The granting of the licence of the Coach & Horses Harrogate to Samantha Nelson



Samantha Nelson Is A True Inspiration

Caroline Carr (Aberdeenshire, 2020-07-29)


I believe the Coach and Horses should be allowed to stay open. I agree that the licencee made an error in judgement. However by putting a sanction on the pub (where there is another licencee ready to take over) rather than solely on the licencee, I believe the hundreds of regular customers who use the pub are being punished. These are people who (with the exception of those customers who acted irresponsibly and completely wrongly in abusing the council workers and police when the incident occurred) have done nothing wrong and just want to enjoy their favourite pub. For some of these customers, the pub is their only source of community and conversation. There a very few, if any, other pubs in Harrogate that offer this.

Peter Corner (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


It was a ridiculous decision to remove it in the first place.

Chris Nelson (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


Sam would be brilliant and very trustworthy.

Gary Nash (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


The actions and rash impetuosity of one person should not be used to judge and penalise the integrity and future ambition of another

Simon Bray (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


It is an amazing 'old school' pub and the town is bereft without it.

Nick Mayhew (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


I love the coach and horses, and it leaves my friend unemployed, all the staff shouldn't have to suffer after one mistake

Izzy Haste (Wetherby, 2020-07-29)


It's a great pub and should stay open

Carl Howard (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


Totally agree full support from me

Drew Tiffney (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


This is a welcoming and friendly pub and meeting place that does not attract trouble from its client base. To close the pub and not allow Sam the licence would leave a large void in the community

Gary King (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


This was a genuine error of judgment and I don’t see why the people of Harrogate should be punished.

Caron Munro (Leeds, 2020-07-29)


This pub is an institution.. what John did was foolish .. and short sighted .. but it doesn’t warrant the closure of the town’s most well loved cultural pub !

Vicky Boyle (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


The Coach and Horses is an exceptional Harrogate pub and the landlady Samantha Nelson is a cornerstone to the local community.

Terry Garrick (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


It’s one of a dying breed of traditional pubs rather than restaurants that serve beer. It’s also far and away the best pub in the town, and certainly the most philanthropic.

Tom Cowie (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


A traditional pub with great links with the local community.

Victoria Haythorne (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


It’s a fantastic pub and Samantha’s done a great job.

Jessica McNeile (London, 2020-07-29)


The Coach is a lovely pub, and deserves to reopen under a licensee with a track record of responsible management

Chris Allen (Leeds, 2020-07-29)


Save the coach!!

Tom Cartlidge (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


I don’t think it’s fair that people’s jobs and livelihoods should suffer for a silly ruling.

Chris Poole (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


I love this pub!!!!

Brad Anderson (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


It seems the Council sought forgiveness for wasting millions on a bloody daft bike race And wrecking the town - now the Coach seeks another chance. Give your head a wobble and grant the licence

Nik Ingham (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


I love that pub and I’ve loved it for 30 years

Marcus Hewlett (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


The C&H is not only a central meeting point for many that wish to say hello and relax, with very many different walks of life who feel welcomed and have an opportunity to talk and interact. Added to this is all the wonderful charitable work that the C&H contributes too both past and future. This not just a “pub” this is an active social environment which benefits not only from patrons but the wider community and charities within Harrogate.

Lloyd O'Donovan (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


I don’t believe someone should be made an example of just to let local council show they can flex their muscles. Pathetic

Jim Henderson (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


It’s a great pub, the hub of the community and it’ll be a disaster if one silly mistake was to see the end of such an institution!

Rebecca Spence (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


I used to work for same she is the ultimate professional and a great person to work for also now I don’t work there I really enjoy drinking on there no other atmosphere like it in Harrogate!

Robert Brumby (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


Harrogate needs this pub.

Marcus Fothergill (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


"The Coach" is a community asset. It provides an invaluable service for many who need company and friendship. Ita had an unblemished record for years. A mistake was made and will be learned from .

Richard Willis (HARROGATE , 2020-07-29)


Revoking the licence is very harsh punishment on Sam, the 20 or so staff and the customers of the pub.

Richard Jones (HARROGATE, 2020-07-29)


I have being going to the Coach for many years meeting friends and will very sad if does not reopen.
Also they have raised an enormous amount for charity.

Richard Brown (Harrogate , 2020-07-29)


The pub’s regulars have raised about £1million for Martin House Hospice over the last 15 years. There is never any trouble there (unlike so many town centre bars in Harrogate) and it is a real community pub. John made a stupid mistake but I feel the punishment is excessive and HBC and the local police are trying to make an example of him.

Simon Williams (Harrogate, 2020-07-29)


It’s an opportunity to restore an integral part of Harrogate social culture.

John Baird (Wetherby , 2020-07-29)


The Coach is the best and the most authentic pub in Harrogate, for years the landlord has supported local charities and businesses, looked after his staff and treated his patrons with warmth and respect. It is crazy that a moment of madness during a difficult and stressful time has resulted in the suspension of the licence. Sometimes good people make mistakes. I always look forward to visiting this great, unspoilt Harrogate institution for a G and T and a catch up with old friends every time I return to Harrogate and I sincerely hope this decision will be overturned and Sam will be granted the licence. Harrogate will be the poorer without The Coach and Horses.

Elaine Tweedy (Mauvezin, 2020-07-29)


The coach is a community institution and best pub in the world

Dan Shay (Glasgow, 2020-07-30)


The C&H Pub is a historical feature of the real social benefits of Harrogate as the place to live and visit!

Peter Mayo (Knaresborough, 2020-07-30)


They made a silly mistake but come on! Crazy times when one of the oldest pubs in town that had a landlord that has done SO SO much for the town with huge contributions to charity is made an example of? What about the others that also broke the rules? Setting president is not the right angle! Both John and Sam should be licencees... So many people enjoy this pub and there are more jobs on the line here. No brainer.

Philippa Shackleton (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


The coach is a great community pub where many people find belonging is pretty unique in this way and is a great loss to many in the town whilst it is closed

Pippa Seed (Harrogate , 2020-07-30)


Great boozer

Frank Pilling (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


The Coach & Horses is a great pub & a Harrogate institution.

Jean Wilson (Leeds, 2020-07-30)


I have spent many a happy hour with family and friends in the Coach and it is such a shame to see it closed at the moment x

Gemma Haythorne (Harrogate , 2020-07-30)


The Coach may have made some poor decisions in last few weeks but this should be placed in the context of years of outstanding service, food and community spirit. To deny the Coach a license would be a sad day for Harrogate, it’s residents and visitors. In a town of many bars and flashy lights, the Coach remains a beacon of light for all those seeking a good pint, a smile and a good conversation. Let’s give it another chance!

Nick Stringer (Darlington , 2020-07-30)


The Coach and Horses is an institution! They have raised millions for charity and it’s a travesty that they are in this position.

Catherine Johnson (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


taking away the licence was disproportionate and Sam Nelson will be an excellent Licensee

iain mair (harrogate, 2020-07-30)


Best pub in town 👍

Michael Hardman (Harrogate , 2020-07-30)


Sam Nelson would be a brilliant landlady and would maintain the great traditions and hospitality at the Coach and Horses. She deserves this opportunity..

Mark Haythorne (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


The punishment is completely disproportionate. This pub is a valuable community asset, attracts a significant and loyal clientele, and raises huge sums for charity

Mark Bowers (Leeds, 2020-07-30)


The Coach is a wholesome part of the community.

Oliver Mitchell (London, 2020-07-30)


The punishment is too severe

Al Morris (Leeds, 2020-07-30)


Try asking the kids at St Martins Hospice whether they think the Coach should be closed

Matt Seddon (Makati City, 2020-07-30)


The punishment is far too severe for a well liked community pub which Does not attract trouble , has no loud music and has raised so much money For charity.

Jessica Alexander (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


The coach and horses has given selflessly to the Harrogate and surrounding community for many years and is a hub of community life.
They do not deserve to have such a draconian measure placed against them in the form of losing their license at this time.

Sharon Bennett (Harrogate , 2020-07-30)


I don’t think Sam was to blame and the Coach is a great Harrogate institution which serves the community well and gives substantial support to local charities

Jim Bennett (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


We can’t see why this new landlord is being penalised by losing her licence - NOT FAIR OR JUST

Robert McBrain (York , 2020-07-30)


A great pub whose owners have done so much for charity over the years.

Vic Moon (Scarborough , 2020-07-30)


I'm a former hotelier, licensee and resident of Harrogate. I admire what's been achieved here and wish Sam and the Coach family every success.

David Butterfield (STOCKPORT, 2020-07-30)


For many years The Coach has been one of Harrogate's best known meeting places. Always offering a friendly welcome with excellent service, food and drink.

Keith Butterfield (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


The Coach and Horses is an institution. Sam is the perfect landlady to take it on and run it in a very professional way

Andrew Ford (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


Keep the pub open

Peter Doemling (Scotton, 2020-07-30)


I want to get back to my favourite pub in Harrogate. I want to meet up with friends and staff that i can have a good laugh with.

Ken Wilkinson (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


This a wonderful pub run my generations of the same family.There welcome to every one on each occasion is wonderful as is their charity work. John made an error of judgement and we all agree it was a silly error including John himself. His daughter Sam will run this pub in a professional manner. Please don't let a misjudgment ruin their family and the great pleasure this establishment the Coach and Horses has given to thousands of people of all types for years. Martin Timmis

Martin Timmis (Harrogate , 2020-07-30)


I miss being shouted at!

John Quinlan (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


The Coach & Horses plays a huge part to the local community, I am not a local but I always always like to have a drink or two in this wonderful establishment when I visit. I regular recommend to friends who visit Harrogate often. The staff are absolutely brilliant and made me feel welcome on every visit. It’s a true shame if this pub doesn’t reopen, it’s very popular amongst my friends and family. The hub of Harrogate for me personally. Good luck

Heidi McElhatton (Huddersfield , 2020-07-30)


I’m signing this because on every visit to Harrogate during the past 5 years, usually two or three occasions a year we’ve always dropped into ‘The Coach’ finding the team wonderful hosts, pulling fabulous ales, serving delightful food in the ambiance of a happy and bubbly environment of kind and courteous regulars. This pub is the epiphany of what a traditional local boozer should be and topping all the above off with such a huge charitable heart.

Chris Lightbody (Newark , 2020-07-30)


It’s quite simply the best pub in Harrogate, so important to the community and the charity it supports

Steven Powell (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


This is an injustice for the pub to be shut down and others remain open due to grave corruption within HBC

Alexander Booth (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


I’m signing this because the Coach is a great pub and needs to remain a part of the community

Kimmo Atkinson (Harrogate , 2020-07-30)


HBC are trying to make an example out of the Coach & Horses as a warning to other licensees. Agree they should be warned about never doing anything like that again but the work they do for St Martin’s children’s hospice is admirable and should be taken into consideration.

Claire Thomas (Leeds, 2020-07-30)


I’m signing because Harrogate just won’t be the same without The Coach!

Simon Adams (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)





The punishment was out of all proportion to the alleged offence.

Jason Hodgson (HARROGATE, 2020-07-30)


I lapse of judgement during incredibly difficult times shouldn’t be allowed to take this much loved ‘locals’ haunt away from the people of Harrogate.

Janet McKenna (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


We need all the trade we can to get people to Harrogate

Wayne Topham (Knaresborough , 2020-07-30)


The best pub and Landlady in Harrogate by far!

Vaughan Going (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


I am signing as this is clearly a case of bullying by those with the power to do so rathervthan listening to the apology and undertakings offered at the licence tribunal

John Sommerville (YORK, 2020-07-30)


It’s a decent pub with decent customers and decent beer.

Robert Scaife (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


This pub is a local fixture it has survived boom an bust years. The council should be working with the manger to help it survive the current crisis not making the easy knee jerk reaction of closing it.

Will Theakston (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


I would hate this family run pub to become part of a chain
They need our support and we’re all there for Sam & her team

Valerie Jackson (Harrogate, 2020-07-30)


Its the best pub in Harrogate and has been managed by Sam for the past few years.

Andy Roberts (Harrogate, 2020-07-31)


I'm signing here because the Coach is a great old traditionak pub, the food is delicious, the staff are very friendly, I hope Samantha Nelson who is lovely and very jolly can continue to run this pub.

Claire Atkinson (Harrogate , 2020-07-31)


Best Sunday lunch and bar snacks in town...

Emma Clarkson (Harrogate , 2020-07-31)

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