5 foot fence is not too high

Mark Johnson (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


It's a fence and it's in keeping with the area and make the area look better.

Andrew young (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


This fence is well made, not intrusive, aesthetically pleasing, in keeping with the area and looks safe and secure

Jo Jones (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


Five foot fencing what's wrong with that with what we all going through britex and covid sad times

Neil Anderson (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


This person should be allowed to keep their fence.

Emily Lickley (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


You shouldnt need planning permission, it's not like its stopping sun in peoples gardens or in way.. it looks nice, neat, tidy and alot better ..

Rowena Weenie Riley (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


Safeguarding properties from vandalism and to help stop burglaries or trespassers is vital in the area. I own salons locally and there are many incidents in the area . The fence also adds cosmetic value as well as security ... 5 foot is not high and I would urge an inspection from Planning .

Beverley Silver (Leeds , 2021-04-25)


A friend on same estate also had her fence reported

Linda Ferguson (Leeds, 2021-04-25)


This is a time waster planning objection. The fence is secure, below 2 metres and attractive and compliments the property.

Tom Brannigan (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


It is your garden and your right to have that sense of security. My opinion your fence isn’t “high” at all!

Sarah Young (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


I am signing because people should be allowed to keep their homes safe. The fence is not offensive unlike the untrimmed 10ft hedges all around the estate and taking over pathways.

Hayley Smith (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


I see nothing wrong with this fence interfering busy bodies
It looks smart and nice and tidy

Kevin Bilclough (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


Nothing wrong with the fence, looks very good and adds security, I can’t understand why you can’t have this but can have a 7 foot high hedge in your front garden

Andy Williams (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


I think it’s a tasteful fence and if the occupiers feel safer with it then allow them to feel this way!

Sophie Moxon (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


Im signing because it looks way nicer than most of the fences round here!!

Janey Dicker (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


It’s ridiculous

Donna Driffield (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


I’m signing because it is lovely to see someone taking real pride in how their home looks. The fence is aesthetically pleasing and raises standards in the area, whilst adding security protection to the property. The fence is attractive and well made.

Marie McCarthy (Horsforth, Leeds, 2021-04-26)


Person is trying to keep property tidy & secure & the fence is not causing any harm

Maria King (Leeds, 2021-04-26)


It’s a nice tidy fence, wish there was more like that rather than all the 10ft hedges around us

Margaret Harriman (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


The fence in question is a marked improvement to the previous existing boundary fencing. It looks smart, is high quality and fits in with the surrounding area. This helps deter people entering the private property, of which previous break ins were an issue.

Paula Law (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


I am signing because the fence looks good and does not harm anyone. It is also there for security purpose which is important for the house as especially if it has been burgled a few times in the past.

Wendy Cheung (Leeds , 2021-04-27)


The fence is legal, the council is wrong

Alan Howard (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


He should be able to have the fence as high as he wants for security, this shouldn't be an issue.

Pete Best (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


This is beyond stupid and it's a pity the council have nothing better to do. I always thought the limit was 6ft without planning permission. The pathetic person who reported it should be ashamed. Good luck to the Dudleys

PATRICIA GILKS (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


I’m signing because people should have the right to protect and improve their property without petty minded neighbours being vindictive or jealous.

Susan Andrews (Bingley, 2021-04-27)


Owners should be allowed to have a fence that protects them.

Wayne Dalley (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


People should be allowed to put a nice fence around their property to help them feel safe.

Kerrie White (Bradford, 2021-04-27)


Common sense not being applied.

CHRIS LOCKWOOD (Leeds , 2021-04-27)


I'm signing because its ridiculous that a homeowner should have to go through this nonsense just because they've erected a perfectly reasonably sized fence to help protect their own property... all because of 1 probable busy body !!!

Victoria Mackey (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


It looks in good condition and is in keeping

Anne Gardner (Horsforth, Leeds, 2021-04-27)


It’s isn’t too high and doesn’t affect anybody else. For their own security this should be allowed

Emma Clayton (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


The council are idiots and need to check their own rules for erecting a residential fence. It is and always has been 6ft without planning permission unless it falls under the right to light category. This fence could be 10ft high and the only people it would affect are the home owners who erected the fence. Maybe the malicious neighbour knows someone on the council.

Evan Davies (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


Im signing becauseLeeds City planning department at the council are fucking morons. Applied for a bay window and apparently it wasnt in keeping with a street where no houses are the same.
Funnily enough the planning Councillor lives in Hare Hills, probably jealous I don't live in a a shit hole.
Wish I'd done it retrospectively like every other person on the road.

Fuck Leeds Council (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


I support this couple, the fence looks very neat and tidy and is lower than the maximum 6ft which is usually allowed

Clare Tighe (Bradford, 2021-04-27)


It’s the right thing to do....

Ben Mansell (Leeds , 2021-04-27)


They have a right and are within the legal requirements of the height.

Sam Patrick (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


When it comes to vandalism and break-ins you are on your own the police are useless. We had to install cctv and put plastic spikes on our wall with anti-vandal paint. I think this couple have done what they needed to do to protect themselves and their property.

Margaret Sinfield (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


It’s a fence that is protecting a family in their own home.

Nick Ross (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


It’s ridiculous that it’s even come to this. Move on Leeds city council

Michael Carroll (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


People need to mind their own business, it's a solidly constructed fence, that adds privacy and security to the owner's property.

Emma Richmond (LEEDS, 2021-04-27)


This person's fence looks lovely, it's not an eyesore and the property appears to be well maintained.

Carl Gardner (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


It's a tidy well maintained fence and posses no issues anyone.

Steve Lee (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


They should be able to protect their property and it is an improvement on last fence

Christine Covey (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


They don’t deserve to be burgled and deserve privacy and with the whole lock down they cannot be losing money they’ve spent protecting their home and family because of ONE complaint

Hayley-Marie Clegg (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


This was done as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of the residents and their property. Being asked to take down the fence is silly, especially when the council website (where guidance was taken from) does not state that it cannot be higher than 3ft.

Miley Stevens (Leeds, 2021-04-27)


I live nearby and have no problem with the fencing in fact it's an improvement

Nicola Broadbent (Leeds, 2021-04-27)

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