Petition to stop the Theatre Royal axing the Pantomime with this cast



No cast = no bum on seat! We only come for this cast. Your theatres not special, the CAST is. No cast = no buy tix! Understand? Fix it!

Victoria Langley (York, 2020-01-11)


We the people of York need this continue!

David Helsdon (York, 2020-01-11)


A terrible decision

Hayden Parker (Ashington, 2020-01-11)


This panto MUST continue - Christmas in York will not be Christmas without our fantastic panto gang !

Judith Gibbon (York, 2020-01-11)


The show must go on, the best Panto in York, will never use this theatre again if it is cancelled.

Leon Beadle (York, 2020-01-11)


It is the CAST of this panto that we love, not just the panto! Get rid of them, lose your whole audience, lose all your money... makes no sense!!

Emma Storey (York, 2020-01-11)


This cast is the true heart of this beloved Panto!

Rebecca Cook (Harrogate, 2020-01-11)


This Panto is part of York history and the rubbish should continue without Berwick and with David, Suzi, Martin and AJ who all have such talent

Nicola Morris (Pownal , 2020-01-11)


So wrong! Talk about hitting people when they are down!

Lucy Ellen (South milford, 2020-01-11)


York Panto has become the centre of people's Christmas traditions (my birthday tradition in fact), and it brings families together from all over the world. If you axe the panto, you really are spitting on one of th most loyal fan base you could EVER hope, dream or wish for.

Dom Lord (York, 2020-01-11)


Tom Bird wants a new direction and audience. Well this audience has kept the theatres profits healthy for over 40 years! Keep the cast and crew!

Michael Tattersall (Wakefield, 2020-01-11)


Our Family tradition (6 of us) is to come to the panto Christmas Eve and sit in the front row. We love the cast and they are the people we come to see. Our family will not be supporting a different cast.

Amanda Windass (York, 2020-01-11)


I have been coming to the panto since I was little and I can say no other panto compares to this. We won’t be buying tickets if you change it! We loved this years one and hope it can continue for many years to come so my son can enjoy our tradition for more than the 3 years he has been coming. SAVE OUR PANTO!

Amy Richardson (York, 2020-01-11)


I’m signing because this is a tradition which people travel far and wide for. The first year without Berwick was just as amazing as every other year as his spirit is consistent throughout it.
It would be suicide for the theatre royal and york wouldn't be the same with it and it’s panto.

Rachael Ware (York, 2020-01-11)


I'm signing because it is a tradition for my son and his family to enjoy this pantomime every year.

Janice McDermott (St Helens, 2020-01-11)


This is a long standing tradition , just because everyone has been finding there feet this year and things have not been as good is not a reason to stop something . Give them a CHANCE .

Louise Mcgregor (York, 2020-01-11)


The panto season always starts 1st March with the rush and tumble to purchase our tickets - 5 of them - ready for our favourite night of the year! Tradition counts, we know what we want, we know what we are spending our money on, we know our own rubbish and it is FABULOUS

Tracey Lake (York, 2020-01-11)


We need to keep the original cast as they are like family! The lose the cast = no customer and no money. So they would be screwed !!

Anna Belt (York, 2020-01-11)


It’s the highlight of our Xmas and the best panto I’ve ever seen
Stop it and we will boycott all other events at the theatre

Graham Smith (Riccall, York, 2020-01-11)


The panto at The Theatre Royal is brilliant and definitely should not be scrapped. I look forward to going every year and would be devastated if the panto no longer existed. The cast are absolutely incredible (I didn’t stop laughing and cheering when I went a week ago), the script is hilarious and the costumes and sets are beautiful. It would be a massive shame if it was to end.

K Matthews (York, 2020-01-11)


The York Panto and its current cast as a treasure of York.

Hayley Peterson (York, 2020-01-11)


I grew up with this pantomime and it is an institution that cannot be changed. I don't want to go and see soap stars and former x factor contestants. It is unique.

Caroline Walliss (Rugby, 2020-01-11)


I’ve coming to the theatre royal panto for more years than I remember and now my two babbies come too! Family from Scotland come down for the weekend just to see the panto! We see two shows every year and just love it! There’s no panto like it!

Maree Moore (York, 2020-01-11)


I'm signing because this is a family tradition for so many people not only in York but counrty wide, I have been coming to the panto for 44 years now, started with my nan and now my children come with their nana, everyone loves it, it makes Christmas/new year so special. It is the best panto in the country and we look forward to it all year. It is an institution, nothing compares to ot and we have been to many other panto but never fail to come to this one. York needs it.

Kat Tompkins (York, 2020-01-11)


it's a wonderful tradition

Chris Boxall (Sutton on the Forest YO61 1DY, 2020-01-11)


I have been coming to the panto every year since I was 11 months old (soon 39!) Every year there are 9 of us who come and we have never missed it. It is a massive part of our family Christmas and we will be devastated if the usual cast are dropped. We will no longer come to the Theatre Royal if this happens. I hope our opinions are taken into consideration as I think this is going to be a HUGE mistake!

Anna Gospel (York, 2020-01-11)


I grew up in York with the york panto. Every year my sisters and I come back for the york panto. It’s a family tradition and we love it! If you change the cast, people will not come and watch it!!

Abbie McGinley ( Nottingham, 2020-01-11)


I love the pantomime and travel from London every year with my family to see it - please do not stop doing it!!

Rachel Stack (London, 2020-01-11)


We have been watching this panto in York for over 30 years and it is a family tradition.

Deborah Morgan (York, 2020-01-11)


I don’t want the panto to end!!

Emma Gospel (York, 2020-01-11)


This pantomime has a unique familiarity and talent that has been fine tuned.
If this was to go the route of other pantomimes that try to pull in Z-list television celebrities then it would become nothing.

Timothy Elsy (York, 2020-01-11)


This panto is amazing... The cast are amazing.
It is a tradition to many Many families across the UK.
It would be a HUGE mistake to axe it.

Emma Tuke (Scarborough , 2020-01-11)


The York Theatre Royal Panto is our Christmas /New year tradition. We've been going for 5 years and that's not nearly long enough. We know they've more shows in them. If it's cancelled we won't be coming back to The Theatre Royal. Ever. The panto there has unique appeal. There's not room in York for another panto like the one at the Grand Opera House. That serves a totally different market. Management at the Theatre Royal need to realise that before trying to make thier mark with foolish I'll-thought-out decisions. Stay loyal to that excellent cast and they'll stay loyal to you and keep the place well afloat.

Phil Braithwaite (York, 2020-01-11)


I’ve been to this for over 30 yrs and have been introducing my kids. Totally devastated to here that it might not be on ever again. This can’t happen, this is part of our xmas traditions.

Sarah Binns (Rugby, 2020-01-11)


I am signing because even since I was a little girl I have been to this amazing panto the cast are amazing David Suzy Martin Berwick aj best panto in York and now I bring my little girl who loves it it’s part of York don’t take away what’s best about York and to the people

Maria Moore (York , 2020-01-11)


Don't do it!

celia ujvari (ferny creek, 2020-01-11)


I love the this panto and have been coming for over 20 years without the present cast I will not return

Karen Adams (Selby, 2020-01-11)


This pantomime has been my birthday treat for as long as I can remember. My birthday wouldn't be the same without it. We've traveled through from Doncaster to see the last two and even though my boys are only 4 and 2 the eldest has been to 3 pantomimes and the youngest was there in 2018 for his first. If it goes it will end Christmas/birthday traditions for people from all over the country and beyond.

Laura Foster (Doncaster , 2020-01-11)


It's a truly fantastic family tradition. We have been going for over 20 years. We had 4 generations at the last one.
Thank you to ALL the cast for creating a lifetime of memories.

Jane Rigby (Edinburgh , 2020-01-11)


I love York Panto... Christmas would not be the same without it!!

Abi Fenton (Leeds, 2020-01-11)


You cannot close the pantomime it is a tradition , I have ms and do not go out in the winter but I always make a trip to the panto as hard as it is for me, it is the only time I go out all winter, so you should let Berwick come back and save this family tradition!!

Janet Jackson-brooke (York, 2020-01-11)


I’ve watched this Panto since I was 3 years old and now take my 3 kids. It’s the first year since losing Berwick, give them a chance to prove themselves to all the doubters that held off this year!

Amie Mansell (Selby , 2020-01-11)


I go every year as a tradition it's one Christmas thing I love the most. And it's because of the cast we come stop ruining things that don't suit you. I also come through out the year to see other bits with my groups of friends but we will boycott the whole theatre if this goes a head.

Carley Ray (York, 2020-01-11)


I'm signing because this is a york tradition that's been going for 41 years and it should continue for another 41 years!!

Paula Snelgrove (York, 2020-01-11)


At the age of 44 I have seen every single pantomime since childhood it is a family tradition, no matter where I have lived I come back to Yorkshire to watch at Christmas time! I cried my eyes out when Berwick left last year but came back to support this year and thought the team did amazing - please do not end my tradition my stopping this.

Sarah Hughes (Cardiff, 2020-01-11)


I'm disgusted that the cast could be treated like this. We all come because of them. Where they go, we'll follow.

Rebecca Moorey (York, 2020-01-11)


The panto with this cast is absolutely fantastic I have been coming for over 40 years & it gets better each year. They are family

Chris Francis (Thirsk, 2020-01-11)


I've been going to this pantomime for over 20 years. It's a family outing every year and no other panto comes close to it.

Nikky Glew (Howden , 2020-01-11)


This panto is the best there is and even without Berwick is a gem, told in the way pantos should be told without the celebrity of the moment who will be forgotten next year. It is a tradition which should stay with current cast, allow to evolve and grow. It has many followers and tradition for many around the world. The theatre would be foolish to let it slip away and I know I or family members wont be seeing anything there again.

Katie Wells (Driffield , 2020-01-11)


The panto was such a big tradition for us growing up, and now has become a tradition for my children too.
Each year 3 generations enjoy the usual rubbish!
There is no better panto baddy than David Leonard. Suzy Cooper gets younger every year and Martin Barrass skipping around is always a highlight.
All the cast are wonderful and deserve the chance to keep going.

Anna Koe (Rugby, 2020-01-11)


Disgusting they are thinking about stopping something that so many people and their families love year after year

Clare Hepworth (York, 2020-01-11)


I love this panto, the cast are amazing and it would be a huge mistake to axe it!!

Emily Aucott (Nuneaton, 2020-01-11)


I believe that York’s Theatre would suffer immensely if you were to axe the cast of your pantomime and that York Theatre Royal would lose valuable income if they continue down this path.

Karen Hebden (York, 2020-01-11)


The cast of this annual rubbish is amazing! Many happy years sat in the stalls. What a miss this would be

Sarah Hamilton (York , 2020-01-11)


I am appalled at the complete disregard for the paying public and our traditions and the way the theatre has treated the cast.

Catherine Keable (Selby, 2020-01-11)


I am signing because people come year after year to see the pantomime, especially with the current wonderful cast. Some people have been every year for 41 years that should prove how popular the show is

Michelle Harrison (Leeds, 2020-01-11)


I went to uni at York in 1980. Since then I’ve been to the Panto with my late mum, dad, late hubby and my children (22/24yrs!). It is a national institution and must bring a huge number of people into the city supporting the tourism industries.
To stop this would be to tear at the heart of what makes York such a wonderful city.
Just don’t do it!

Cath hart (Berkhamsted, 2020-01-11)


Like the rest of the audience I love this cast, and without them the audience simply will not go. It is the cast that generate the wonderful atmosphere with the audience

Ben Aucott (Leeds, 2020-01-11)


Took my kids now my grandchildren love it

Alison Hunter (York , 2020-01-11)


This pantomime has been a huge part of my life and I look forward to it being a huge part of my 2 year old sons too.

Lauren Rebecca (York, 2020-01-11)


I've been going to York Theatre Royal panto for over 30 years! It's a yearly tradition at our house! My kids and grandkids love it when Father Xmas brings them a panto ticket in their stocking!

Jayne Farmer (Malton, 2020-01-11)


I care passionately about the amazing current York Theatre Royal Pantomime tradition and wonderful cast and team, having been for over 30 years since I was 5!

Tizzy Faller (Cambridge , 2020-01-11)


I am signing because I have been going to the YTR panto since 1984 and it has and continues to give so much pleasure to me,my husband and my three children The format and cast are amazing, all that is needed is to gently introduce some new younger cast members to play alongside our existing stars so the next generation are in place when David Suzie and Martin call it a day. I would like to thank them and, of course, Berwick for all the fun they have given us over the years. Please let this rubbish continue!!!!

Fiona Mandziuk (York, 2020-01-11)


The panto is such a fantastic performance and bring so much joy to thousands of families each year.

Lorraine Bucknell (York, 2020-01-11)


I'm signing because not only is it the best panto in the world, it does bring families out together to the theatre for proper family entertainment.

Martin O'Vastar (Pickering, 2020-01-11)


Something as unique as this panto must be preserved

Simon Batchelor (Swindon, 2020-01-11)


This show is such a special and unique production and will cost the theatre dear to loose it

Richard Aucott (Stourbridge , 2020-01-11)


Audience satisfaction! This company and their performance is the best option for York Theatre Royal to compete against other local pantomimes

John Francis Moss (York, 2020-01-11)


I'm signing because the panto, written by Berwick Kaler and starring a long-standing cast, is now as much a part of York Theatre Royal as the bricks and mortar. If management go ahead and ditch the panto I believe it would be financial suicide for the theatre. Fans are loyal to the production and the cast and will find they will spend their money elsewhere. Cancelling this unique panto would be ripping a long-held Christmas tradition from hundreds of families. Don't be like the government - listen to the majority!

Holly Firth-Davies (York, 2020-01-11)


This pantomime has been ingrained into my Christmas for the past 33 years and has made my Christmas memories so special. My own children now love it. We all went this year and thought the cast did a fantastic job. Please, please don't axe it now. The cast feel like family!

Hannah Randle (York, 2020-01-11)


York panto is a proper panto and a celeb panto is not needed. This tradition has lasted for 40 years and it creates such joy for everyone who watches it year after year. It also concerns me that it will leave a huge financial hole in the theatre’s finances. York should talk to Nottingham Playhouse about how they managed the transition when their version of Berwick - Kenneth Alan Taylor- stopped performing. Their proper panto lives on and thrives.

Angela Yeomans (Nottingham , 2020-01-11)


.... the York Pantomime has been part of so many people's lives for over 40 years. Not to mention that the profits keep the theatre solvent....

Paul Gittins (Farnhill, Skipton , 2020-01-11)


It’s part of me and my family.

Ben Aked (York, 2020-01-11)


I have been going to this panto for over 30 years

Catherine Baker (Northallerton, 2020-01-11)


I am signing this petition because the new cast deserve a chance to re-establish themselves. We attended this year and it wasn’t the same without Berwick, but we all still thoroughly enjoyed it and would pick the “rubbish” above a traditional panto any day as we have for the past 30 years.

Linda Murphy (York, 2020-01-11)


The Theatre Royal management have lost the plot, a bit like one of Berwick's panto's :o)) Why mot phase in another Dame alongside Berwick?
Madness, You are signing your own death warrant.

Colin Bower (York, 2020-01-11)


This cast is the pantomime in york we dont want z list celebrities our cast knows their audiences we will boycott york theatre royal .shame on you

Liza Moore (York, 2020-01-11)


I'm signing because I love a good dose of annual rubbish!!

Sam Holland (Scarborough, 2020-01-11)


The York panto has been the best in the country for years . It respects true traditions, knows its theatre and its audiences , and is amazingly creative and cocky with it.

Rony Robinson (Sheffield, 2020-01-11)


There is no other panto like the one at the Theatre Royal. It is unique and needs to continue with the main cast it currently has.

Laura Ward (Barnoldswick , 2020-01-11)


This pantomime is unique and this format must be saved. This years Panto was very funny and as professional as always.
Going forward Howie Michaels would make a fantastic dame and AJ makes linking the action effortless. Please save our Panto!!!

Sally Cammidge (York, 2020-01-11)


We love the York panto. It's an institution!

Helen Burley (York , 2020-01-11)


David, Suzy, Martin and AJ ARE the YTR Pantomime. Generations of families - not only from York - love and support them. YTR Pantomime is unique because of them. Please listen to your loyal audiences .

Bromwyn Jennison (York, 2020-01-11)


My wife and family introduce to this beauty of a panto though totally nonsensical at times 6 years ago and absolutely love it. Her family have been going for about 25 years and have brought along so many other friends and family members and it has become a part of the Christmas time routine and would love it to continue.

Mario Satchwell (Cambridge , 2020-01-11)


I love the show, and I love bringing my kids. We've made it a family tradition for 8 years now, and I want to see my kids bringing their kids!

Nathanael Young (York, 2020-01-11)


It is part of York’s culture and would be missed dreadfully by hundreds of people.

Pippa Hammond (York, 2020-01-11)


This panto I've been to every year for the last 35 years. Best panto ever and the cast r brilliant. It's, just a, good laugh

Heidi Hall (York, 2020-01-11)


The York Panto has been an annual tradition for my extended family for longer than I can remember, and is the focal point for us all to meet up once a year. We would not attend any version of the show without the current cast and team behind it, and would be deeply saddened to lose such a wonderful part of our festive tradition! No other panto can compare

Hannah Campbell (Matlock, 2020-01-11)

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