A vote of no confidence in Labour MP for Wigan Lisa Nandy who doesn’t represent the majority of her constituents relating to the referendum of 2016

63.9% of the Wigan electorate voted to leave the European Union in the referendum of 2016. Labour MP for Wigan Lisa Nandy campaigned to remain part of the political union and since the vote she has not, and will not represent the majority of her constituents who voted to leave. It is the duty of any MP to represent their constituents first and foremost but Lisa Nandy has not been doing that. She has openly stood against them, she has pushed for a People’s vote, a vote that has been backed by corrupt billionaire philanthropist George Soros and now she wishes for a citizens assembly? We have the voted, we all knew what it entailed and it’s time that the MP for Wigan respected the will of her constituents, honoured democracy and backed Brexit. This country will thrive outside of the European Union and if she doesn’t support and respect what her constituents voted for then she should step down to be replaced with someone that does.