Change back graduation to Sept 2020 not Feb 2021!



I feel strongly about graduating in September on the hoe, which was advised when I applied for Plymouth university. This also influenced my decision to attend this university over others.

Lizzy Rennie (Plymouth , 2019-05-10)


It was advertised to us that we would graduate on the hoe. It’s unfair for this to be wrongly publisised to us especially when it’s been changed to a date where we not be able to transfer to the hoe for photos or celebrations.

Emily Kimber (Plymouth, 2019-05-10)


I'm signing this petition because as part of the university advertisement and also part of their prospectus we were guaranteed out graduation at Plymouth hoe and this is not being met. The university is not following their advertisement campaign by graduating at the hoe and this is unfair.

Scott Harburn (Plymouth, 2019-05-10)


I believe we should be entitled to a graduation in the year we actually graduate not the year after.

Jennifer Rayment (Dawlish, 2019-05-10)


Please move the date back to September.

Julia Baranowska (Exeter , 2019-05-10)


I do not want as a paramedic student to have my graduation delayed after all my hard work for 3 years. To delay without consulting the people who it will affect first is not fair. And I feel strongly about not graduating at the end of my course and having to wait 6 months.

Jessica Vincent (Truro , 2019-05-11)


I am planning, like others, to work/ travel after uni, graduating in February will mean I won’t be able to attend a celebration of a degree I’ve worked hard for.

Josie Hansford-Holt (Bath , 2019-05-11)


We deserve to graduate not only in September but on the hoe like it's always been. The turn out in Feb would be poor and I honestly wouldn't want to go and neither would my friends. Graduating is so special and want to be able to celebrate with my friends

Stacey Wheeler (Plymouth , 2019-05-11)


Our graduation has been changed to SIX months after finishing the degree. I will have to sacrifice a days leave in order to graduate in a small hall where I can’t have my proud parents, boyfriend and the only nurse in the family see me graduate. The hardest 3 years of my life to wait 6 months after to ‘celebrate’ finishing.

Ellen Babb (Plymouth , 2019-05-11)


Its wrong that the uni told us our graduation would be on the hoe, and I feel misled and disappointed.

Hayley Levy (Plymouth, 2019-05-11)


I want my graduation with all my cohort in September 2020.
If its the Feb then my sister who lives in Australia can not make it.

Stacey Solomon (Plymouth , 2019-05-11)


I want my graduation changed as well!!! (Adult nursing)

Beatrice Fordham (Plymouth, 2019-05-11)


Occupational therapy students should also get the opportunity to graduate in September

Carys James (Plymouth , 2019-05-12)


I am a student nurse and want to keep up with the tradition of having the graduation on the hoe on September

Joanna Brailsford-dunn (Torquay , 2019-05-12)


We should all be able to graduate in September the same as everyone else!

Amy Oliver (Plymouth, 2019-05-12)


For the last 3 years we have been studying and developing relationships with at least 350 other people exactly like ourselves. By moving those celebrations, students are unable to celebrate and have the opportunity to (in some cases) say goodbye to friends before they start their positions or plans after university.
Furthermore, by moving the location from the Hoe to the Guildhall, students are struggling to decide as to whom they would like to invite (as there are limited spaces). This then pushes students not wanting to go to their graduation, which will not only affect them but those who want to celebrate probably the hardest 3 or 4 years of their current lives.

Chevaugn Truter (Plymouth , 2019-05-12)


Because I’m a student nurse who wants to graduate in September with everyone else on the hoe

Meg Wood (Plymouth, 2019-05-12)


I want my graduation the way it was sold to me

Megan Evangeline Powell (Plymouth , 2019-05-12)


This is very upsetting to read that they want to change the date to February!
We will all be in employment by then and the excitement of being a student and graduating will be long gone.

Sam Parkin (Barnstaple , 2019-05-12)


We want a summer graduation

Jane Brown (Torquay, 2019-05-12)


I have no interest in graduating 6 months after finishing my degree, I will be working by this time and the excitement of graduation will have fizzled out. We should be able to celebrate our graduation in the summer like everybody else and in the location promised by the university upon enrolling.

Alexandra Perry (Plymouth , 2019-05-12)



Matthew Dare (Plymouth, 2019-05-12)


Having the graduation up the hoe is far nicer than the guild hall . September weather is generally nice too unlike february . This means a lot to a lot of people so please revert back.

Jody Brownhill (Plymouth, 2019-05-12)


This is the same for other health courses including Occupational Therapy, we don't want to wait an extra 6 months to graduate.

Gemma Howard (Plymouth, 2019-05-12)


Completely devalued all of us!

Krystina Knaggs (Plymouth , 2019-05-13)


Why should their graduation be delayed as most of them will be working and not be able to attend! It takes all the hard work of studying and exams and work I g on the side to earn as they don't get a bursary . You really will burst their bubble !

Mandy Boom-Saunders (Norwich, 2019-05-13)


I’m upset that the graduation has been pushed so far back after I have put in such hard work to get my degree. I feel this is really completely unfair. Furthermore, I think it’s awful that we are not getting the ceremony that was once promised to us from the start and the fact that we are the first cohort to not have the NHS bursary makes me feel under valued even when we deserve it more so that we have had to pay for the degree.

Melissa Jackson (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


My sister is affected by this and I feel she should have her graduation soon after she finishes uni

Megan Heath (Waterlooville, 2019-05-13)


I am studying occupational therapy and I will be effected by this matter!

Becky Heath (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


My niece is at Plymouth right now and is understandably upset at this change to what was promised before she even started her course. In my opinion, the five month delay shows a disregard for the students as does the change of venue.

Richard Sinclair (Bognor Regis, 2019-05-13)


I don't want to wait 6 months to graduate. The excitement will not be the same as we will be employed by then and less people will be able to or bothered to attend.

Jen Orton (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


I wish to graduate next year and not the later one it means a lot to us all

sarah chown (PLYMOUTH, 2019-05-13)


Students work hard and have to pay to train and work extremely long hard hours, they should not have to wait to be awarded to celebrate their amazing achievement.

Allison Newcombe (Plymouth , 2019-05-13)


This is unacceptable and I will be affected by these changes

Hannah Sercombe (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


Student Nurse class of 2017 - 2020 (Exeter School of Nursing, Plymouth University)
Graduating in Feb, I will be working in new job for 7 months, graduation will seem pointless with this timescale!

Sam Varndell (Tiverton, 2019-05-13)


I feel it is unfair to hold graduation so late. The students have worked hard and deserve a ceremony ad soon as possible

Jane Lewis (Neath, 2019-05-13)


This is unfair , this is months after we finish ! I don’t see why it can’t be moved to another date in September !

Molly Higginson (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


This involves me!

Olivia Saunders (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


I’m an occupational therapy student and I will also be affected by this.

Leila Ward (Plymouth, 2019-05-13)


My daughter is at Uni at Plymouth, and believe the date should stand as it was before, not be changed!

Karen Bzhetaj (Bognor Regis, 2019-05-13)


I'm signing because my niece is working really hard studying and this deserves to be celebrated as soon as she finishes her course.

Rachel May (Guildford, 2019-05-14)


6 months is an incredibly long time to keep students from graduating and may also affect the number of students who can attend.

Justine Stamp (Chichester , 2019-05-14)


We want our graduation changed back to sept 2020

Bethany Edwards (Plymouth, 2019-05-14)


The hoe is the staple part of Plymouth!

Verity Lemm (Plymouth, 2019-05-15)


We have worked hard for the last 3 years and would like to celebrate our achievement at the time, not 6 months later when we are all working.

Emily Brennan (Plymouth , 2019-05-15)


I have been looking forward to graduating on the Hoe as advertised by the university and publicised each year. No matter how silly it seems it has motivated me several times while studying to strive for that setting. I'm signing this in the hope that the university simply moves the graduation back by a week and keeps it on the Hoe as advertised to all students.

James Armstrong (Tavistock, 2019-05-15)


I want my Graduation as I was sold it.

Lydia Ellen (Axminster , 2019-05-15)


February is the middle of the academic year therefore other commitments are very likely

Bethany Brent (Plymouth , 2019-05-15)


I'm a student who dislikes the idea of having our graduation moved from the initial advertised date

thomas appleby (Plymouth, 2019-05-15)



Rebecca Elizabeth (Plymouth , 2019-05-15)


It’s not fair for the students!!

Maria Semmonds (Oxford, 2019-05-15)


I’m signing because how hard is it to find another location rather making the students wait another 5monts to graduate. Haven’t they waited enough time to graduate and find there dean job. Why take that from them. Disgusting

Lauren Hunter (Truro, 2019-05-15)

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