Reduce the 12 month minimum between two votes of no confidence in Tory leader to 3 months



We as members need more control and influence over party policy and in leadership elections.

It is also important to be able to call votes of confidence, especially when the position of a leader has changed dramatically as in our current situation.

Calum McHale (Harrow, 2019-04-07)


The PM is betraying the Country, the Party and the electorate. The Party must find a way to remove her.

Carl Owen (March, 2019-04-07)


Mrs May has proved to be unfit to lead our party, since she won the the no confidence vote she has shown time and time again that her leadership lacks direction and needs to end sooner rather than later. Allowing Corbyn and arguably the most left Labour Party for many a year to decide the outcome of Brexit is the last straw, therefore we need urgent change to the constitution so no leader can ever take it for granted that they can destroy our party over an extended period of time following a confidence vote.

Lee Todd (Rayleigh, 2019-04-07)


The Prime Minister has radically changed her approach towards negotiations when she started working with Jeremy Corbyn, yet we have no way of holding her accountable for her blatant u-turns on her promises. This change will allow for our MPs and party members to hold our reckless Prime Minister to account.

Luke Davidson (Carrickfergus, 2019-04-07)


May is the worst and most duplicitous leader and PM that this country has ever seen. Also, she would rather work alongside Corbyn than grant the democratic wishes of her own party membership. An absolute disgrace and an absolute denier of democracy. My petition (229963) made it clear what was needed, instead she chose to destroy her party and her country's sovereignty on behalf of the EU for decades, maybe even forever. May would rather back 27 other countries AND her opposition than back the UK. We need a better (Brexiteer) leader NOW.

Michael Rudkin (Billingborough, 2019-04-07)


I cannot trust anything tm says.. She's a national embarrassment! Get her gone ASAP before the Conservatives are ruined

Darren Hurt (Redruth , 2019-04-07)


I'm disgusted at May and her remain cabinet. The only situation I will renew my membership in August is if we WTO on 12/04/9 and May is removed.

Rachel Hodge (Hatfield, 2019-04-07)


I would like the Prime Minister to be removed from office.

Simon Jones (Beaconsfield , 2019-04-07)


I want Theresa May to go as soon as possible. I think that no confidence votes should be able to be held every 3 months

Judith Gough (Kings Lynn , 2019-04-07)


I’m signing this because I have always voted Conservative, but I cannot do that with Mrs May as PM. She has betrayed the party, the manifesto and the people. I served our country for almost 30 years, I will have nothing to do with Corbyn, a man who courts terrorists and has openly been against our Armed Forces. What we are witnessing now is a breakdown of democracy. For our party to survive we must be rid of this “bloody difficult woman” as soon as possible.

Mark Graham (Peterborough , 2019-04-07)


I am disgusted with the way in which Mrs May has betrayed our democracy. Knowing that she cannot be challenged again until December, she is proceeding recklessly and threatening the very fabric of our democratic society. This must stop! No leader should be able to proceed against the wishes of the membership without being challenged.

Elizabeth Lee (Sleaford, 2019-04-07)


I think it’s correct

Steve Flintoff (Preston , 2019-04-07)


This woman should never have been PM in the first place. Many more MP’s were far more suitable and she has proved that point

David Reed (Sheffield, 2019-04-07)


I'm a member of the Conservative party and agree .

David Luscombe (Exeter, 2019-04-07)


I believe the Prime Minister has betrayed the Brexit referendum, and the wishes of Conservative party members.

Stephen Tillotson (Hitchin, 2019-04-07)


This woman is in need of a nice white jacket, with straps

Lynn Lawrence (Gosport, 2019-04-07)


Mrs May has betrayed the referendum results and is either totally incompetent or treacherous. I have no confidence in her whatsoever.

R Clive-Smith (Warwick , 2019-04-08)


The wishes of the members must be respected

Gary Pittock (Wisbech, 2019-04-08)


It’s wrong that someone who Is employed on certain terms for a political party can just change and remain in their job.

Ann Lennard (Wetherby , 2019-04-08)


This is needed to keep any leader on their toes.

Scott Chapman (Tipton, 2019-04-08)


May isn’t strong enough to commit to leaving. If remainers in Parliament don’t want us to leave, they just have to frustrate the process because they know May isn’t going to leave with no deal.

Connor Jones (Birmingham , 2019-04-08)


It’s patently obvious she has to go now. She’s going against Con Associations, members, electorate, ref result. Stacks of evidence.

Valerie Baker (Nottingham , 2019-04-08)


The current situation has proved that the country can be held to hostage by a Prime Minister who doesn’t hold the confidence of a large proportion of her membership and voting base.

Molly Giles (Stratford upon Avon , 2019-04-08)


Traitor May needs to go, she is nothing more than a lap dog for the EU, a traitor to Britain and democracy

Westley Cameron-reid (Eastleigh, 2019-04-08)


The prime minister has lied to us.

David Hodgson (Leeds , 2019-04-08)


Totally appalled by the performance of Mrs May - worst PM in living memory and she is about to totally destroy the party for a generation.

Stephen Aucott (Welwyn, 2019-04-08)


I want The Conservative Party to get rid of Theresa May & prior to electing a new PM to install a true BREXIT supporting interim PM to get U.K. OUT of the eu!

Michelle Megan (Newbury , 2019-04-08)


I'm signing because Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister I have ever known; and I thought Cameron was bad.

She is a pathological liar and couldn't be trusted to organise an egg & spoon race.

Barrie Cooper (Chippenham, 2019-04-08)


108 Broken promises.
Blatant lying.
Working against manifesto pledges.
Presenting a withdrawal agreement which makes us even worse of than before the referendum.

Ray Elliott (Malvern, 2019-04-08)


I feel that there needs to be greater democracy within the party, it appears that CCHQ and local associations are a million miles apart. This cannot continue.

Dylan Johnston (Cardiff, 2019-04-08)


I fear May is sending the party into oblivion for ever. The woman is toxic.

M Beaumont (London, 2019-04-08)


I would like TM to resign, and a brexiteer to takeover negotiations with the EU.

Bryan Shields (Ballyclare , 2019-04-08)


Theresa May’s handling of Brexit has been divisive as well as dishonest and risks damaging both country and party for generations. This cannot continue unchallanged.

Dan Keating (Swindon, 2019-04-08)


Sick and tired of Theresa May ignoring the wishes of the majority of the electorate who voted to leave the EU with or without a deal...

Mark Loosemore (Spalding, 2019-04-08)


Theresa May must go. The Tory party are finished and they will be annihilated on 2nd May.

May does not have a Conservative bone in her body. She is a Lib Dem / Blairite.

Polly Manton (Wilmslow, 2019-04-08)


May is the worst PM we have ever had in this country. Every job she has had she has failed in. She has betrayed 17.4.M. She has lied and been the most duplicitous person ever.

Debbie Barratt (Norwich, 2019-04-08)


Judas May is betraying the Referendum, the people and our Democracy.

David Painter (Nottingham, 2019-04-08)


Total lack of faith in the party to deliver BREXIT. Fed up with all the lies and excuses during this 3 year period

Lee Bishop (London, 2019-04-08)


There has to be a way of bringing an undemocratic, autocratic PM to account swiftly.

Clive Sargeant (Halesworth , 2019-04-08)


Mrs May is destroying the party, she is going against the manifesto promises, her deal is awful and as she has told labour is a customs union in all but name, she legitimises that Marxist terrorist lover, Corbyn, which is a danger for the whole country. Now she is talking about staying in the customs union which means we can reap few advantages of Brexit. We need to leave asap on no Deal and work towards a fta like Canada 's once out. We need someone more competent than Mrs May who can lead this country and the govt with authority. If necessary a caretaker Brexiteer PM. Mrs May has made fools of us in front of the whole world - it is embarrassing. Worse she has tried get us to sign up to being a vassal state ( even the Greek ex finance minister thinks it is something to be signed only by a loser in a war). I understand the reason for the year period but there should be an override - the PM cannot be allowed to just do as she pleases for a year without any consequences. Thank you for listening.

Natasha Kirsten (Knutsford, 2019-04-08)


Our Party is dying under her leadership.

Glenn Broadbent (Leeds, 2019-04-08)


I think Theresa May has done a terrible job over the last 2 years and the party needs new, strong and, most importantly, a brexiteer leader.

Andrew Weaver (Birmingham, 2019-04-08)


Mrs May must be removed because she has show incompetence beyond belief and a change of leader is required before she does incalculable harm.

Charles Hancock (London, 2019-04-08)


Theresa May has betrayed Brexit and destroyed democracy. The UK electorate were asked by parliament to make the EU decision. Theresa May had no right to change or revoke that decision. She is now forcing the nation into something we did not agree to.

Denise Sowerby (Leigh On Sea, 2019-04-08)


May needs to be replaced before she destroys Brexit and the party completely.

Paul McIntyre (Newark, 2019-04-08)


I am appalled at what The PM is doing when the membership want a no deal overwhelmingly. I shall not be going out door to door for the EU elections
Discussed all her promises have been broken.

Jacqueline Smith (London, 2019-04-08)


I'm fed up with PM lies and failing to show leadership to take us out as legislated for on the 29th March. The date was fix in the EU treaty and voted for by a majority of MPs in parliament. PM is failing out party but there appears to be no means of removing her from office. She promised no deal and no customs union yet is taking us towards both of these and has even threatened revocation of article 50 if MPs don't vote for her bad treaty.

Heather Bowen (Eastleigh, 2019-04-08)


Very unhappy we are ignoring promises made by Cameron before the 1996 EU referendum and ignoring the Tory manifesto to leave within 2 years, when MPs legislated to leave on 29th March and it's a disgrace our PM is also contemplating joining a customs union and doing a deal with the labour party.

David Bowen (Eastleigh, 2019-04-08)


I'm signing because of the disgraceful way the party leader has acted since December 2018. The 12 month immunity a leader recieves after a defeated vote of no confidence is far too long. This is especially the case when a leader uses the immunity to rip up manifesto pledges and do untold damage to the country. Therefore the rules must change to allow Conservative MPs to hold the party leader to greater account.

Luke Brandon (Broxbourne, 2019-04-08)


Theresa May is absolutely dreadful. She lied 108 times at the despatch box that we would be leaving on 29th March. She continually said 'No deal is better than a bad deal' while all the time she didn't believe it. Colluding to obstruct Brexit with Corbyn is the final straw!

Jennifer Massey (Bury St. Edmunds, 2019-04-09)


I am signing because I have a very real fear that our party is heading into oblivion unless there is real change as members we deserve to be heard on this issue otherwise there won’t be a Conservative party to fight for

David Prewett (Cirencester, 2019-04-09)


I'm incensed that Theresa May has been allowed to stay in post where she has been able to betray the votes of 17.4 million people. She's the worst PM in living memory and is clearly a Remainer in Leave's clothing. I simply don't understand why she hasn't been made to step down.

Kaye Knott (Rotherham, 2019-04-09)


I am having my democratic rights usurped

Reg Russell (Welwyn Garden City, 2019-04-09)


The PM no longer has any legitimacy. She has betrayed the trust of her party and her voters. If the rules do not permit her to be held account until December then the rules must change.

James Spivey (Wakefield , 2019-04-09)


I am incredibly frustrated with our Party Leader. Party members wishes are being ignored and leadership do not represent our views. This cannot be allowed to happen again.

Stephen Knowles (Wolverhampton , 2019-04-09)


Theresa May has promised to take us out of the EU but has not been trying to do so. She postponed our 29th March departure and has colluded with Corbyn. Enough is enough I want a better leader

Mandy Parsons (Nordelph Downham Market, 2019-04-09)


I am signing because I am disgusted with this PM and consider her to be a traitor to this country. Why should a Conservative PM sign our country to the control of Brussels unelected clowns? I did not vote for this to happen and my vote has been betrayed.

Gail Nelson (Aldershot, 2019-04-09)


Every day she is going further and further to betraying the 17.4 million voters who voted for Brexit.

Del Thomas (Westcliff-on-Sea, 2019-04-09)


Mrs May has shamed herself, the party and the country.

Susan Wood (TAMWORTH, 2019-04-10)


The people are being betrayed on what we voted for. Stop blocking Brexit.

Robert Harding (Isle of Man, 2019-04-10)


I want to keep voting Conservative, but I will never do so whilst May is PM.

alan gooch (Budleigh Salterton, 2019-04-11)


no deal is better than a bad deal. Her deal is awful. She is useless and an embarrassment to the country and party.

Michael Begley (Duns, 2019-04-11)


The PM has reneged on her election manifesto. Her Withdrawal Agreement does NOT allow us to leave the EU - in fact it ties us to the EU but without representation!

Jacqueline Ratcliffe (Kingston-upon-Hull, 2019-04-11)


We did not leave as promised. The Withdrawal Agreement is total Surrender to the EU and not freedom to trade without EU interference.

John Green (Sheffield, 2019-04-11)


I want May to be voted out.

Zigi Ellison (Folkestone , 2019-04-11)


It’s clear that the current 12 month rule is an obstacle to decisive leadership in a time of national crisis.

David Holes (Hitchin, 2019-04-11)


Teresa has to go as prime minister for the good of the party.

Nicholas Taylor (London , 2019-04-11)


I want Theresa May removed as prime minister

Michael Bishop (Romford, 2019-04-11)


Mrs May is not fit to lead the party I am a member of, for many reasons. Her attitude to grassroots members has been contemptuous and her failure to do as she has said she would is nothing short of misrepresentation in the HOC, and on television. This is no small thing for me to have to sign to remove her, I am ashamed to be a member of a party that has such a anti democratic and unpatriotic leader. she has to go

silvie marquiss (DURHAM, 2019-04-11)


Mrs May must go.

Richard Barber (Whitstable , 2019-04-11)


I have absolutely no faith in Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party and as Prime Minister.

Mark Webster (Sutton Coldfield, 2019-04-11)


I agree with your argument.

Ian Reeves (LICHFIELD, 2019-04-11)


12 months is too long where we can do nothing to replace a PM if that person refuses to stand down

Dawn Lever (Reading, 2019-04-11)


Theresa May is the worst PM the UK has ever had, and we need to get rid of her now

Mark Bishop (Caterham, 2019-04-11)


Mrs May is endangering the future of both the party and the country. She is alienating loyal supporters of the Conservative and Unionist party, both lifelong and more recent members. She is showing disdain for party principles and her willingness to collude with the opposition to subvert democracy is chilling. Her actions are not those of someone with the best interests of either the party or the country at heart.

Julie Alden (Burford, 2019-04-11)


I think it's vital for Theresa May to resign as Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister

Stewart Jackson (Peterborough, 2019-04-11)


I want a new PM

Jeff Hobby (Newbury, 2019-04-11)


Completely lost faith and confidence in Mrs May as Leader. In addition, the party has steadfastly refused to honour our Manifesto commitment to Leave the EU... We need new leadership, now.

Stephen Johnston (Glasgow, 2019-04-11)


Theresa May is the worst PM in the history of our nation. Completely duplicitous. Fed up of her constant lies, Brexit means Brexit, No Deal is better than a bad deal, Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, we are leaving on 29 March. Surrounded by utter incompetents like Liddington and Barwell and refuses to listen to anyone. I could go on, but I think that covers it for now.

David Dring (Gedling, 2019-04-11)


Ignoring May’s catastrophic tenure as PM, it is only right that someone in that position is under regular scrutiny if performing poorly

Paul Stevens (Worcester, 2019-04-11)


Theresa May is the worst party leader ever.

Phil Kane (Belfast, 2019-04-11)


Mrs May is not only betraying everyone who voted for the party on its manifesto promise to leave the EU but she is complicit in destroying the UK's ability to govern itself and, in doing so, the integrity of the UK itself.

Alison Mayes (Kibworth Beauchamp, 2019-04-11)


A year is too long!

Nick Amor (Bexley, 2019-04-11)


The Conservative and Unionist party will be damaged for a very long time if this situation, created by Theresa May, is allowed to continue past the end of April 2019.

Sean Concannon (Northamptonshire, 2019-04-11)



Philip May (London, 2019-04-11)

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