We need to act now!

Elisa Bracht (Kuta Lombok, 2019-07-05)


Stop plastic for better environment and future generation

Risman Haryadi (Praya, 2019-07-05)


Plastic issues is a global crisis, we need to take an action into real step, awareness and regulation

Tantowi Jauhari (Praya, 2019-07-05)


Save our earth

Rian Pramana (Praya, 2019-07-05)


I spend every year time in lombok

Matteo Fois (Genova, 2019-07-05)


I want Lombok to be the best place it can be and attract many visitors

Beruta Sunaklis (Windang, 2019-07-05)


I take care of the ocean, the wildlife and the health of future generation.

Nine van Bon (Arnhem, 2019-07-05)


I care about the beautiful nature of Lombok Island!

Ellen Halfers (Sandik, 2019-07-05)


We all need to be aware!

Patti Thenu Mieck (Tegelen, 2019-07-05)


It’s very sad to observe how people pollute their own nature(home). We can clean after them everyday, but they will leave plastic again. It’s all about proper education and ban of single use plastic.

Natalia Selivanova (Kuta , 2019-07-05)


I care about the environment

Karen Marquez (Lombok, 2019-07-05)


Make a difference

Matt Jan (Kuta, 2019-07-05)


I'm signing becouse I love Lombok.

Michał Miś (Krakow, 2019-07-05)


It's important to me that the plastic problem get handled in Indonesia

Irma Albers (Kuta, 2019-07-05)


I'm signing because it is damaging the ocean and marine animals. It also makes the beaches look untidy and ugly.

Maegan Whitehouse (Kuta, Lombok, 2019-07-05)


Plastic is no good for our planet and Lombok is my second home.

Tytti Anwar (Helsinki, 2019-07-05)


Plastic sucks

Yaroslaw Stankevich (London, 2019-07-05)


Because I love the island, I want to keep it beautiful and good to live for our children.

JeanMarc Reynier (kuta lombok, 2019-07-05)


I think that all in nessasary plastics should be banned

Des Christie (Perth, 2019-07-05)


Because plastic is harm environment if we not control it.

Agung Susila (Exeter , 2019-07-05)


I live in Lombok for 8years, I love Lombok, call it home, and I don’t wanna see its beauty gone because submerged by plastic. I don’t use straws, I have an aluminum water bottle always with me so I never buy plastic bottle, I separate my trash and make compost with organic waste... but one isn’t enough, we need to educate the youth and help from the government to make this change. Otherwise the future generation won’t know aquatic life and its beauty and richness as we know it today. Plastic slowly kills our planet and we must act now.

Guillaume Lasfargues (Mataram , 2019-07-05)


I care !

Rini Damanik (Jakarta , 2019-07-05)


I love Lombok but I hate the plastic pollution that’s destroying the environment.

Penelope Hogan (Sydney, 2019-07-05)


I am signing because i care about our planet 🌍

Andreas Linhart (Vienna, 2019-07-05)


I saw a lot of plastic in asia and I’m worried about it. Small steps take you further and further to solve the problem

Rianne Geraedts (Roermond, 2019-07-05)


Plastic free!

Donna Saarentola (Helsinki, 2019-07-05)


Single-use plastic needs to stop!

Isabeau Schutte (Haarlem, 2019-07-05)


I believe Lombok should follow in Bali's footsteps and become plastic free especially if it wants to become a world class tourist destination.

Charlotte Karim (Mataram, 2019-07-05)


I live in Lombok and i can See the big Problem plastic causes Here.
IT needs to Stop now.

Jeannine Kapl (Tanjung, 2019-07-05)


I love that island

Miguel Rodriguez (Hong Kong, 2019-07-05)


I Support this thing😊👌

Widya Fujihartaty (Indonesia, 2019-07-05)


Lombok is a beautiful island in desperate need of sustainable tourism to boost economy. Plastic is not fantastic!!

Siân Williams (Lombok, 2019-07-05)


I lived on Lombok for 3 years over 20 years ago. I hope Lombok can retain some of its natural beauty by limiting plastic waste.

Jan Phillips (Mt Eliza, 2019-07-05)


The oceans are already suffocating with plastic waste and if we don’t stop adding to it there will be total destruction and no future for our grandchildren.

Jane Hanafie (Senggigi, 2019-07-05)



Nowak Maxime (Montagny, 2019-07-05)


I love Lombok and I hate plastic!! Help to save this beautiful island for the future generations 🧡🧡

Sarah Davies (London, 2019-07-05)


I’m signing because I want my child to grow up and live in a healthy unpolluted environment

Hannh B H (Mataram , 2019-07-05)


We need to take care of our planet and our oceans and all wildlife so our children and their children can enjoy living on this beautiful planet as well.

Fam te Poel (Amsterdam, 2019-07-05)


Sudah terlalu banyak sampah plastik! Stop laahh.. ✌️✌️✌️

Fuad Prasetyo (Mataram, 2019-07-05)


I care about our oceans

Josina Schouten (Leiden, 2019-07-05)


It's already too late, but we have to start now with a total ban of plastic straws, bags and so on, so we won't be drowning in plastic tomorrow.

Regula Rubitschon (Gerung, 2019-07-05)


I live in Lombok and would love to see less rubbish and a cleaner environment for my family!

Tara Coker (Lombok, 2019-07-05)


To make Lombok a better place. Loving Lombok! Loving the environment!

Marlisa Grausser (Perth, 2019-07-05)


Plastic is killing the oceans and everything in it, it's gotta stop now!

Hans Kanis (Nuriootpa, 2019-07-06)


Right now, I‘m flying back from Lombok and have seen what you are telling about with my own eyes. It‘s cruel!

Marc Grabner (Grundlsee, 2019-07-06)


We have way too much plastic in general especially washing up on all our beautiful beaches and suffocating our sea life, we don't need 95% of the plastic ware we have now.

Peta Buswell (Perth, 2019-07-06)


We need to save the ocean from plastic waste!

Jill Sydor (Gili Trawangan , 2019-07-06)


So much plastic used in Lombok when I visited last. So much on the beaches and in the oceans.

Gabby Flaherty (Launceston , 2019-07-06)


Let’s better the world!

Nicole Flores gonzalez (Athens, 2019-07-06)


We need to use less plastic.

Finn Hanberg (Antwerp, 2019-07-06)


Felt in love with Lombok straight away. Would be so sad when it and the nature would be destroyed by the huge amount of plastic.

Corinna Nitsch (Galgenen, 2019-07-06)


Lombok is paradise

Natasha Dunwell (Kerikeri, 2019-07-06)


Because I live partly in Selong Belanak, Lombok and want to contribute to a plastic free lombok.

Clara Clark (Los Angeles , 2019-07-06)


Flora, fauna and the people need clean oceans and a clean environment to survive.

Barbara Rink (Senggigi Lombok NTB, 2019-07-06)


I spend most of my time on lombok and I see first hand the damage from plastic. I am involved in the SLCA tibbish collection and our job would b much easier if plastic free.

Rosalie Dobson (Christchurch , 2019-07-07)


Lombok needs to be plastic free

Andrew Clarke (Lombok, 2019-07-07)


Plastic sucks

Gunnar Schipp (Ulm, 2019-07-07)


As a surfer I love the ocean and see my personal responsibility in supporting this initiative to enable change towards sustainability for Lombok.

Mirja Fricke (Munich, 2019-07-07)


I am a scuba diver and see single use plastic on all the pink beaches, on all the beautiful corals, on the side of the road and the waste left after the local markets?? All single use plastic!

Shannon Durrant (Kuta, 2019-07-07)


I want Kuta to be plastic free !

Manu Rupp (Scheidegg, 2019-07-07)

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