Save Track Fitness Boxing Club



Because it would be tragic if the community lost such a superb facility.

Jordan Thorne (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Track Fitness is an essential community organisation run by brilliant and dedicated volunteers helping hundreds of young people in my ward.

Councillor Paul Nickerson (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


This is an amazing facility for the community that provides many youths with a place to train, develop and progress! The coaches are dedicated!

Zoe Newsam (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


This gym had helped soooo many children build confidence and keep out of trouble. It would be crazy to shut it!
The staff are amazing and have worked so hard to help the children all in their own time.

Laura Stewart (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


The kids enjoy going there,and there is nowhere else for them to go to.

Sylvia Took (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


I used to train with this club and what they do is great! The club would be sadly missed

Toby Hoggard (York, 2019-09-09)


We NEED this facility in Beverley . Our children are the future and exercise is so important

Sophie Denston (HULL, 2019-09-09)


It's wrong to close down something that brings the community together. We complain so much about anti social behaviour. But your shutting down a brilliant club that helps children have somewhere to go and enjoy and be part of sport and keep them off the streets. It doesn't make sense!

Rachel Hunt (Hull, 2019-09-09)


The boxing club is a fantastic way of keeping kids off the streets. But shutting the gym, you give them no option but to hit the street.

Chris Jowers (Leconfield, 2019-09-09)


I’m signing because my little brother attends this gym and was absolutely developing to find out this news. He loves going to boxing and is working really hard.

Abbie Louise (York, 2019-09-09)


It would be a grate loss to loose this fantastic place for adults and children
why take away something that is good for society in mind and in health.

Johno Von (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


This club provides an outlet for the youth of Beverley and the surrounding areas to learn the skills and discipline of boxing, which can only be a positive thing, as well as keeping them off the streets thus benefitting not only the kids but the local community

Tony Turner (Hull, 2019-09-09)


This club is a great assist to the whole community for all ages. It keeps children of the streets, keeps people fit and healthy, improves metal health, gives people confindence, let's people socialise.

Jay Thorne (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


I’m signing because Track Fitness are an asset to the community of Beverley. They have tirelessly & enthusiastically worked to provide a fantastic facility & outlet for our youths. Plugging a small part of a gapping hole that has been left by the withdrawal of services & funding in this area by the council!!

Nicola Grayson (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Fantastic facility for fitness training

Charlie Rawlins (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


Because the club needs to stay open for the youth in that area

Steven Pryke (Hull, 2019-09-09)


This club is great. Welcoming and good for the kids in beverley

Martin Shaw (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


This is a great club, ran by a dedicated team, who provide a superb resource for the community, for all ages and abilities, to engage in boxing and general fitness training. The loss of this would be of detriment to the town and surrounding area.

Kris Renwick (Keyingham, 2019-09-09)


It’s a good part of the community which increases participation in sport

Lewis Richardson (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


Communities need facilities like these

Hannah McCoid (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


This club is a valuable asset to our community!

Amanda Mccabe (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


The gym is a crucial part of the community, giving children and adults a place to keep fit and develop skills.

Amy Saunders (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


There are loads of children & adults who use this club its affordable to go and there’s nowhere else like it in beverley
It would be a massive shame to see this close

Clare Parkinson (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


The club is a massive strength for the local community. And needs to stay

Daniel Morris (Hull, 2019-09-09)


In signing because I have my priorities right and the youth should come first in this situation.

Aaron Donald (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


It's one of the only sporting and fun facilities for children on the estate. Its widely used and I have never seen a youth session that isnt fully booked not to mention the amount of young adult talented boxers that have started to emerge through the clubs amateur scheme. It would be a massive blow to the community to lose such a great sports club in a great location.

Jacob Hart-Fisher (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


I believe this club offers fantastic service for local people and these sort of clubs need to be supported and not closed

Roger Spink (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


ERYC failing local clubs.

Richard Hornby (Hull, 2019-09-09)


I'm signing because my grandchildren use this gym for boxing and really enjoy it. There isnt another boxing club that they could go to

Jackie Shaw (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


My nephew goes to the boxing club and since he’s been there he has lots more confidence and he loves it

Terry Jackson (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Its a great place for local kids

Matthew Page (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


The kids in that area NEED that club

Davey Zubrzycki (Leeds, 2019-09-09)


This club plays a great role in the community and needs to continue. ERYC have tried to push them out once before and the club has gone from strength to strength following the changes made after the shift around of the facilities. It's unfair to expect them to move out and have to find suitable premises after all the work that has gone into making this facility work.

Emma French (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


I’m signing because this is a fantastic club. It offers kids / youths a safe place to come and learn a skill and be part of a community. The coaches are all volunteers who give their time free of charge. They act as positive role models and mentors to kids that might need some direction. Their commitment to the community is outstanding, offering fitness sessions to other clubs and encouraging all to have a go.

Anne Gorman (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


I’m signing because they provide a great service to the local community giving kids something to do keeping them off the street and off games consoles

Matt Anthony (Hull, 2019-09-09)


Important for the children

Laura OBrien (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


It's a bloody disgrace , yet another sports club forced out.

Steve Grantham (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


Good for the community and the kids

Phil Reed (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


I believe that Beverley is lacking in affordable clubs for people to attend. I know the people who run this club and they have put a tremendous effort in building the club. So often we here about kids and antisocial behaviour - this club gives them something positive to do. It also caters for the older generation which promotes good social behaviour and understanding.within all age groups. To force it to close on the grounds that the building needs to be used for older persons would be a great loss to the community. Please reconsider this proposal or at the very least find a suitable alternative venue, To give 6 weeks notice - frankly its just not on

Annette Bloomfield (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


How many other community groups in Beverley need to be taken away for planning purposes, disgusting!

Natalie Acton (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


The gym is great for the local community

Luke Hazell (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


My wife and son both use the gym and truly enjoy going.

Colin Cadwallender (Beverly , 2019-09-09)


This boxing club has been a massive benefit and helped me in more ways then one.

Matty Littlefield (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


It needs to stay open for young people in the area.

Sophie Green (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


This club means so much to me and if I didn’t have it I don’t think my life would be as good as it is.

Louix Gorman (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


This is such a fantastic facility to which gives the community of Beverley so much. Young and old. I coach 3 junior teams in Beverley -football , rugby union and league and we use this facility regularly. It’s brings great team spirit, unity, discipline and fitness to our teams. The coaches are awesome working with so any people assisting them to reach they personal and collective goals. Would be a tragedy for this facility to be lost from our community

Simon Heath (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Already too many obese people around and closing such a good facility won't help

JONATHAN RAWLINS (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


It’s taking away a great facility for young people

Julie Munns (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Can't close something that does so much for the community. Disgusting if the council close such a brilliant place

Sam Oglesby (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


I'm signing because the club has been a great asset to the community and wpuld be a great shame to lose it

Lucy Northen (East riding of Yorkshire , 2019-09-09)


It is an asset for the community, motivates fitness and health. Keeps young people occupied and gives them somewhere to go and something to do.

Shena De kock (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


It’s a great club to lose!

Dillan Billaney (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


My son is about to start track fitness and it's a great thing for the kids to be able to do

Becky Bingham (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


It will be a great loss to a community that is keeping kids off the street and providing somewhere to get fit and combat obesity and keep kids out of trouble and engaged in a great sport

Kerie Jenkins (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


Children (and adults) need more access to fitness and the council should encourage and support this club which provides the opportunity for this instead of closing facilities

Ann-Marie Jackson (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


This track and fitness club is unique!! They provide a much needed boxing class both for children and adults. At the same time it provides a fitness session for those who don’t want to be in the ring!! It’s hugely popular and is always packed!! The staff all have full time jobs and take the time to provide so many sessions throughout the year!! It’s affordable and provides both self discipline, self defence tactics whilst getting fit!! This keeps the kids off the streets!! This would have an extremely negative effect on so many people!! Please extend the lease or relocate to a suitable venue!! Why stop something when it’s so much needed.

Bev Williams (Hutton Cranswick , 2019-09-09)


The importance of fitness and wellbeing, especially in the young is paramount in society.

Neil Gay (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


This is a great project for our community. My son used theirs facilities and I can not praise them enough.

Paula Carmo (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


You don’t realise the benefit of such places until their gone, please save.

Mike Gillett (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


A boxing club is brilliant for kids to keep them off the streets causing trouble for others around

Aaron Duncan (Hull, 2019-09-09)


This gives local people something to focus on in times of uncertainty. It’s a great project!!

Rachel Parsons (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


It’s a great asset to the community and gives children somewhere to go and develop new skills.

Charlotte Coates (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Track and fitness boxing club are integral for the community providing young and old a place to focus there minds and bodies. The club helps people of all ages. The council should be helping the club not hinder it.

Greg Bennett (. , 2019-09-09)


This is a place for young people to go to and do something constructive rather than hanging around the streets etc...
It's run by volunteers who give up their own time for the community!!

Rebecca Curley (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


It helps kids get off the street and stay safe

Dylan Aveyard (Leeds, 2019-09-09)


It is a great lace for all the young people, there is very little else for them to d.

Jenny Medici (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


I'm signing because I want to do whatever I can to help make sure this brilliant place does not close.

Jo Cutts (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Amazing facility that’s so many

Sam Heath (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


This club is beneficial to the town

Hazel Moody (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


This is a great place for people of all ages, but especially youngsters, to come & be fit & be social

Amie Atkins (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Support &. Care disgusting decision

Mark Robinson (Halifax , 2019-09-09)


Fitness is key to good health.

Paul Wilkinson (Horbsea, 2019-09-09)


These guys put huge amount of input into communities where there is nothing provided by the council's to keep kids off the streets boxing is a cheap affordable sport that not only keeps children and young adults off the streets and out of trouble but also teaches them healthy living with exercise and food choices. Amateur boxing clubs are non profit organizations and can't afford to just get new premises... The councils all over the country should be supporting amateur boxing clubs and acknowledge what they do for a community

Carla Fox (Lincoln, 2019-09-09)


This is a fantastic organisation will needs supporting. These guys do a fantastic job giving the local area youths something to focus on, not only that they help train the Beverley rugby clubs from time to time. Boxing clubs teach young people respect and self defence and keep them of the streets causing trouble. There is not anywhere near enough youth clubs sporting clubs in the area ludicrous.

Anthony Rea (Hull, 2019-09-09)


Both my children enjoy attending this gym on a weekly basis for the training sessions.
Children need to get out and socialise and exercise in a safe environment, I can’t believe that the council are taking this opportunity away from them.

Claire Leach (Hull, 2019-09-09)


This vital community club cannot and must not close.

Michael Urbanski (HU17 7QN, 2019-09-09)


This facility is an asset to the community & should be kept open for the benefit of all

Nik Emanuel (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Very valuable resource supporting children who are the future of the community.

Helen Duboulay (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


Both of my children have attended this club. It is a fantastic asset to the local community which I’m sure has had a positive social impact in the local area.

Rob Brown (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


I use the boxing gym regularly and it is a great facility and club which is inclusive and great for the community. This place needs to stay open for the young people and adults of the community. It provides a great service and the coaches are committed and brilliant at what they do.

Sam Roe (Beverley, 2019-09-09)


My four children attend the boxing club weekly and love it. It would be such a shame if the council went ahead & evicted the club without finding them a new home. Absolutely no thought has been given towards the local community who attend the club.

Natalie Acklam (Beverley , 2019-09-09)


It’s an incredibly valuable asset for the local area and would be sadly missed

Sarah Stark (Hull, 2019-09-09)

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