Save Esher's Greenbelt - Say No to development on Sandown Park



Greenbelt land is designated to stop urbanisation, it is NOT a resource for financial commercial gain or for new build council quotas.

Michaela Day (Esher, 2019-01-26)


I do not believe flats should be built on the greenbelt - this land should continue to be protected for everyone's benefit. Greenbelt only covers 13% of the UK. Brownfield sites must be bought forwards first.

Tim Stotesbury (Esher, 2019-01-27)


I don't think the green Belt should be built on . Roads are already overcrowded and overused . The jockey club have enough money to develop the race course.

Helen griffith (Ipswich , 2019-01-28)


I have visited Esher regularly for many years and enjoy the open spaces. I believe Green Belt land should be preserved.

ROSEMARY MILLS (London, 2019-01-28)


I'm signing because I strongly oppose the Jockey clubs proposals to build flats and a hotel on Greenbelt land.

Sarah Murphy (Esher, 2019-01-28)


Green belt needs to be protected.

Zitah McMillan (High Wycombe, 2019-01-28)


I am strongly opposed to the proposed development of Sandown Park, which is has no merit, endangers the Green Belt and will create unacceptable levels of traffic in Esher.

robert dodds (esher, 2019-01-28)


This proposed application is ill conceived and not acceptable in the Greenbelt in addition to the somewhat overstretched traffic system that we have in Esher

barry winser (ehser, 2019-01-28)


This is green belt land that is performing well.
There is no infrastructure to sustain such a scheme.
Traffic pollution is already increasing to a high level as traffic is increasing and extra cars will add to this

Lynne Fudge (Esher, 2019-01-28)


This is green belt
Too much traffic around this area already

olivia mingo (Esher, 2019-01-28)


Our business, the Soft Play at Sandown Park (purchased in April 2018) will be forced to close if the Jockey Club (our Superior Landord) plans to build a competing Soft Play next door.

As local residents we are also worried about traffic conjestion and the impact this will have on our local schools and doctors.

Mark Harman (Esher, 2019-01-28)


The application by the Jockey club to build 300+ flats in unacceptable on Green belt land. Please do not allow this to happen.

Isabelle Rowse (Esher, 2019-01-28)


I strongly object to the proposed development at Sandown Park on green belt

Sally Giles (Esher, 2019-01-28)


I am strongly opposed to the proposed development of Sandown Park, which is has no merit, endangers the Green Belt and will create unacceptable levels of traffic in Esher.

Bryan Bushnell (Esher, 2019-01-29)


I am signing this petition because I do not agree with loosing any greenbelt land.

Sophie Coles (Esher, 2019-01-29)


Many of the roads around Sandown are already constantly jammed, another 310 flats would exasperate the situation massively. I whole heartily reject the proposal which the Jockey Club have tried to play down and intimate that residents are positive on it. Esher could be permanently log jammed with increased delays for all residents together with accompanying pollution issues.

Chris Sutton (Esher, 2019-01-29)


I’m signing this petition to protect the green belt from unnecessary development. The roads around the racecourse are already gridlocked regularly not only on race days from sheer weight of traffic

Amanda Morrell (Esher, 2019-01-29)


I am signing this because this could be the tip of the iceberg regarding developing Green Belt land. It was supposed to be sacro sanctuary. That number of buildings would create even greater traffic chaos, it is already very bad since the new Walton Bridge was built. Also local amenities, such as schools, can't cope at the moment this would create even more chaos for these facilities.

Merran Sell (Esher, 2019-01-29)


All our green spaces are disappearing. Green belt means nothing any more.

Louise Vercoe (Walton on Thames, 2019-01-29)


This Planning Application would have a detrimental impact on the lives of myself and my Husband

Cynthia Elkington (ESHER, 2019-01-30)


This will severely impact the traffic that is already a nightmare in/around Esher, and will be a huge eye sore in one of the prettiest and greenest parts of Esher. Now that Kempton has closed down, there should be much better gate receipts that will only increase their revenue so the fact they need this development 'commercially' does not make sense. If they need to 'develop facilities' they should invest in the central facilities - the golf clubhouse and the gokart racing that has significant potential.

Timothy Manton (Esher, 2019-01-30)


I disagree with using this site for development. Not only does the racecourse provide amenity locally but also is a fantastic venue for sales, fairs and other events. It’s a landmark in esher and would be sorely missed. If Kempton Park couldn’t be built on why should esher?

Corinne Sterry (Cobham, 2019-01-30)


I feel that the building work planned for Sandown is far too big for greenbelt. The size of the planned buildings are too intrusive for the location, with no benefit to the town at all.

Kerry Harding (Esher, 2019-01-31)


Under no circumstances do I want to see the proposed development progress, the green belt is a precious commodity and should be tampered with.

Marcus Hobley (London, 2019-01-31)


I’m signing this petition as the traffic near Sandown is already an issue at peak hours, on race days, or when there is an event on at Sandown. The proposed development would lead to further traffic problems.

Alison Rawsthorne (Esher, 2019-01-31)


Building should not be allowed on Green Belt, especially one as sensitive and central as Sandown.

Roger Leary (Esher, 2019-01-31)


This development will have a catastrophic effect on local traffic and is not needed - roads are already gridlocked. A development of this scale is not suitable for a leafy suburb and would destroy the village atmosphere. It is also crucial that we do not build on the green belt. There are enough brownfield sites that can be re-purposed.

Clare Kelly (East Molesey, 2019-01-31)


I live opposite this gorgeous racecourse with open land and wonderful views. The building on this green space would be detrimental to our area, dog walkers, wildlife, the environment and health or our children and residents. This is why we live in Esher as it is a green and pleasant environment to live in. Esher can not handle any more traffic then it already does including the 'racetrack' called Lower Green road... this road does not need anymore traffic just like the high street doesn't. It doesn't matter how much money this will bring in to the town or how big the jockey club is, these owners will not have to live here like we do. Please please do noy allow this to go ahead .

Maria FABB (Esher, 2019-01-31)


The roads are already too busy in Esher. More development means more traffic which Esher is not able to cope with.

Sommer Stoddart (Esher, 2019-01-31)


Esher’s roads are already over congested. Portsmouth Road is in gridlock every rushhour.

Richard Williams (Esher, 2019-01-31)


I want to protect our green belt

Janine Crawford (Esher, 2019-01-31)



Jill-marie Davies (ESHER, 2019-01-31)


This will increase traffic pollution in my area

Peter Bottomley (Esher, 2019-01-31)


It’s obvious

Richard Eades (Sunbury-On-Thames , 2019-01-31)


If we keep building on green belt land then not only does the wildlife suffer through loss of habitat but generations to come will never know what the countryside is about. Gone for ever

Kathy Fullard (London, 2019-01-31)


I live locally. The traffic is already horrendous on race days, but even at peak times in other days. Our roads and infrastructure can’t cope with this additional traffic and increased number of residents.

Chloe McCabe (Esher, 2019-01-31)


Greenbelt land should not be touched. Anywhere.

Deborah Yun (Bristol, 2019-01-31)


I strongly object to the planned development for the sake our protecting our green belt and the effect it will have on already grid lock traffic will be appaulling.

chris rowse (esher, 2019-02-01)


I am sigining because once a rule is broken regarding green belt it will be hard to protect other sites. Esher High street and Sandown generate an enormous amount of traffic, jams and pollution.

Angela Beare (Esher, 2019-02-01)


I know this area well and think this would be intrusive in a recreational area

Karen Gooch (Dedham, 2019-02-01)


I do not support building on greenbelt land and I live nearby.

Christa Mayers (Thames Ditton, 2019-02-01)


I’m signing this because Sandown Park is an icon in Esher...we need green open spaces!!

Joyce Parish (Cobham, 2019-02-02)


I live near her, they are already building st Kempton race course

The South East especially Surrey cannot take anymore,

Also green belt land is scared, no more loss of this valuable space

Sharon Lawrence (Woking , 2019-02-02)


The congestion and traffic through and around Esher is crippling. The whole area has the potential to become totally gridlocked.
I asking don’t advocate building on green belt. We need green space.

Helen Pettit (Esher, 2019-02-02)


Open space is important, and I want the Green Belt to be strictly adhered to.

Virginia Abrahams (Esher, 2019-02-02)


I'm signing because I support the reasons in the petition



I believe the green belt in Esher should be protected, and this many homes will stress the local infrastructure to the detriment of all Esher residents.

Jonathan Watts (Esher, 2019-02-02)


I am opposed to large scale residential development on Greenbelt in Esher and a increase pressure on local traffic volumes in the neighbourhood.

Anne Emmins (Esher, 2019-02-02)


Greenbelt is there for a reason, to prevent urban sprawl and provide green spaces for people and wildlife and to protect from pollution. The roads are over capacity. This will set an undesirable and unwanted precedent. There are enough brown field sites to develop. Need to stop development on greenbelt.

Jackie Chalk (Chessington, 2019-02-03)


I live locally and already suffer the poor infrastructure which does not support the needs of the existing population. GP surgeries are full, schools are oversubscribed, the road and rail network is overcrowded with traffic delays already causing daily problems. The town cannot support this level of building.
Building on green belt would set a precedent for the future that we cannot undo. The green belt around London is essential not just for the people who live in it currently, but for those who live in the city who need it for health, cleaner air and exercise. Destroying the green belt will destroy our future.

Anna Vergunst (Esher, 2019-02-03)


I’m signing this because of thrnimao t on the area with pollution from more cars, impact on schools and spaces available are already limited. The area was chosen by us as a family because of the balance of greenery and houses, this will be imbalanced with the new development.

Jo Morgan (Esher, 2019-02-03)


I’m signing because Esher does not need any more traffic ,as on race days Esher becomes gridlocked and racecourse is green belt land racecourse has failed to show how it plans to reduce it carbon footprint as this delvelopment will increase traffic and pollen toon in esher rather than reduce it

Andrew Meade (Addlestone, 2019-02-03)


I’m signing this petition because I’m a young lady 20 years old, the traffic is bad enough let alone with a huge new development, we are so special being so near London with so green we cannot lose this speciality!!!

Olivia Morgan (Esher, 2019-02-03)


The traffic on the busy road from Scilly Isles to Esher High Street is already very heavy and this proposed development would make it even more difficult to drive along. Also, the development conflicts with the fact the land to be used is quality green belt.

Derek Curtis (Cobham, 2019-02-04)


It's important to save green areas within the London area.

Sebastian Shallcross (London, 2019-02-05)


Esher is already gridlocked with traffic. There is not room for another human being on the trains during rush hours. Schools are oversubscribed. This is beautiful green belt land which is used by many. This development would be completely out of character and spoil the surrounding area.

Catherine Evans (Esher, 2019-02-06)


Greenbelt lands should not be used for development. Roads are already overcrowded. New dwellings will bring more chaos on the roads and will not improve anything for current residents

Dmitrii Soin (THAMES DITTON, 2019-02-06)


I’m signing because I do not think that development on Sandown as proposed is warranted and does not adequately deal with congestion issues. The proposed community benefits are not significant in light of the loss of green belt land.

David Evans (Esher, 2019-02-06)


I am signing because I strongly object to the Jockey Clubs plan for developing Sandown Park

Rosemary Collin (Esher, 2019-02-08)


I'm signing because the Green Belt should be protected. The air quality around Esher is already bad & the extra traffic generated would make it even worse. We need our "green lungs".

Cherry Eddy (Esher, 2019-02-08)


The traffic congestion though Esher is horrific. A new hotel and housing will create more congestion and pollution. The green belt is there to provide a 'lung' in urban areas do not remove it.

Susan Prebble (Esher, 2019-02-09)


I am objecting to the Jockey Club proposed development on Greenbelt Land in Sandown Park for 310 flats in 4-6 story blocks and a 150 - bed hotel

Ian Billett (Esher, 2019-02-09)


I grew up in esher and feel strongly that this development will ruin the area

Pippa Irvine (London, 2019-02-09)


I am opposed to building on green belt land and blocks of 4-6 storeys will look hideous.

Elizabeth Gray (Thames Ditton, 2019-02-09)


I frequently travel through Esher and find the traffic congestion already at breaking point. Also, the last thing Esher needs is more expensive housing.

Dilys Cordingley (Teddington, 2019-02-10)


Green belt land should remain green belt land

Michèle McNamara (New Malden, 2019-02-10)


The traffic congestion that will ensue will affect the quality of life of all residents. This areis already gridlocked for much of the day.

Sally Dawson (Thames Ditton, 2019-02-11)


On behalf of my father Maurice skull who is a local resident but does not have internet access

Carol Horton (Hampton, 2019-02-11)


We have to protect our area from yet another building project which threatens our quality of life in this area. Green Belt land must be preserved for future generations to enjoy. We see people and children being affected in other areas of London with breathing and pollution problems due to traffic and over housing. Elmbridge Council must heed this petition.

Judith Irvine (Esher, 2019-02-11)


I am a local resident of 25 years and already know how busy our roads are. The area is of natural beauty and having these flats built would ruin another beautiful English village

Richard Wasilkowski (Esher, 2019-02-11)


Building multi-storey residential blocks on prime green-belt land is a betrayal of the Green Belt principles which underpin civilised life in the suburbs.

David Lines (Esher, 2019-02-12)


I'm signing this petition because I strongly object to this development on Green Belt land.

Malcolm Shemmonds (Thames Ditton, 2019-02-12)


I do not believe that a development of this size should be allowed on green belt land

Terence Marsh (Thames Ditton, 2019-02-12)


I am signing because the Green Belt, precious to us all, is being seriously threatened by this ill-thoughtout application.
It does little for the community's existing facilities.

CLIVE HALLS (Esher, 2019-02-13)


The development is not needed. It is on precious green belt land and will overload the roads, and diminish environmental quality in the area. It does not contribute to housing need as the development is upmarket. To permit this development would enable developers to build more or less anywhere on the little green space that is available locally

Robert Imrie (Esher, 2019-02-13)

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