Skatepark for Saltburn



This town needs one. Been talked about for over 40 years and it's about time someone started listening!

Diane Steinmetz (Saltburn by the Sea , 2020-08-23)


It would be great to have a skate-park. The more different facilities we have, the more likely it that our children will find an activity they enjoy.

Colette Vanham (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 2020-08-23)


I’m signing this petition because i would like to show my support for a Skatepark for Saltburn. I believe that it would be a great advantage for the children and young people of Saltburn.

Alex Dechbamrung (Salltburn by the Sea , 2020-08-23)


I am an adult skater myself and would absolutely appreciate a skatepark for the area, as there is nothing otherwise, and no places really for young people in Saltburn to meet up.

Antje Glück (Saltburn, 2020-08-23)


I support this project, this is an investment in the future of our young people.

Cat Oneill (Saltburn , 2020-08-23)


When a child/teenager doesn't have a hobby/sport to concentrate on, it is much more likely for them to be involved in crime, vandalism and substance abuse. A skate park will not only benefit teenagers but all the residents of saltburn. A decent sized skatepark made from concrete with a variety of ramps and a bowl will keep people occupied for years to come. This is especially important with the closure of rkade skatepark in Redcar. People are building ramps on council owned land and it is costing the council money to remove them. This proves how much people want a skate park, they are trying to build one themselves with their own money and time!

Adam Bean (Saltburn by the sea, 2020-08-23)


I think it would benefit the kids of saltburn

Richard Porritt (saltburn, 2020-08-23)


Saltburn has always needed a skatepark.

Richard Joy (Saltburn, 2020-08-23)


We should be encouraging excercise and providing space for young adults and children to improve their skills , socialise and gain confidence .

Sara Mitchell (Saltburn by sea , 2020-08-23)


I’m a local and know how long this been in the pipe line,20years at least.time now for it to be sorted nowhere for the kids to go anywhere round here

Allison Smith (Saltburn-by-the-Sea , 2020-08-23)


When my children were young they would have loved a skatepark. The chance arose when the town supermarket went up for sale. The area now a recycling area could have been bought to develop a real asset for the town. This opportunity was missed and my childre, now adults, grew up without a skatepark. I don't want to see others miss out.k

Richard Else (Saltburn by the sea, 2020-08-23)


this has been a wanted thing in saltburn for the last 20 years and I think its about time the council made it happen! Loads of youth would benefit from this!!

Jon Brown (Saltburn, 2020-08-23)


I have a skate mad teenager. And 3 other children that would love to have more opportunities to be outside.

Robyn Jackson (Saltburn , 2020-08-23)


I think it's a good idea. The more free activities available to kids means the less time they are spending on tech. This leading to a healthier mental wellbeing.

Janice Downs (Saltburn, 2020-08-23)


I am signing because Saltburn is a surfing skater town, full of people that care about the community and the growth of its people in it. Skaters of all ages will use a skate park in Saltburn. It's well overdue.

Sarah Carr (Marske , 2020-08-23)


I’m very passionate about skateboarding and the skateboarding community. I’d live to try it myself and this would provide me with the perfect place to try it and meet people that can help and share the same passion.

Ellie Kershaw (Middlesbrough , 2020-08-23)


Give kids some fun things to do in thi tough time.

Richard Mcclements (Redcar, 2020-08-23)


I used to ride BMX, i remember how i used to complain having to get on the train and get to boro (Prissick Park) or R-Kade Skatepark in redcar. Me and my friends used to try and ask if there was any chance in having it published in the "Talk Of The Town" paper but not much happened of it. I think it's a class idea, If one could ever get arranged, I know for a fact, i'd be down there learning again

Owen Young (saltburn, 2020-08-24)


My partner is a grown up ex skateboarder and he used to love it. My two boys are both in to it too but have nowhere to go to practice.

Jo Catterson (Redcar, 2020-08-24)


skate park is a good idea for kids and parents too

Keza Meister (saltburn, 2020-08-24)


We need a skatepark for our kids. No facilities for our young generation.

Louise Pearson (Saltburn , 2020-08-24)


This asset would add value for both residents and visitors to Saltburn

Claire Leonard (Saltburn by the Sea, 2020-08-24)


I believe it would be better for skaters to have a place to practice their skills rather than doing it in a public area where the general public may get in the way or worse get injured

John McTaminey (Saltburn-by-the-Sea , 2020-08-24)


my son will get some use of it when he gets older .

John Lindley (Saltburn, 2020-08-24)


There’s nothing going on for young people in this whole region! This skate park would be an amazingly positive place and an asset to the area!

Tracy Reeve (Saltburn , 2020-08-24)


When I was younger I was passionate about bmx riding and skateboarding but I never really had the opportunity to take my skill to the next level. Im older now and have my own kid and I think a skatepark in saltburn would be a great way to keep the younger generation out of trouble and give them something to do.

Luke Green (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 2020-08-24)


I think it’s a very positive activity for young people.

Alison Baker (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 2020-08-24)


There are not enough facilities for children and teenagers in Saltburn.

Tim Overy (Saltburn , 2020-08-24)


skateparks stop kids stabbing each other

Jamie Connell (bedfordshire, 2020-08-24)


So badly needed

Sally Bunce (Saltburn-by-the-sea, 2020-08-24)


Be really good for the youngsters of Saltburn, outdoors, keeping them fit and making friends.

Ann Rigby (Saltburn, 2020-08-24)


The skateboarding community is always growing in the northeast, and we should be encouraging people of all ages to get outdoors

Alethea Mountford (North Shields, 2020-08-24)


my grandson is a boarder

Rachel Sleightholm (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 2020-08-24)


A skatepark in saltburn would be incredible

Natalie Victoria (Yarm, 2020-08-24)


The young people of Saltburn need unorganised activities of their own.

Cllr Craig Hannaway (Saltburn, 2020-08-24)


There's nothing else and nowhere for the youth of Saltburn to go. Hopefully it will also keep kids with skateboards off the roads

Chris Bird (Saltburn, 2020-08-24)


I think Saltburn is a fantastic place for a skatepark.

Michael Clarke (Bishop Auckland , 2020-08-24)


I grew up in Saltburn and know for a fact there is nothing for teenage kids to do in the town. They get moaned at if the are in the play park and moaned at if in the town. The younger generation need somewhere to go and something to do and to promote healthy living, rather than being stuck in doors playing video games. Plus my son would love a skate park. Bigger towns get all sorts while we miss out.

Michelle Johnson (Redcar, 2020-08-24)


I’m signing this petition because, as a teenager myself I think it would be really lovely to have a skate park as,there isn’t much for kids to do around Saltburn and I think a skate park would be lovely to make kids bond more,and it would be fun

Kirsten Rant (Saltburn-by-the-Sea , 2020-08-24)


My son is an eager skateboarder and bmx rider. With the closure of the R-Kade in Redcar, we need a skatepark that is close to us! (The nearest is at Darlington and Scarborough!!)

Lynds Lamplough (Redcar, 2020-08-24)


It's great for kids to have somewhere to go

Kate Butler (Redcar, 2020-08-24)


Cos my godson adores skateboarding and will be beneficial for him and others

Katy Pearsall (Redcar, 2020-08-24)


Lot of reasons *

Dylam Cally (Middlesbrough , 2020-08-24)


Skate park is n
needed, particularly to give youngsters
Something to occupy them. Skate park also promotes healthy out door activity.

Elaine Leybourne (Saltburn , 2020-08-24)


Saltburn should have a skate park. I used to skate when I was younger in saltburn and it would have been great back then, but would be great to see one now.

Daniel Drazdauskas (Saltburn, 2020-08-24)


I have grandchildren who would enjoy it as would other children.

Gail Vyse (Saltburn , 2020-08-24)


my 10 year old grandson and his friends skateboard and live in saltburn..We have to drive to preston park at moment for skate park.

Julie Cripps (saltburn by the sea, 2020-08-24)


Creativity and expression should be encouraged.

Antony Morrell (Middlesbrough , 2020-08-24)


As a born and bred Saltburn resident and parent to 3 saltburn children I know how important it is to have outside space and exercise. This town is crying out for a skate park for our youngsters!! Good luck!!!

Suzanne Emmerson (Saltburn , 2020-08-24)


This would be a fantastic resource and of real benefit for Saltburn’s skateboarding community.

Michelle Dickson (Saltburn by the Sea , 2020-08-24)


I am a local skateboarder who myself has campaigned for a skatepark in Saltburn as far back as the 90’s I now have to children and would like a skatepark for them to use and to encourage young people to pursue physically active hobbies and stay out of trouble

Rob Whiteside (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 2020-08-25)


It’s backwards that saltburn does not have a skatepark

Can be a great place to surf needs a skatepark

Phil Chapel (Darlington , 2020-08-25)


Saltburn needs a Skate Park

Ron Calow (Darlington, 2020-08-25)


Skateparks are good for the community

Matt Burns (Hartlepool , 2020-08-25)


We need something in our town for young people to enjoy.

Gen Lundqvist (Saltburn-by-the-Sea , 2020-08-25)


I do not have a local skatepark anymore and its forcing kids to ride to streets like animals

Alfie Clark (Redar, 2020-08-25)


We NEED a skate park for the kids.

Gemma Kitchener (Saltburn, 2020-08-25)


im signing because my kids love skating and would love a skate park close to home

Gemma Blueitt (Saltburn , 2020-08-25)


I want there to be a skate park in saltburn as my friends and I would frequent it

Joey Griffiths (Guisborough, 2020-08-25)


Saltburn has been deprived of a skatepark for too long. Their skateboarding scene is very open and definitely deserves a better infrastructure for it to grow.

Toby Nichol (Leeds, 2020-08-25)


I think it would be beneficial to young people for exercise and somewhere to hang out. It would cater to all ages too and would be an asset to Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Mark Hopkins (Stockton on Tees , 2020-08-25)


We have to travel to far use a skateboard park.

Julie Freeman (Loftus, 2020-08-25)


A skate park would be a great addition in saltburn.

Katy Hudson (Stockton, 2020-08-25)


I am singing as the nearest decent skate park is at Preston park. Children and teenagers deserve someone they can skate safely and not get into trouble. They have the right to a safe environment .

Kerry Buckwell (Guisborough , 2020-08-25)



Dylan Duncan (Redcar, 2020-08-25)


I have a Grandson who loves scootering and the skateboard. He has taken part in competitions and a new skatepark would be another challenge for him

Angela Chapel (Darlington, 2020-08-25)


I'm signing because my son loves riding his skateboard. If they all go together after school that is very good after school activity and socializing.

Debbie Berger (Redcar, 2020-08-25)


LET US SKATE please thank you

Kiara Sydney (Leeds, 2020-08-25)


Saltburn's youth really need this.

Barclay Mullins (Saltburn , 2020-08-26)

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