reopen Malton hospital



live locally and its a joke trying to see a gp!!

Kerry Turley (malton, 2019-06-30)


I agree with everything above, the town is growing so rapidly and medical services are not able to cope with demand also it is not easy for people to have to travel to York and Scarborough.

Karen Scott (Malton, 2019-06-30)


We need Malton hospital open more, putting more pressure on other hospitals who can't cope as it is.

Joanne Watson (Malton, 2019-06-30)


We need the facility in the town for the amount of people kids there is and also take pressure of othwr a and e and hosp and rhe docs

Sara Palliser (Malton, 2019-06-30)


We need this in our area

Chantal Spaxman (Malton , 2019-06-30)


I believe in my local hospital, we need more than 111 service to reach ouf huge area and gp ate stretches enough

Sarah Tonge Hsc (Malton, 2019-06-30)


Malton doctors needs more help due to the amount of extra housing.

Kim Arton (Malton, 2019-06-30)


The hospital should never have been shit down we need a fully working hospitala for the towns and the surrounding villages

Robyn Barnes (Malton, 2019-07-01)


It would be nice to have a fully functional hospital to work alongside the surgery that is clearly struggling to accommodate the people of this town

Karen Holmes (Malton, 2019-07-01)


Definitely needs to be back open, for many reasons.

Karen Scholes (Malton, 2019-07-01)


There is a growing need for local A&E to deflect the pressure on the local surgery,and ambulance transfers to scarborough and york. Surely this is financially viable, when considering the cost of HEMS from the Y.A.A.

Nick Gall (Norton, 2019-07-01)


We need adequate facilities in Malton, to reflect the growing population in our town. It is not easy for many to get to York or Scarborough hospitals.

Clare Avery (Malton, 2019-07-01)


we need this service for people who have no means of transport and York or Scarborough are too far to access in emergency situations.

Sonia Bell (Malton, 2019-07-01)


Malton needs this as it’s a growing town.

Paul Tyler (Malton , 2019-07-01)


We need this as a growing community

Jo Monkman (Malton , 2019-07-01)


The currant situation is a complete nightmare. Not to mention the amount of new houses being built. It's only going to get worse.

Andy Wall (Malton, 2019-07-01)


We need more real local services rather than travelling 20 miles to the next nearest hospital. Not everyone can drive a car or has access to one.

Andrea Reeves (Norton on Derwent, 2019-07-01)


It's a needed hospital and A&E

Nicholas Lunn (Pickering , 2019-07-01)


It is very sad times when hospitals close their doors for good which should be serving ever increasing community's, my family live at Malton and rely on public transport to get to another hospital which is difficult to do. Please reopen Malton hospital before we go back to olden days were only the very rich have access to medical care.

Susan Galloway (Scarborough, 2019-07-01)


Its very important and necessary.

Susan Gallagher (Malton, 2019-07-01)


I believe that there is a need for a small hospital like Malton

Ann Hartas (MALTON, 2019-07-01)


It makes every bit of sense!!
The current gp surgery is oversubscribed and will only get worse as more housing is developed. There is a perfectly suitable hospital that is not being used to it’s full potential and could fulfil these expanding needs.
And why would people want to travel to york and Scarborough when we have the opportunity for more facilities on our doorstep!
I delivered my first baby in Malton hospital, in at lunchtime, out by 6pm, not having to travel half hour by car and waste a bed in the bigger hospitals that simply doesn’t need the pressure.

Nicola Jesse (Malton, 2019-07-01)


We need this facility for our growing population in this area

Penny Magee (Malton , 2019-07-01)


We need more facilities for the size of the area

Nicky Green (Malton, 2019-07-01)


We have lost Driffield hospital, we can't keep loosing thes town hospitals, it's not just jobs it's lives!

Vicky Hill (Driffield, 2019-07-02)


My husband received the best of care after his stroke for 4 months!! He was closer to home and I would never choose to go to Scarborough hospital!!!!

Helen Lawrence (Barnard Castle , 2019-07-02)


I was born at Malton hospitial. The town is getting alot bigger in terms of houses and people living as well as surrounding areas. The other hospitals at Scarborough and York haven't got the space to take patenients in. Opening up the maternity ward fully again so people can give birth there would help so much. Rather than getting to York or Scarborough to be sent back to Malton as there no beds as yet to then only set off back an hour later and ended up giving birth on the side of the road or in a car park somewhere that is not safe for.mother or baby for if anything were to go wrong. I know people in Malton this has happened to. We need this back open.

Sam Bates (Malton, 2019-07-04)


Malton is becoming so big and is due to be developed therefore more services are needed

Katrina Cowton (Rillington , 2019-07-04)


It makes sense!!!

Phillipa Botterill (Malton, 2019-07-04)


malton Hospital should never close

Claire Waltham (malton northYorkshire, 2019-07-09)


Women are having Babies being born in cars before they get to Scarborough or York. Accidents/minor injuries don’t just happen between 9-5, the town is growing so fast it’s getting nigh on impossible to get a drs appointment, dentist. It needs to be reopened ASAP 😡

Jacqueline Milner (Norton , 2019-07-10)

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