Petition against implementation of a low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in Westcombe Park and Maze Hill



This cuts off our area to all of the amenities of Blackheath standard including school buses. The suggested access via congested routes would be impractical to use adding a prohibitive amount of time to quick local journeys. Personally it would add 35 minutes to my children's school journey to school and 20 minutes to their journey home.

Sarah Stock (London, 2021-02-05)


I work at Halstow primary school and need to use the road to park my car. As the roads are permitted I need to move my car every 2 hours. If these new measures go ahead, I will be forced to park south of the railway bridge, meaning I would have to park further away from the school and therefore be out of the classroom for longer to be able to move my car.

Adam Stoodley (London, 2021-02-05)


I don't agree with the road barriers

Jozsef Samuel (London, 2021-02-05)


This effectively cuts us off from Greenwich. It won’t reduce traffic but push it elsewhere so residents will face lengthier journey times to get anywhere local.

Stephanie R (Blackheath, 2021-02-06)


The traffic won’t simply disappear, it will move to other areas of Greenwich (West Charlton) and create even more pollution (near a cluster of primary schools) by creating traffic jams and forcing people to make longer journeys. If Greenwich wanted safer, pollution free streets why allow Ikea and the giant M&S to be built? You created this problem and are now using ill conceived and frankly bizarre ham fisted methods to wish it all away. Shameful behaviour.

Patrick Campbell (London, 2021-02-06)


Its ridiculous how us locals can't drive around our own area especially when some of us work far away as it is so adding extra time onto the journey is not okay. How will emergency vehicles be affected? The only reason there's extra traffic at the moment is because of lockdown and we're driving more so we don't have to take public transport. Now other local roads will be gridlocked, you're just moving pollution and traffic to another place and cutting local people off from certain areas aswell as cutting off businesses.

Lisa Tunstead (Blackheath, 2021-02-06)


This would seriously impact our local neighbourhood. It is ill thought out and counter productive. This must be reconsidered.

Cristina Steward (London, 2021-02-06)


This is a poorly conceived idea that will divide the Westcombe Park community

Mark Lockheart (London, 2021-02-06)


The proposals will only disperse the congestion onto other residential roads, not actually reduce the volume of traffic.

I also work at Halstow Primary School and we have daily deliveries (food, supplies etc) which will be impacted and you will add time for all staff, children and the community to be able to travel and will only increase travel and parking issues for everyone locally.

Samantha Rowe (Greenwich, 2021-02-06)


I’m signing because the proposals are unfair, do not reflect the reality of living in Greenwich and are biased

George Stylianides (London , 2021-02-06)


I’m fed up with Greenwich council making our lives so difficult with these ridiculous road closures.

Tracey Mcgregor (London, 2021-02-06)


I believe the proposals to be ill-thought out, punitive and impractical. Their implementation would be a misuse of council powers and council tax contributions.

John Taylor (London, 2021-02-06)


I agree with the sentiments expressed. The Councils consultation does not provide information to enable an informed choice and does not provide an option to reject the scheme. The impact on neighbouring areas is not thought out.

Vic Larcher (London, 2021-02-06)


I’m signing because these changes would add significant time to all our local car journeys and effectively cut us off from local areas that I will not otherwise be able to get to without going significantly out of my way, therefore spending more time in the car sitting in traffic, thereby causing more pollution not reducing it.

Vanessa Hodgins (London, 2021-02-06)


I am against this scheme for all of the reasons already stated such as increased pollution, bottle necked and gridlocked vehicles. Being penalised for owning a car and trying to take the most efficient route to my front door.

Robert Haylett (London, 2021-02-06)


This is an ill thought out scheme with no consideration of congestion and pollution when traffic flows return to pre-pandemic levels. This scheme will will make things considerably worse and will offer no positive outcome. As a result of the Hill and Vale closures around West Greenwich, what used to take 15 minutes by car from Westcombe Park to Deptford now takes an hour. Once you travel beyond Deptford towards New Cross, the A2 becomes gridlocked with no escape.

ADAM HAYLETT (London, 2021-02-06)


NO!! ... Another money raising hair brained scheme by Greenwich Council to infuriate its residents. The increased levels of pollution caused by schemes such as this are a real danger to asthmatics like me. I moved to the wide open spaces of Westcombe Park to breathe cleaner air not to inhale increased toxic air caused by gridlocked vehicles in my neighbourhood. This idea is preposterous!

Petra Blackmore (London, 2021-02-06)


I'm against the changes

Rebecca White (London, 2021-02-06)


I wholeheartedly agree with all the points made by the proposer of the petition.

Francis matthews (london, 2021-02-06)


LTNs are discriminatory and decisive as evidenced by the Lee agree/Hither Green scheme among others.

Gary Baker (London , 2021-02-06)


I am absolutely FURIOUS at these road closures. I live in Charlton and preventing people getting from Blackheath Standard to the lower roads is completely unreasonable. I do not think for one second this will improve pollution. These ridiculous LTNs only serve to make more stress, frustration, anger and hopelessness to people. In the midst of a global pandemic, how does that help anyone??

Mabel Barrie (London , 2021-02-06)


This plan will not solve the traffic problem in this area, with the already implemented and badly consulted cycle lane on Tragalgar Rd onwards is an accident waiting to happen, yo cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic is much worse. This was changed during the 1st lockdown thinking more people would cycle, this is not a true reflection of traffic levels. The gvt have told us to walk, cycle where possible rather than take public transport. Now buses have lost their bus lanes, emergency services can't get to their emergencies which will risk lives. Trafalgar Rd and Woolwich Rd should be returned as was, this further change will cause even more disruption and a negative impact on the environment, pollution from more and stationary traffic, businesses and deliveries and travel time allowing traffic to move freely not stationary. TFL's motto "keep London moving" doesn't seem fit. I do not agree with the cycle lanes or closure of Maze Hill, Westcombe Hill, Vanburgh Hill or Halstow Rd. Huge mistake

Mulin Lee (London, 2021-02-06)


I’m signing because I live in the area and this will absolutely crazy !

barbara Orellana (London, 2021-02-06)


I live on Westcombe Hill and drive around this area alot in my work as a driving instructor!

Tim Mountain (London, 2021-02-06)


I strongly oppose the proposals to block our local roads forcing local residents and businesses into much longer, more stressful journeys to get to their destinations.

Nicky Marksberry (London, 2021-02-06)


These proposals will not help local traffic issues. The changes made so far in west Greenwich are actually just making journeys longer, not less frequent. There should be a proper consultation before this enormous expenditure.

Andy Hider (London, 2021-02-06)


Because all these proposals do is increase polluting traffic.

Sara Merriman (London, 2021-02-06)


This proposal will be detrimental to the school, teachers are residents . I live in this area and that’s a ludicrous solution. We are completely against it!

Patricia Fitton (London, 2021-02-06)


The impact of these road closures on the already congested Woolwich and Trafalgar Road will be appalling. You seem to forget that people live along main roads and are already suffering from unacceptable pollution snd noise. This scheme solves nothing.

Ruth Brooks (London, 2021-02-06)


I’m signing because these road changes will make it impossible for me to access my children’s classes at Greenwich Music School (Vanbrugh Hill), Proinfinity hockey (The Forum), their physio at Greenwich Centre and school (Halstow Rd)!

Debbie Joyce (London, 2021-02-06)


This proposal affects 5 bus routes which serve the local community in westcombe park and beyond. If this comes into force local busses which serve Blackheath Standard, Kidbrooke Village and westcombe park taking residents to Greenwich town centre and the tube at North Greenwich will be forced to take long detours and will significantly impact on the livelihood of business owners at the standard.

Indeed the recent public consultation on a new bus route from the development at Kidbrooke Village favoured a route which passes via the local shops because local residents wanted to access the local shops and thameslink services from Westcombe Park Station

Stephanie Brookes (London , 2021-02-06)


As a local resident who needs a car to transport my disabled son, and my elderly Father who lives with us, I feel that no consideration has been given to the residents who cannot simply walk or cycle everywhere. We’re already getting the ULEZ expansion forced upon us in Oct, after which the majority of vehicles should be cleaner anyway, which will reduce pollution. However, forcing vehicles out onto inadequate main roads will just create horrendous traffic, and will actually increase pollution from all the engines idling. Ridiculous idea which will pretty much cut off residents from one side of the railway to the other, unless they can make a lengthy, round trip....

Claire Tugwell (London, 2021-02-06)


Prevents my family from getting to school, adding additional costs in both time and money in travelling in different ways.

Lucy Stock (London, 2021-02-06)


I feel this is totally unnecessary and will add to the already congested traffic on Trafalgar rd.

Jessica Svejdar (London , 2021-02-06)


I totally agree with every one of Daniel Jack's arguments against these closure.argument. Furthermore, the council can not claim to have consulted local residents affected by the changes. I live in Annandale Road and have received no consultation document nor letter.

Noreen Salmon (London, 2021-02-06)


There is no need for these restrictions as these roads are fairly quiet, even at rush hour, and closing them would mean people having to drive out of their way to get to schools and shops, how does that help with lowering pollution levels?

Jake Ebeling (London, 2021-02-06)


Im signing this as the traffic is bad enough around greenwich area shutting more roads with the already alterations to the road would cause even more caos

Caroline Woodward (London, 2021-02-06)


Im signing because the proposed road closure plan will be hugely restrictive and block every access to roads towards Blackheath and beyond for me and my family. I believe this plan will make the traffic situation in the Westcombe Park area particularly the Woolwich Road worse rather than better.

Sue Evans (London, 2021-02-06)


This will make my life considerably more difficult.

Stuart Austin (Blackheath, 2021-02-06)


There is not a cut through issue - I live in one of these roads. All this will do is concentrate the pollution and the congestion onto the lower road. What about the people who live, work and walk there?

Fiona Fraser (London, 2021-02-06)


I live near the junction of Humber Road and Halstow Road, and won't be able to access Woolwich Road which is the beginning of almost all of my journeys.

Ian Branagan (Blackheath, 2021-02-06)


I live in the area, Greenwich are bullying drivers off the roads.. Closing roads that are perfectly viable, increasing congestion and reducing quality of life.for people who live here

Alex Scott (London, 2021-02-06)


I am a local resident who lives in one of the roads where the proposal is to close it. I and my family will be significantly impacted. A visit to my family members some of whom are vulnerable in other parts of the borough will entail a much longer car journey. This is so badly thought out and the so called consultation is completely disingenuous. It offers multiple choice suggestions about why you think it is a great idea with no options to say anything other than positive comments.

Miriam Donaghy (London, 2021-02-06)


I’m signing because the impact of the road closures is having a hugely negative effect on the quality of life for local residents. The road closures do not reduce overall traffic but merely funnel the traffic down roads that are left open increasing congestion and pollution for those residents.

Kerry Coburn (London, 2021-02-06)


As a local resident I strongly object to the proposed traffic restrictions. The implementation of the LTN has not been thought through and will not deliver any benefits but will significantly impact local residents.

Here Svejdar (London, 2021-02-06)


This is so the worst idea and will servely impact on my my familys life. I dont believe this will help the air quality they'll just be more gridlock.

Georgina Holmes (Greenwich, 2021-02-06)


The scheme to close the roads in west Greenwich has caused chaos. To close more in east Greenwich will make everything ten times worse. I believe the council is acting without proper consultation and against the interests of residents. We have no voice.

Julia Dodd (London, 2021-02-06)


I live just off Trafalgar Rd and this proposal is going to make living here even worse and increase pollution and congestion in the area

Driana Jones (London, 2021-02-06)


Transport is dismal with poor connections with public transport and now making it even worse for those that drive because there are no routes that can get you around the city.

Becky MARR (London, 2021-02-06)


This proposal will have a damaging impact on the traffic and pollution levels on Trafalgar Road, and will leave the residents north of the railway line completely gridlocked. These roads have been built with public funds, why are they becoming the quasi-sole privilege of their residents, depriving other Greenwich residents from their usage!?

Jean-Bernard Crozet (London, 2021-02-06)


I am signing because I have lived in the borough for 40 years. I now want to leave the borough because of the recent traffic mismanagement ideas of RGB. The cycle lane on Trafalgar road and the new bus lane in Woolwich road is making my life unhappier. The closure of the hill in Greenwich park, Royal hill and Crooms hill have just made Maze hill.more congested. So, once that is closed, what's next? Victoria way won't cope. We should never leave our home or leave the Borough. Thanks for that RGB!

Michael Bennett (Charlton, 2021-02-06)


I think Greenwich council are off with the fairies on these LTNs. Watch Greenwich and Blackheath DIE ! How long till it’s full of empty shops.

Peter Lewis (London, 2021-02-07)


I need to be able to travel by car from my house once a week to food shopping. I won’t be able to get to Asda/Sainsbury’s at all if this proposal goes ahead I’m not sure who thought this up but everyone I know in my area WALKS as much as possible but we still need to be able to leave our house by car on occasion!

Shenda Falvey (Blackheath , 2021-02-07)


I wholeheartedly agree with everything stated in this petition. I live in Beaconsfield Road and with the proposed closures will completely be cut off from accessing Woolwich/Trafalgar Road and would have to use the A2 in order to go to local shops. This is disgraceful!

Elly Bran (London, 2021-02-07)


LTN's are obstructive, elitist and illegal. It is NOT the Council's role to impose restrictions and make life harder for its residents.

Timothy Waters (London, 2021-02-07)


I'm signing because I work in Maze Hill, and to get to work I use either Maze Hill or Vanborough Hill, if I can't go this way, I have to go through Woolwich/Charlton which is a nightmare with the new bus lane. I can't cycle or walk to work as it is to far, no direct bus or train route either. This is madness also, for the business I work for, this will cause no end of disruption. Zero consultation with businesses in the area.

Margaret Watson (London, 2021-02-07)


Because what Greenwich council have done in Greenwich re traffic is wrong, this has and is impacted on us all in a negative way.

Deborah Fennell (London, 2021-02-07)


I feel that the councils are acting against the wishes of the residents. Councillors are not elected to dictate to us, but to act as administrators

Dino Fielding (London, 2021-02-07)


This makes no sense at all!!! Further roads will become a rat run like Victoria Way and charlton church road. These roads are always impossible to drive down as you can’t fir two cars passing. This is madness!!!

Michelle Beaumont (London, 2021-02-07)


Although I'm largely a cyclist, when I occasionally drive, it doesn't make sense to be blocked at every entry/exit point and have to drive round and round to find a way through. Yes, pollution is a problem, but please use carrots ( electric car charging points, electric bike hire etc) rather than sticks.

Mary Bauckham (London, 2021-02-07)


The proposals make little sense
They will displace not reduce traffic....leaving an alternative problem for which no solution has been put forward
No meaningful discussion has taken place within the ruling party or with the public at large

Mike Smith (London, 2021-02-07)


I’m concerned about the knock on effect this will cause to other areas as well. I don’t feel this has been fully thought through as a traffic calming measure as traffic will only be moved east and NOT reduced.

K Smith (London, 2021-02-07)


I’m signing because my daughter attends school in blackheath and has to travel from plumstead. The traffic restrictions already put in place by the council created traffic jams across the Heath which have had a major impact on her travel time to school. This does not help anyone.

Bridget Donovan (London, 2021-02-07)


I completely disagree with the proposal; have not even received the attempt at consultation despite living in the affected area and object to the high handed approach of the Council

Peter Ralston (London, 2021-02-07)


I have lived in the area for 14 year. Recently I have started to feel like I am losing access to all the things I enjoyed going in the area with my family because of roads being close. I understand it is important to reduce car trave but if all busses and trains lead into London how am I going to travel in my area without ending up in a massive traffic jam.

Kristen Smye-rumsby (London, 2021-02-07)


This is not the right way to lower emissions

Hayley Porter (London, 2021-02-07)


I am signing because this action will impact the local area in a negative manner. As a resident I need to be able to access both these roads.

Loraine Thorpe (London, 2021-02-07)


Closures are making it difficult for people who rely on cars such as disabled and elderly to go for appointments & shopping affecting mental health

Sharon Tejpal (Greenwich, 2021-02-07)


These changes cannot go on without public consultation. Completely unacceptable.

Julia Dench (London, 2021-02-07)


This scheme will cause gridlock in the streets just off trafalgar road and increase pollution for those living near or on the main routes. It will prevent elderly or disabled people being able to go up to the standard to shop or go to the park

Lucy Bailey (London, 2021-02-07)


Greenwich traffic planners are incapable of performing their job as they are in the grips of an extreme ideology around the eradication of driving. Just look at the recent survey they issued about the erection of filters which was laughably biased and almost impossible to fill in if you opposed the proposals. Greenwich traffic planners are unfit.

Saro McKenna (London, 2021-02-07)


The proposal has nor considered the consequences.
There is more traffic using these roads as greenwich has shut off the railway crossings from greenwich Park, over west greenwich to deptford.
The closures would force local residents to travel a 2 mile 30 minute loop on already congested roads instead of a 30 second railway bridge crossing. This policy will create congestion in the area, not reduce it.
Once westcombe Park is closed, traffic will look to use the Charlton slopes to travel over the railway. Where will greenwich council stop, Abbey Wood?!!

All this policy does is displace traffic down already congested and polluting roads.

Improve alternative transportation.
Improve traffic flow to minimise journey distances and time.

Not close vital roads without offering viable railway crossings.

Ps on marathon day, these roads are the only way out for residents north of the railway to leave the area for 8 hours.

Stuart Collings (Greenwich , 2021-02-07)


I object to Greenwich Council's proposal for LTN. I think it will increase traffic and pollution on the already busy main routes, that have been recently overloaded due to the installation of the cycle routes and access road closures, and other road closures between the A2 and A206.

Katy Renny (London, 2021-02-07)


I am against this scheme for all of the reasons already stated such as increased pollution, bottle necked and gridlocked vehicles. Being penalised for owning a car and trying to take the most efficient route to my front door.

Aran Haylett (London, 2021-02-07)


I agree with points raised, and poor execution and communication of plans to the local community.

Harry Ewart (London , 2021-02-07)


The plans are nonsensical and hugely disruptive to local residents north of the railway who will be cut off from local amenities including vets, communities hubs, parks and Blackheath Standard & village without a journey onto the already overcrowded and congested A2. With any problem on the Blackwall tunnel or days such as the London Marathon, we will be trapped in our houses. This plan has no forethought and should be shelved immediately.

Libby Lockheart (London, 2021-02-07)


I completely agree with Mr Jack’s text, particularly re the leading tickbox questionnaire.

John Lloyd (Greenwich, 2021-02-07)


I am against the current council policy that is blatantly discriminating against Greenwich residents that live outside the centre of Greenwich. End the bus lane madness. Return the Woolwich road to dual carriageway. Keep Trafalgar road as it is.

Dr carol postlethwaite (LONDON, 2021-02-07)


This is madness and will create more traffic and pollution.

J S fisher (London, 2021-02-07)


Because I am a local resident and every traffic calming measure doesn’t reduce traffic but increases the amount of time us residents actually spend in our vehicles trying to get back home or to wherever we are going which actually increases emissions and pollution.

Roald Piper (Greenwich, 2021-02-07)


I’m signing as these proposals will have a devastating impact on my family's quality of life.

Ian Cunliffe (London, 2021-02-07)


I am signing as I live just off of Vanbrugh Hill and this will affect my work in an adverse way, also will cause people to be isolated and congestion will escalate.

Jennie Horsfield (London, 2021-02-07)


The low traffic zone is an absolute shambles by a shambolic council.

Daniel Atkinson (Greenwich, 2021-02-07)


These cycle lanes and other restrictions cause misery to thousands

Gary Kelly (London , 2021-02-07)


I don’t agree with all the road changes. It is increasing traffic and increasing pollution.

Pete Uwins (London , 2021-02-07)

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